Family Increase = Pay Increase

I have just been told that MB is expecting baby #2, which is super exciting! However, I am wondering how much of a pay increase I should expect/ask for considering the following: - I will reach the 1 year mark of employment in February - Baby is due in March - MB will go back to work when baby is 5 months old, so I will have a 5 month old and a 23 month old (18 months apart!) - I will still be working while MB is on Maternity leave, so I won't have both children alone very often until MB goes back to work (which in Canada is 12 months, but she is going back early) I make $450 gross/weekly for 24-32 hours/week (usually around the 28 hour range though...so basically $14-18/hour). How much of a raise should I expect/do you think is fair at the 1 year mark and with the addition of an infant? I am not trying to be greedy, I know they pay me well already, I am just curious! - Canada Nanny


MissMannah said...

If it was me, I'd just ask for a raise in February. That will cover your one-year mark and just make sure it is enough to cover care for two children. If you make $450 now, I'd say about $500 would be sufficient.

I need a break said...

My raise also fell at the same time as the new baby. I got a dollar an hour for my raise and two dollars per hour for the baby. This was also net, since they did taxes.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Congrats on your future charge. I love caring for newborns.
I think nannies who get $50-$100 for new babies are working 50 hour weeks. One or two $ an hour is the usual increase.

Show me the $$$ said...

Manhattan nanny

$50-100 a week is $1-2 dollars a hour.

Bethany said...

As others have said I would wait to renegotiate at your 1 year mark and cover the new baby then.

Normally I would ask for $2 more dollars an hour. Give your self room to negotiate. Since you receive a flat wage I would ask for an additional $50 a week.

Babies are the best! Especially newborns so cuddly.

Love caring for older babies that " do more: , but I always miss the newborn stage.

I actually miss every stage.

Good luck with negotiations. Have fun with the babies.

CanadaNanny said...

OP here, thanks for all the advice! I am super excited, I love newborns! Although the soon-to-be big brother is only 12 months right now, which is a fun age too. I think I will ask for $75 more/week and go from there.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Show me the $$
"$50-100 a week is $1-2 dollars an hour. "
Yes, it is. People are recommending $50-$100 and I as I said, those sums are based on 50 hour weeks. The OP is only working 24-32 hours so I recommended that she look at the hourly rate rather than those lump sums.

wait&see said...

Depends. What if this newborn is a hellion? Some babies are pure hell. They scream for hours on end day & night, just because they can. Id be open to a raise before baby but maybe leave some room incase this is a colicy little one. I've had to quit over a second baby who was insanely miserable. His brother was a perfect baby. He was awful, just awful. He would scream 4-8 hours a day.