3 Children, 2 Years, 3x the Work, 0 Raise

I have been with a family for over two years now. I have not once received a raise even though my job duties have increased 3x more than what I was told when I was hired. I do alot more than i should do and put up with alot more from this family than most would ever tolerate. Just recently my employer had twins. I have been caring for them since they were born, but just this week i will going from part time employee to fulltime. I care for a 2yr and twin 3 month olds. I was hired at $15 an hr for one child. No my employers not only dont want to give me a raise, they want to lower my hourly rate.... for three very difficult children. I do everything for this family and they wont even put a dish in the sink themselves. I deserve a raise, right? How much would you suggest hourly for these three young children? - Julie


Lyn said...

If I was making $15 for one child then I would request $18 for the addition of the twins.
Also, not to beat a dead horse because I feel like I say this on every post, buttttttt:

CONTRACTCONTRACTCONTRACT!!!!!!! Write down everything you will/won't do, hourly rate/weekly salary, etc. Then stick to it like glue. I imagine introducing a contract to a family you've been with for several years just won't work. But its worth a talk before you walk! :)

MissMannah said...

Get out. You said you are doing a lot more work than you "should" be doing and they want to lower your salary? This is a no-brainer.

Nashville Nanny said...

I agree with Mannah, GET OUT. And with Lyn, CONTRACTS FROM NOW ON!! Sounds like a total job creep OP, but sadly, you allowed it.

alex said...

they want to LOWER your pay? Start looking for a new job ASAP. Your pay definitely should have gone up with the addition of twins!

Manhattan Nanny said...

They want to lower your salary with the addition of infant twins?! I would be looking for a new job immediately. Your employers are insane.
If the rate for 1 child is $15, the addition of infant twins would be at least $20. (Rates for twins are generally more than for siblings of different ages.)

ericsmom said...

Agree. Just start looking for another position. In the meantime, do not accept a price drop. You deserve more.

Bethany said...

A raise with a new baby is standard. For twins you probably should have moved from $15 with one child to $18 to $20 for all three little ones.

It sounds like it's time for you to start looking for a new position. The pay cut isn't acceptable.

It isn't right, but my guess is they are feeling the punch of the expense of two babies and trying to make cuts where they can.

The nanny shouldn't be on this list, but that's probaly what it is.

It's probably too late to change things now, but in your next job work out an agreement and stick to it.

Good luck. Hope things work out for you.

Village said...

Make a plan to get out. You'll need a letter of reference. Get it now using babysitting gigs as an excuse. Start interviewing and pick a new family. Get a start date for your new job before you quit.

You are letting them take advantage of you. They will quit when you don't let them do it anymore. If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will. Good luck. Let us know what happens.

Julie said...

Thank you for all the advice! I failed to mention that my bosses are also my landlords...I always get in complicated situations. Lol I have. Let them take complete advantage of me, but I stayed for the children bc I know they need me. I can't bash this family, but let me tell you...there is a lot of things messed up here. They tend to value money and prioritize that over anything else. And they think they are better than everyone else bc they are lawyers and have money. I approached the raise with them and boy oh boy that didn't not go over well with the husband. He bashed me for wanting more money and that I was wrong for expecting a raise for the twins. He threw in my face that I made way less in my previous job and basically sd I shld find a new job making what I think I deserve (I requested 20 an hr). He thinks that much money is obsurd...despite the fact that he has told me on numerous occasions that he doesn't know how I do it all. He was a huge jerk throughout the whole convo, his wife was trying to work out a compromise and apologizing for his behavior.
Long story short, their main focus was saving money on taxes so they wanted to keep my hrly rate and rent as low as possible. She proposed staying at 15 an hr, but lowering my rent 700 dollars less (from 1000 a month to 300) to make up for the hrly rate I wanted...all in all making out like I was being paid about 19.50 an hr. Complicated, I know. Her husband doesn't like this idea or like an raise idea really so he sd they needed time to discuss things. Still haven't heard anything nor have I even accepted their proposal.
If I choose to accept this "deal", I think it will only be until I can save up more money and find new employment/job. They clearly don't appreciate how hard I work for them or see how lucky they have it made. That overall is far more important than money to me. So, as a single mom I'm a little afraid to move forward wo being more financial secure. I may work a little longer with them while I save up the extra money from working fulltimeand paying less in rent. I'm still hurt by their lack of appreciation and value for me. I will no longer go above and beyond for them...no more homemade gifts from the kids, baking cakes for family events, organizing their household, cleaning, and whatever else that isn't in my original job description. I will definitely get a contract as they can no longer be trusted to not screw me over.

Thanks for all your advice! I will keep you posted!

katydid said...


I wish you well.

I'm usually someone who pushes for nannies to get their money.

$20/hr is in no way too much for 3 kids under 3.

However in your situation I think it would be best to keep the $15/hr and look for a job. Make looking for a job a jo in itself.

I'm sure you love being a nanny, but don't just limit yourself to that. Look into all options.

What kind of person makes their live in nanny pay rent?

Julie said...

I will be looking for new options. I love nannying and it works best for a single mom like myself, but I will keep my options open. I have worked in daycares and learning centers, but the pay is horrible and I can't make it work for me and my daughter.
I realize I wasn't clear, I don't live with this family. They own two homes. I rent out a house from them, started renting from them about year after starting with them. Only after I became a tenant did they really become difficult to work with.