''Who's Watching Your Kids?"

The link provided brings you to a Youtube video. It's an older Tv show and this episode was called ''Whos watching your kids? Part 1'' (it goes to part 8 and the related videos in the list to the right will show parts 2, 3, 4, etc.) It has Parents of babies who were abused by their trusted caregivers on as guests (1 of the babies is a guest as well).

Although I should warn you, it does show short clips of a few babies getting abused throughout the show. It also has Nanny Cam Pros and Cons and people debating why they think it's right or wrong to install a camera: <
I'm not even sure if you post videos on ISYN but if you do, this would be a great debate among the ISYN Readers. - Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!


A Nanny said...

Intesting, never saw this before.
On one hand I get the parents needing to have a cam- it's their child- they need to be comfortable while at work and know their child is being well taken care of.
However- as a nanny it would make me feel like everything always had to be perfect- and that I would never be able to- rest my feet and take a break-for long while the kids nap because the parents would be watching.
Also I like to get pretty goofy sometimes- and I think it might make me hold back- as you feel comfortable acting goofy around little kids but when an adult is watching you feel self-concious.

January's Bluff said...

@ A Nanny:

I feel the same way. But goodness, after seeing the first half of that video, it almost makes me want to consider using one in the future (should I have a nanny). It's made me a bit paranoid :{

DC nanny said...

It just seems crazy to me that the first mother let it get so far, and let that nanny stay on, even with a camera in the house. Her baby, who wasn't typically a crier, was crying all of the time with the nanny. She came home and the nanny (who had her own child so she should clearly know better) was feeding the baby milk that was too hot. Several times. Not just once. People make mistakes, but when it happens more than once, that's called incompetence. And it happened more than once when the mother came home, so what are the odds that the only times it happened were those few instances. She put on the baby's diaper so tight that it left red marks for hours.

I understand that she probably felt that she couldn't just fire the nanny without seeing what was going on for sure. However, those signs were just screaming at the mother to let that nanny go.

Andrea said...


Just wanted to say I love your site! the improvements over the past year have really made a difference!

I wanted to share some info. under the comments section on the "WHO'S WATCHING YOUR KIDS" topic - Thanks!



*Call to check references yourself- don't rely on nanny agencies to give you all the details. Call and speak to the references directly, many times they will be more upfront with you as a parent, than a nanny agency.

*Ask to see originals of the nannies: driver’s license, CPR/1St Aid. Cards/Diplomas (a good nanny will be proud to show her accomplishments!)

*Call home at different times during the day to check in.

If your nanny often sounds frazzled or upset or if the children are usually crying- that should be a warning sign.

*Drop by at unexpected times.

*Have neighbors, friends, or relatives drop by unannounced while the nanny is working.

*Ask your child’s teachers what their first-hand feedback is regarding what they see while the child is with the nanny.

*Meet up with the nanny during the day for lunch or at your child's classes/ OR~ have someone else you know have playdates with them, and then give you feedback on how they feel the nanny and your child interact.

*See how your child responds to the nanny-
see how nanny responds to the baby-
Are they happy to see each other? (I know there can be certain separation anxiety issues, but on a whole, is the child comfortable with the nanny?)

*How does your home look at the end of the day? Is the nanny able and capable of completing her required duties each day? Does the nanny take care and pride with your child's things? or does she just throw them around?

*Communicate and let your nanny know she/he can talk openly with you at anytime.

*Have the nanny keep a daily detailed written child/nanny log, it does not have to be fancy, a note book works well, with a run down of your child(ren)’s day. It will help greatly to open the lines of communication as well as help you keep an on-going record of your child's day. In addition it will offer the opportunity to write notes back and forth to each other on various issues/topics/reminders.

*Have the NANNY video tape and take pictures.


*Other good signs to be certain your nanny and your child are a good match are:

~Is your child thriving under the nannies care?

~Is the nanny enthusiastic to share new developments and milestones your child has reached or gives you feedback on how to help your child?

A serious nanny will:

~ Continue her involvement in child-related education

~Keep current her CPR and 1st Aid Certification

~Be a member of a nanny or child organization or nanny support group.

If a parent has a bad feeling regarding the care their child is receiving from the nanny they need to act on that feeling and follow their gut reaction immediately.

I believe it’s a good rule, that families who have children who are less than 3 years old only hire nannies with at least two full years of nanny experience with their child’s age range and can present recent stellar references.

Frequent communication and being involved in the nannies day will help to ensure a healthy relationship.

Aries said...

Andrea thanks for the details. I will definitly go threw a checklist if I ever hire a stranger to watch my children.

And after watching this show, I will get a nannycam, I would let it be known and the ones who are uncomfortable can skip it, i'll eventually find someone and the peace of mind is worth it.