Nanny Sightings Needed
* Physical description of nanny/caregiver
* Physical description of involved child/children
* Address or venue of observed incident
* Date and time of incident
* Description of what you witnessed
* Description of vehicle, bag, or stroller that may aid in identifying caregiver
emailed to
* Left as an ANONYMOUS comment to this post
* Left as an ANONYMOUS comment here
* (Your identity will be respected and withheld)
* There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on personal attacks or flaming of those that send in Sightings.
* Please remember to PICK A MONIKER! Anonymous comments will be deleted.
* You may also send in Questions, Nanny/Employer Horror Stories, Rants/Raves, A Day in the Life, CL-WTF... (please include the ad in your e-mail as sometimes they are deleted by the time I get to them!)
* If your Submission is time sensitive, please let me know in the subject of your e-mail!


RBTC said...

i really like the note that 0 %tolerance for posters to flame a sighting Op

Let's count some of the ways that happens;

The disgruntled nannies who are very put out at the nature of this blog - watching nannies sometimes

1. accuse the sighter of making it all up

2. pick apart the sighter's grammer

3. call the sighter names

4. tell the sighter it's not a nanny

5. down play the negative actions of the caretaker by saying she is having a bad day

6. attack the sighters character/professionalism

that's all i can think of for now but there is more

as a sighter, i posted a good nanny sighting and was painted as everything from a stalker to a pedophile enabler

comsidering the fact that this blog has helped many children and maybe saved lives i am very glad that support is given to the sighters !

Miss Ross said...

Excellent post, RBTC! I too, have seen so many tiring times the "are you sure its the nanny?" question and want to slap the perpetrator upside the head! For someone to actually take time out of their day to possibly save a kid from a neglectful nanny should be 100% respected.

RBTC said...

miss ross - we need you here !! well said !

there are trouble makers on the site - some of them nannies who while good at their job - they HATE the idea of a blog that posts about nannies - they are doing that on purpose to scare away Ops - we won't let them - and i think mpp has had enough too !

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

RBTC, just to be sure you see this, I'll add the link to the post from JANUARY, 2011 that has still got you all torqued up inside. I'll also comment on the contributions I made here, and then maybe you can let go of whatever you're carrying around with you, at least as far as I am concerned.

For anyone interested, this is the post RBTC made 18+ months ago that she continually references as the post where people ripped her apart, called her names, and so on:

I posted initially (to RBTC/OP) that I felt taking a picture and posting it with identifying info was a bad idea, and that pedophiles can use pictures of kids that they find on-line and twist them into porn. I'm not going to paste that response here. Feel free to go find it. :-)

RBTC posted her feelings about what I said to her in that original post just yesterday under the "Synergy" Rant:

"As i mentioned on another thread - when i was an Op - you flamed me implying that i am incompetent with children and a pedophile supporter"

I don't see that in what I initially said 18 + months ago to you, RBTC, but obviously you feel differently.

Here's the complete text of my second (and last) response to you from 18+ months back:

"OP, are you planning to go back and find this nanny and tell her about the reception your post received? Because unless you do that, or unless she is already a reader of the blog, she will never know that she was dragged by you "into a lions den of hostility for doing a good job", will she?

As for your insistance that those who didn't like your post are attacking you, I will admit that my post was less than friendly, but I was pretty annoyed at your actions. I do appologize for attacking you though, when it was your actions I had to take issue with.

And with regard to the "attacks" on people who post bad nanny sightings, I personally find some of the sightings to be either questionably offensive or rather poorly presented and not likely to help anyone recognize the "Bad Nanny". I am, frankly, all in favor of posting about crappy nannies, because I take great pride in my professiona and dislike it when "nannies" who aren't worth spit make me look bad."

RBTC, I do hope that you will take specific note of the second paragraph quoted above. It's the bit where I apologize to you.

I do hope you can find a way to move on now. Or at least find a way to stop focusing your complaints at me.

RBTC said...

tales - you said a mouthful - you are correct - what you and the others do is you personally attack the Ops when you should be discussing either the post or their actions - very helpful ;)

It's obvious that the very nature of this blog - watching nannies, taking pictures causes some very negative emotions in some of you and maybe an upshot of me confronting you will be you learning to deal with those emotions in a way that is positive for the blog as you are a valued contributor

i accept your apology! It takes a person of character to realize a wrong action and resolve to change - thank you!

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

OMG. I apologized to you 18 months ago RBTC. Way to miss the point and still be nasty.

Anyone out there want to help RBTC understand what I said? And WHEN I said it?

Lordy's like talking to a brick wall.

I want to try to make this easy for you to understand RBTC. You are bullying me. Feel free to do so. If you post lies about me, I will call you on them and prove you are a liar. If you bully and insult me, you get to look like a fool for doing so, because I will not play your little game.

Bye now!

Pittnanny said...

Both of you need to get a life!

YEP said...

Amen, Pittnanny!

enough-already said...

Please take the fighting elsewhere. Nobody cares.

RBTC said...

Tales - please keep in mind - you started all this on another thread and then as dave dad mentioned you started following me around the threads i was posting on spewing out angry jabbering

i WILL respond to you when you do that

so - yeah - decline further histrionics and the next time we meet will be IF and i hope it;s IF you flame an OP LOL

bye tales !