Ideas for Outings?

Looking for some ideas for a once a week outing for 9 month old twins. - Anonymous


MissWi said...

Bookstores and Libraries have story times or sing alongs geared towards different age groups.
Is their a gymboree or children's museum where they can play?
Also once they are crawling or walking most gymnastics places offer classes (they won't learn actual gymnastics)

Pick a name, any name :) said...

Repost for Anonymous (lest your post be deleted):

I'm about to start watching a 9 month old too. Here is the list I came up with-

Swimming (at pools, pounds and the ocean)
Mall/ grocery shopping (some people might disagree with this, but the mom and I we don't see an issue)
A play group
Walks around the neighborhood

I hope this helps. I'll be looking to see what others add.

Karli said...

I used to take my charge at that age to a Gymboree (or MyGym is another one) and met 3 other moms around my age there and we formed a play group and ended up doing the library story times together and play time at other places too. I made some great friends even outside of work times, and still keep in touch even after that job ended. I would definitely start there! It's fun for you too because as nannies we don't have "co-workers" and it's nice sometimes to have some adult interaction. :)

Manhattan Nanny said...

A big consideration with twins is, well, there are two of them. Many classes for babies require an adult for each child. You can go to a playground, they will be fascinated watching big kids, and you can put them in the baby swings. Take some toys and books and sit on a blanket on the grass. Other kids will probably come over to see the babies. Library story times, pet stores, a zoo. The Barnes & Noble children's sections are full of babies crawling and toddling in bad weather. Some museums allow strollers. Once they are walking there will be more possibilities. At this age just a walk in the stroller can be stimulating: dogs, squirrels, fire trucks, people!

I suggest you look for a play group, or other nannies to have playdates with. They will get a change of environment and new toys to play with even though they won't be interacting with the kids yet.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I wouldn't recommend taking the twins to a pool unless you can bring someone along. It is tough to supervise even ONE baby in water..much less two.

Ditto for a library. Unless there is a children's area, most babies won't be quiet enough to stay very long.

Kids love to be outdoors so I think the zoo is a great idea. They can sit in their strollers and feel the fresh air on their faces as well as enjoy the change in scenery. You can also take them to an indoor gym to play where they can crawl around and have fun.

shhh said...

Library time here is for quiet babies & toddlers. Idk how it is there. Just keep an open mind. You might wind up leaving earlier than you planned.