Policy for Transporting Charges

What should I require as far as insurance goes for transporting charges. We are still deciding if I will use my car or the family's car. Should I have them add me to their insurance policy? If using my car can I be added to their insurance policy? What type of insurance coverage is the best to have? - Anonymous


alex said...

This is really up to you but here is my opinion. If they have the option to have you use their car I would choose that and yes you should be added to the insurance policy. This way you are not putting wear and tear on your car, worrying about gas and also the car seats (if needed) can stay in the car without you needing to remove them if you need your backseat. If you do choose to use your car I would ask about gas reimbursment, maybe some help on the insurance (if you choose to increase your policy) etc.

Nashville Nanny said...

I only take positions where they have a nanny vehicle. I don't want the liability of driving other people's kids in my car. Also, you should be on their policy if you are driving their car, otherwise you are not covered.

Village said...

Use the family car. Put all the expense on them. It's their children, not yours.

Let their car depreciate from the miles, let them pay the insurance and gas.

Donot use your car!! No good can come from that.

Karli said...

USE THEIRS! All of my problems in my previous job centered around the use of my car and the family not wanting to shell out reimbursement. It was the biggest hassle and my car needed so much maintenence after time and guess who had to pay for all of it? If you're using their car and it breaks down, needs new tires, or a new part fixed, they will pay for it but if it's your car, you will.

:) said...

If they don't have a car, Id find another job. Too much of a hassle. You'll end up paying to work, makes no sense.

you get what you give said...

Im with a family now- who I will be leaving at the end of the month... they dont even know yet. Why? Because I am not reimbursed for gas or anything transportation related.

they are both physicians, they can afford to pay me. I guess they think I don't drive tons because I am part time. But honestly all those miles add up and I have a leased vehicle. So in about 1 week I will tell them I am done and wont be available anymore. They will have a week notice and an additional week of when they wont need me and will thus not pay me. So technically they will have 2 weeks to find a nanny.

Screw me and I will do the same.

The fact that they have now once again just told me they won't need me unpaid is the last straw.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Since you have the option of using their car, then most definitely take advantage of that perk and use theirs. Let them put you on their insurance and pay for it along w/gas, wear and tear, etc.

I would not use my car if I were you. All the add'l wear and tear will one day add up and you will be paying more for oil changes and basic car maintenance.