Focus on Being Good Nannies...

It's very disappointing to me that this blog is not like it used to be. I find myself coming here less and less. ISYN used to be something I visited daily, waiting for new posts and insightful comments from readers. Now, there are less frequent postings and when there are some, they are all littered with a comment string of 80 readers bashing the OP and each other. Instead of calling each other out on how terrible we are at our jobs, how stupid and uneducated we are, how we need to get a new profession... how about we all get off the computer and focus on being good nannies to our charges. Not getting behind a computer screen to ridicule others for doing things differently than you would. - Anonymous


ncnanny said...

I'm with you on the bashing and wish that would stop but there is also alot of good that comes out of this blog, especially for those learning the ropes and needing the help and advice of other nannies. I've been around for about a year now and I'm not sure what you mean about "less frequent postings" though because isyn gets new ones up every day or two usually and is busier than it ever was. Sorry you come less and less but I find myself doing just the opposite. Now, if we could just get everyone to behave!

Lyn said...

Ebb and flow I suppose.

stop your whining already said...

Didn't we just have a post identical to this a week or so ago?

Here we go.. said...

Previous poster is EXACTLY what OP is referring to. Can we seriously just get through one post without being negative? No one here is whining.

Future nurse :) said...

I had been posting as NC nanny but I noticed I have a fellow nc nanny (yay us girl!!!!) so I'll switch names :) I completely agree! I used to love posting here but I have disappeared bc this drama is insane! It really burnt me with the miss mannah bipolar thing. There is NO excuse for making low blows like that. Ladies (and gentlemen??) we raise children. We teach children to be polite and friendly, follow the golden rule, etc. why do we not use it here? This blog used to be so positive and would put a smile on my face to see the fellowship between nannies. When did this blog lose that? There is enough fighting in the world, we don't need it here :)

Lyn said...

I couldn't agree more Future Nurse! Well said. I think the best we can do with the angry troll comments is either ignore them entirely or keep our comments back as sickeningly sweet as possible. That's always the best way to make a jerk really look like a jerk. There will always be someone who has nothing better to do than be a bully and try to tear others down. Don't even give them a second thought and keep your head high.

Future nurse said...

I agree girl! Kill em with kindness!

MissWi said...

I agree...we don't know each other in real life so who are we to judge and none.of us would probably have the balls to say half of what we say to each other on here to peoples faces
When I first came to this blog it was a source of strength for me in a time where I was paying my dues as a nanny. I was in therapy at the time over what was going on at work (kid with severe ADHD was making me.literally nuts) and this blog conviced me to try for better and that is what I have now.
I think the bullies on here are probably the shit nannies or insecure nannies in.real life and they use this site to make themselves feel better when they should be focusing.on their own lives and jobs. Just like people used to use MySpace to seem cool

RBTC said...

i have been participating for 2 years and if you go back you will see - yes there are less original posts

some very reasonable ladies - who are not regulars have come on saying they are afraid to post because of the Op bashing

also - the " nanny sightings" have become few and far between as some posters really bash those Ops - and those posts can save lives

maybe it will all work out best for the kids - that's what i hope

523 said...

RBTC you're part of the problem

RBTC said...

523, i appreciate your comment - i was not going to go into more detail but now i will for your sake--

sometimes you just get enough of something

i have been very low profile on here for over 2 years, about 3 years

and i have just had enough of the people who bash the Ops

here is my philosophy - and you may agree or disagree as you see fit--

when the vocal/abrasive group that hates the premise of the blog -i saw your nanny- attacks and intimidates the Ops, the mothers, the fathers, and other employers, and/ or come on here to vent their spleen at - whatever-

we can be nice and not say anything - and many of the nice people leave and do not post--

or we can say something

after about 3 years of it - i have had enough so i am saying something when i see it happen

divil take the hindermost ! tell a friend !

Nan said...

RBTC, how old are you if you don't mind my asking? Not asking to be rude-you don't have to answer, I honestly just am very curious. You have a very different writing style than most on here and I attribute that to age...don't take that the wrong way-I mean it as a good thing!!

RBTC said...

be happy to nan - i have been clear many times that i was a "nanny" / waitress in the late 80's-early 90's and now own a successful family entertainment catering co which puts me in my mid 40's

i have been a child/ animal activist since i was 10 years old so i react to the posts and posters from that view - not as a nanny but a child activist and employer who knows how it is to be a child caretaker

also - i am a marketing major who got straight A's in English and writing - so all those details result in some of the people on here with a very different agenda getting mad at me - but - so be it ;0)

UmassSlytherin said...

I have not been on in awhile, but not because I am dissatisfied with this blog. On the contrary, I enjoy controversy. However, there are intelligent arguments and there are cat fights.

I also feel like, hey if you don't want to come here anymore, just don't come. Do you really need to announce to everyone that you won't be coming back? That's pretty stupid. Just my opinion.

on.the.road.again.gypsy said...

I haven't used my laptop or desk tops all summer. I'm on a cell phone traveling along the coast with my fam. I'm also not a nanny.

Its my opinion that you're either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Which are you?

We can not control others. Take the good, leave the bad. And if its not where you want to be, leave. That's okay, too. Or, stay. But if you stay, be the solution, not the problem.


KISS said...

Wouldn't,"I'm in my 40s" suffice?

LOL said...

You're not her troll or anything.......

NorthShoreNanny said...

Don't come here if you don't like it. Bitching about what ever you don't like adds nothing to the blog but more bs and drama.

RBTC said...

KISS - she asked about my writing style so i addressed that. It's actually a national situation if not issue that younger people have a very different writing style than those of us a generation beyond

i am learning - wtf? lol? lamao? imo? etc etc

and you younger whippersnappers are having to learn how to write for college !

but - your point is taken - i err on the side of thoroughness rather than a laconic response

i would have been in big trouble in ancient greece !

wow said...

Props to mpp for actually posting something negative about her blog. That shows she's very fair and will allow even comments like those from the OP to be heard. (not that I agree with them!)

@ lyn, 100% right you are! great post!

@ gypsy, love it, you should write fortune cookies! ;D

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I have posted on here before and had negative comments. For some reason, they don't really get to me because I tend to focus on the positive, etc.

Besides, who knows who really is posting all the negative stuff?? It could be someone who doesn't get enough attention in his or her real life, you know?

. said...

RBTC. Why don't you write properly? Unfortunately, I've been ignoring your posts. They look like a child wrote them.

i mean-how hard is it?

it can't be-that hard.

this makes u look mental-it does.

period.point.blank! said...

. said
"RBTC. Why don't you write properly?"

Really . ?

Why don't you pick a moniker?

Lest you get deleted.

I think signing with a friggin period is just as bad as anonymous, who the hell can respond to you and allow the other posters to keep up with the conversation? When you started this crap a week ago I had no idea who another poster was talking to!

523 said...

You are still part of the problem even if you try and spin your recent behavior as defense of yourself, other posters , or the blog.

You can use every last word you find using your MS Word thesaurus, the fact is you are a bully and troublemaker.

OP and other posters there are many other forums for nannies where you can go and get advice in a positive environment. I suggest you go there.

RBTC said...

said - it's not unfortunate at all that you ignore my posts - please do, that would be very helpful ;)

and 523 - ok, if addressing Op bashers creates a problem for you - ok - i guess i am now going to be a problem - have a nice day !

RBTC said...

oh, 523 - you made a really good suggestion - we really do need a thesaurus for certain words on this site

EVERYONE who disagrees with anyone is throwing out epithets like rain - bully, troublemaker,troll and many more

Thank you for the suggestion - i might get out my thesaurus and let you know what i come up with LOL

for the record... said...

I so agree with 523. RBTC is beyond obnoxious. You don't need to comment on every comment. This is not YOUR blog. Get a life.


you should all get a life. yet again, a comment thread has turned into an all out bitch fest bashing one another. mpp, this is why no one wants to post here anymore. your followers are a bunch of mean girls still stuck in high school. it's ridiculous. also, leave rbtc alone. she's made something of herself and feels accomplished. that's more than most of you can say about yourselves.

RBTC said...

not ridiculous- there are many people on this site who are hard working, entreprenuers, mothers,employees, employers, reasonable, circumspect, nannies, not nannies and more who contribute to their fellow man- you are one of them - when you are president i can say i knew you when!

UmassSlytherin said...

"You don't need to comment on every comment. This is not YOUR blog. Get a life."

This comment deserves some recognition just for being so completely foolish.

RBTC said...

umass - you are an oasis of calm and discernment in a desert of sillyness - stick around ! please !

MaryPoppin'Pills said...

It is difficult to Publish a Post like this because I try my best to remain neutral and I really do want everyone to have the freedom to voice their own opinions... however, ISYN is still going strong and Readership is the highest it has ever been.

If I could stop the bashing, I would... but that means putting me in the position of judging each and every Reader's comment and that wouldn't be fair.

I know there are more than a few people here that enjoy the controversy but I am asking everyone to be more respectful of one another... please.

RBTC said...

it cannot be said enough - thank you for your hard work!

ericsmom said...

I love this site! I like the drama and arguments. Sounds strange right.

DC nanny who is no longer in DC said...

I think this site is great. I've gotten helpful advice here about every single job I've had for the past 4 years.

All of the bashing, and bickering, and whining doesn't bother me one bit, because I simply don't pay attention to it!

I think every single one of the regular posters on this blog (and by regular posters, I mean people who post under consistent monikers) has valuable advice to give. If someone says something that you don't agree with, or rubs you the wrong way, brush it off! It's the internet!

I realize that there are some people who just thrive on the drama and enjoy egging it on.. if you're one of those people, fine. But if you moan and cry about how horrible everyone is on this blog, you're just feeding into the drama that you claim to hate. Skim over that crap, or don't read at all. There will never be an internet without trolls, but if you stop feeding them, they'll go somewhere else.