Rhode Island Activities

I need ideas for outings with a 9 month old. Mom would like two outings a week. I would like if we could go to the same place each week to have a routine a familiarity, but that's not required. We're located in Rhode Island, and I am allowed to drive my charge. I've already googled some places, but I'm hoping to find some that are nanny approved. If you aren't close to Rhode Island general activity ideas are welcome.


tons of fun options! said...

I don't live in your area, so my suggestions are going to have to be generic.

But I LOVE getting out of the house with my charges -- hate getting cabin fever!

Playground parks, libraries, play groups (different than play dates), swimming pools, indoor McDonald's playgrounds (can be a godsend in this monstrous heat), child-friendly museums, children's theaters, amusement parks, shopping malls (many now have indoor playgrounds and child-friendly arcade rides), etc.

RaleighWorld said...

I feel you on that. I'm not allowed to drive my charge anywhere and there isn't a park or anything close by. I just walk him up the street and back down and that's our outing. Now that it damn gets near 97-103 degrees here in NC I can't take him outside at all.

I hope you get some good advice! Have fun on your outings!

Nay The Nanny said...

I love getting out and about every day honestly and we do it all! My favorite is probably Gymboree...think maybe mom would sign you up for some sort of a tot class? That would be consistent weekly. My charge is 10 months old and loves it. Its great socializing too!

RI nanny said...

RE-post for Anonymous...
RI nanny here. Some ideas I have:
Roger Williams Zoo
Providence Children's Museum (they have a infant/crawler section)
Story time at local library (they normally have infant story times)

Where in RI are you? There are local baby gyms and music classes around