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Hi, I just thought I'd write and tell you what being an Australian nanny in Australia is like. It's not as common over here as it seems to be in the US. I'm employed by a lovely family and I look after one 2 year old girl, 2 days per week. I start at 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm. A typical day consists of: 9:30: G arrives with WAHD and MB has already left for her day of shopping and socialising. G and I leave for story time at the library, once a week we go swimming instead. (We catch a tram everywhere or walk) 11:30: We're back home for lunch time (the meals for G are always prepared and ready to be served- My charge only eats organic foods) 11:45-12:30: We do a craft activity (eg. Painting, shaving cream, pasting) 12:30-3pm: Nap time for G, during this time I wash G's clothes and unpack the dishwasher as well as wipe down the pram and high chair. Then I have my break, eat lunch and relax. 3-3:30pm: G's awake, play with puzzles, dirt play, drawing. (children's music plays) 3:30-4:30: G and I go to the park. G has afternoon tea at the park. MB comes home and happy G saids bye. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions about Aussie nannies, ask away. - Aussie Nanny


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Sounds pretty typical of an American nanny as well.

Your job sounds like fun!

dixie or death said...

Wow I actually would have thought nannies were pretty common place in Australia! I get so many job placement adds on Great Au from there. I was actually thinking of applying to a few. Good post!

gypsy said...

Cool, matey! Welcome. ;-)

Bethany said...


I visted Australia one summer as a teen and loved it!
I've always said I'd like to go back.

I've actually looked at some nanny gigs located there.

Where would you say is the best spot for an American to land a job/

Lex said...

Hi, op here,
I'm in Melbourne and in certain areas (wealthy areas) of melbourne there are a few jobs available, I would also assume Brisbane and Sydney would have numerous jobs on offer and it's much warmer there. In relation to Dixie or death, there are aupair jobs, but as Australian nanny, you wouldn't get them. It's mostly upper class Australians that are able to afford nannies as the cost of living is high and employing nannies, maids, gardners is quite expensive compared to other countries. I'm sorry I don't know how to choose a name. Lex

Sam said...

Are there 2 'AussieNanny' Name/URLs on here? Other Aussie Nanny says she is from Sydney