Bright Idea Needed for Dark Bedroom

Is it possible for a 7 month old infant to be afraid of the dark? I think my little charges are afraid of their dark bedroom.


Penny said...

OP- sounds like your having sleeping issues with your little one:( I highly doubt she is afraid of the dark most likely has a hard time napping and being alone which is normal. Try getting a good bedtime routine daily down (cleaning up, fresh diaper, bottle, stories etc,) to help ease her anxiety and eventually she will learn to fall asleep calmly. A dark room is actually better children just like us wake with too much light while they sleep. At least that's my experience. Hope that helps OP good luck!

MissMannah said...

Short answer: no.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Perhaps the baby's parents let the baby sleep w/the lights on at night and during naps.

If that is the case, the dark may scare the baby.

I would discuss this issue w/the baby's parents and see what they have to say.

Bethany said...

Yes and no. Technically an infant does not have the ability to be afraid f the dark in the way an older child would.

But I did care for one infant that slept better when her room was not pitch black, she did better with a little natural light.

Sarah NY said...

The kids I watch have a turtle night light that they can choose which color it lights up and the light filters through stars so there are stars on the ceiling when they fall asleep....not too bright but it does the trick. I know kids usually aren't afraid of the dark until they are older but they may just be more comfortable with a little light in the room.

Manhattan Nanny said...

How cool! Who makes this? My charges would love it.

Baby will probably sleep better with a night light than a pitch black room. It also makes it easier to check on them.
Sing lullabies AFTER you put the lights out.
I like to use softly playing music for them to fall asleep to. There are many DVDs with compilations of classical adagios for children's bed time.

gypsy said...

At around seven months an infant learns object permanence. So she's just now realizing that when she can't see you, that you're still around. This is why around 7-8 months, babies get extra clingy & peek a boo is a great game to play with them.

She probably has anxiety related her newfound realization. She wants mom or caregiver & knows they're nearby but can not see them. Hence the new upset @ bed time.

MissMannah said...

What Sarah is referring to is called the Twilight Turtle. My charge has the same thing but it is a ladybug. We don't use it as a nightlight but just as a toy. I'll turn the lights out and we explore how the stars reflect off different surfaces. There's also buttons on it to make the lights purple, green and red. She loves it.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Thanks Mannah,
I found them on line, and ordered the Ladybug for my charge who has a birthday coming up.