1) Looking for full time sitter or nanny - (Northside Racine Caledonia) Hello, We recently switched from in home care to daycare facility, and are looking for a better solution to our needs. Nora Jade is 10 months old and one of the happiest babies you will meet. She is always smiling and laughing. We simply want more care and attention placed on her. We also have Ayva who is 10 yrs old and is a remarkable help. She is certified and an aspiring babysitter. She wont need care the majority of the time with school amd extra curriculars, but when there she will prove helpful. We would need care from morning (7-7:30) to evening (6-6:30) and based on experience are willing to pay $4-6/hr. Please contact us with any questions, Derek and Cariee.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

2) SAHM/Nanny Needed - (Alamo Heights) I am looking for care for my 4 year old little girl to start on June 20th. My house or yours! I work retail so my usual schedule is 9:30am to 6:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My days off are Wednesday and Sunday (sometimes Wednesdays and Tuesdays flip-flop). My daughter is also gone one full week a month, so care will not be needed for that week. I really want a 'nanny' relationship vs a 'childcare facility' feel. I would prefer to stay in the $20-25 a day range. Care will generally be needed an average of 15 days a month. Please let me know if this sounds like something that would work for you! I'd love to start meeting/interviewing people tomorrow. Thanks! ETA: Must be available Saturdays. I work every Saturday, you would have the one off when she is gone. Please reply with your location. I drive from the medical center to the quarry area for work, would like someone near that drive if at your home.
Submitted by Porky Pig. Thank you!

3) Nanny and Office Assistant - (N. Carefree) We are seeking a highly upbeat individual who likes babies and likes office work. You will become a Nanny for the Doctor and do small office assistant duties while the baby is sleeping. Most of your time will be spent in the office with the baby so the Doctor can nurse when the baby needs to be fed. Changing the diaper and playing with the baby is a must. You must have reliable transportation with insurance. To apply you can send a 500 word essay as to why you are qualified for this opportunity. Please include after the essay 3 references and the last 4 jobs you had if applicable, including the length you were at that job and a description of your job duties. Hours most likely will be Monday 9-2:15, Tuesday 10-2:15 or 4:00. Wednesday 9-2:15 or 4:00 and Thursday 9-2:15. This opportunity will not start until August 2012. The interview process will take about 1 month to include a background check for the final choices. Email for additional questions. Compensation: Depends on previous work experience. There is a probational period of 45 days.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

4) Childcare needed - (Greenville,SC) We are needing care for our 3 year old at our apartment and for someone to meet our 7 year old after school at the bus right outside our apartment at around 2:45. We are looking for someone to start August 23rd. We live right in greenville above Taylors by k-mart. The hours would be 7:20-5:00 Tues-Fri. You wouldn't have to cook anything. You would only have to heat up in microwave or oven as dinner will already be cooked or just need to be put in oven for a period of time. Easy lunch preparation will be needed and very easy cleaning (wiping up after meals). Our daughter is potty trained. Son is very independent. He does his homework, and plays and loves to read. We are looking for someone is not bringing other children with them. The pay will be between $50.00-$80.00 a week depending on experience. We need someone that has their own reliable transportation and can be here on time.
Submitted by MEEBO guest. Thank you!

5) BABYSITTING OR ANY ODD JOB! - (Seattle) I'm almost 14 and VERY mature and responsible. Looking for Any sort of job I can find near by. Going through a tough struggle at home and in DESPERATE need of job. Please help!!
Submitted by Anonymous. Thank you!


Bethany said...

I would go for something similar to #3 if there were set days for baby care and set days for office work.

I'm interested in healthcare and would love to be able to have medical office experience.

#5 I really hope the parents of the kids advertising for babysitting jobs on CL are aware of what they are doing. It's risky enough as an adult replying to those adds. I'd hate for a young girl ( or boy) to contact or be contacted by a weirdo.

Village said...

#5, meet #1. Looks like a match to me.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Aww...number five is so sad. I wonder what her family is going through. I hope no pedophile contacts her though. CL is full of them. ;(

The ad where the older child can help out is just a cover up for not wanting to pay for an add'l child.

The one that really takes the cake here is the essay ad!! WTF?? Who wants to write an essay out for a Nanny job? That is incredibly stupid!! And 500 words??!! I cannot stop laughing.

Anyway, here we go again...parents want the luxury of a private professional nanny for the price of a home daycare.


gypsygirl said...

T1.)$4-6 an hour? I made that between 1992-1994!!!!! Hello, its 2012. And the older child is never a great little helper. That is such bullshit.

2.)They need someone with no life. And please don't suggest a SAHM. SAHMs have a life of their own!

3.)A nanny thtat doesn't get a break when the baby sleeps, she has to be an office aTssistant. That's so rude! An essay? WTF. Not going to happen.

4.)$50-80 a week?? WTF? Who can maintain a car for that? Gas, insurance & maintenence cost more than $50 a week. What a nut.

5.)The pedophiles will love this one. Truly sad.

ECETeacher said...

I submitted the post about the nanny/office assistant. I laughed about the essay, but I also couldn't help but feel sorry for someone who has to stay in a doctor's office everyday!

Aries said...

#1 'We are looking for a better solution for our needs, we simply want more care an attention placed on her.

So bot only is this family selfish an only care about there needs, they're trying to pay less then they would at a daycare or inhome care. Nannies cost more because of the one on one attention an care. This really annoys me. Ugh.

slb3334 said...

Curious why everyone says older siblings aren't helpful. A number of years ago, I was a nanny for 12 and 8 year old boys and their baby sister. They wee a lot of help with her and if I needed to run to the store quickly, was fine to leave them alone with her. Mom would sometimes leave them several hours with her but usually I only left them alone for a half an hour or so to run to the grocery store.

Bethany said...

Older siblings can be a help. I've worked in situations that they were, BUT they are still a child you the adult are responsible for, and for that reason should be compensated for.

Phoenix said...


Since when did nanny = slave

The doctor position is one that no right minded person should aspire to work at. 500 word essay? I understand the point but that is called anal. Basically she wants an office bitch who watches her kid. And as a dr, she should know better than to bring her baby to work with her. What happens when the baby cries and shes in with a patient? The nanny will be abused. I mean really abused.

justanotherexcuse said...

Doesn't really matter if an older child has a helpful nature. Parents ONLY point that out when they're underpaying & they know it.