AD 1:
Full time Nanny needed -We are looking for a full time nanny to take care of our 2 kids. The boy is 10 years old and the girl is 2 years old. We are located in Medford Long Island. We post this AD 5 months ago but pull it because a relative was living with us and now she is moving back to Florida. So if you applied before, please reapply again.

- Require Monday - Friday (approximately 7:00am - 7:00pm) and maybe some Saturday.
- Actual time work will varies from week to week based on my wife's schedule. Meaning, every other week you will work 4 days because my wife gets a day off during that week, some days you will come in at 9am, 10am and leave at 5pm or 7pm, based on my wife's schedule. Even though the required and actual hours varies, the expectation is that you work Monday-Friday 7am-7pm with some Saturday.
- Put our son on/off the school bus. The school bus is located one block away from my house. Prepare afternoon snack and dinner for him and make sure he does his homework.
- The girl will require fulltime care.
- Coordinating play time with both kids.
- Light housekeeping, cooking, clean up after playing with our kids, and keep the sink clean off all dishes.
- Childcare: feeding, changing, naps, playtime, learning time, etc.
- Spending time in active play and going outside.
- Providing a safe, nurturing, positive environment.
- 5+ years of childcare experience (references required)
- Preferred someone that drives but not required.
- Experience caring for multiple children including infant care.
- Helpful, positive attitude.
- Reliable, punctual, and good judgment.
- Genuine love of children and enjoyment of the work.
- CPR/First Aid training.
- Knowledge of healthy cooking (or willingness to learn)
- $400 Week.
- 2 weeks paid vacation annually.
- Federal paid holidays (Federal/market holidays)
Please email your resume for us to review and we will get back to you. We are looking to fill this position within the next two weeks. Or call 631-650-5813. Please email your resume first. Thank you and speak to you soon!
AD 2:
Full Time Nanny - Looking for full time nanny to look after 1-3 boys ages ranging between 4-10. Hours from 2am-1130am mon-fri but subject to change. Duties include but not limited to making breakfast, getting them up and ready for school (when school is in session), and driving them to school on time. Pay is $40/day plus opportunties for extra work and extra pay. Must have own reliable transportation and be flexable. Looking for long-term person.
Both Ads Submitted by Carmen. Thank you!


.:Melanie:. said...
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Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

OMG!! What a joke!!

Ads like this make me wonder just what certain families really think of us Nannies. Like we don't have our own bills to pay.

The pay offered here is a joke. Hahahahaha......

Fiona said...

You know I've decided I can't fault parents for ads like this one.

Everyday on this sight we read a post from nannies some of them professional nannies ( excellent qualified caregivers) that accept these kinds of jobs and excuse it because they love the kids, need the money, it's a tough economy etc.

Insane? Sure, but if there is someone who will take it why not try? You can't go through life exepecting people to respect you if you don't respect yourself.

Aries said...

Only on Craigslist.

Tessa said...

That's a really good point Fiona. Too many nannies accept these jobs out of desperation. I wish all nannies would insist upon fair pay, it would get rid of all the ads like this!!

Bethany said...

haha! Okay I wonder how many replies they've received for these jobs.

MissMannah said...

I am willing to bet money they have gotten a ton of replies. "Nannies" (and I use the term very loosely) are getting very desperate for work and will take anything that comes along. Looking on my city's CL, it is about 90% nannies advertising their services and 10% parents looking for a nanny. I also agree with Fiona, I am sure the parents think these are normal wages because no one is telling them any different.

Bethany said...

Can we have Sitter City & Craigslist WTF?

I've come across some major WTFs on those sites lately and feel they should be shared.

Susannah said...

Don't you know as nannies we're supposed to love are jobs so much and care for the kids so much that the pay shouldn't matter.

I actually saw an ad today with a mom who was having a hard time actually had that in her ad.

Nanny Tara said...

I agree with Miss Mannah.

In my city on CL, there are tons of nanny ads but only a few nanny wanted ads on any given day.

Because of this, I bet ya any family can get a nanny on the cheap. Whether these nannies are qualified is a much different story however.


MaryPoppin'Pills said...

I have always allowed Ads from other sites to run with CL-WTF, so be my guest. ;-)

To Susannah,
If that Ad is as awful as it sounds, e-mail it to me!

MichiganMom said...

Caveat: I don't support these parents who think they can get an excellent nanny working long hours and caring for their precious children for outrageously low wages.

However, I think it would help to have a little empathy for the parents making these postings. A few may be cheapskates or just totally uninformed. Most of them, I would bet, are parents working minimum-wage jobs and desperately trying to make ends meet. They probably need the parent's paltry income to get by and can't find decent, affordable childcare.

With non-livable wages for many people in this country (think about it - this second poster working 2 am to 11 am is probably working a crappy minimum wage shift job) it's a catch 22. Can't afford not to work, can't afford to have decent care for your kids while you work.

So, yes, many of these ads make me laugh, but they also make me sad, and I hope some other readers will consider that perspective too.