Multiple Blessings

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Any nannies here certified as a Newborn Care Specialist, Childbirth Educator, or Breastfeeding Counselor or Doula? My plan is to expand on my nanny career, by first becoming a Newborn Care Specialist and then moving into the other areas. I hope to open something like a mother/baby learning center providing a variety of services. Right now I plan to do the Newborn Care Specialist through Multiple Blessings. Has anybody gone through training through them? If so how did you like it? Was it helpful in landing jobs? For the other careers what training program did you go through? I’ve heard of CAPPA and CBI, and would like to know if anyone has experience with these programs. Please feel free to add any other information you think is related and helpful.


OceanBlue said...

I woulf like to know more about the newborn care specialist. I keep seeing that mentioned on here and would like to know how you go about becoming one and is it any different than a regular nanny.

bostonnanny said...

I was going to contact my agency to see how much more marketable I would be if I took the doula. Childbirth education training and newborn specialist certifications. It would end up costing me a $1000 for all 3 but if it would get me better paying positions might be worth it. I already have my Early childhood certificate from my college and would also consider becoming CNA. I thought all those extras would help me land a high profile job while I continue with my BA. What do others think?

Abby said...

I'm interested in this as well, and would like to hear from those with experience.

I''m most interested in the night nurse aspect.

Bethany said...

Took the Multiple Blessings training last year. To be totally honest I'm not sure how much it's helped as far as the actual training and getting jobs because of it.