Lonely in L.A.

Hello all! I am a new East Coast transplant and have been working as a full time nanny for an amazing family since the week I arrived. They live in the Santa Monica vicinity and have an absolutely adorable 8 month old girl. So far, the job has been nearly perfect. I am bonding with the baby and totally adore her and her parents are treating me really well. I feel like a part of the family already. My only problem is this: back in my home town I never had a problem finding other nannies and even mommies to do play-dates with. I had a tight knit group of girls and we were very close, as were the children. We would throw parties for the kid, go to lunch with them, museums, swimming, you name it. It was wonderful socialization for everyone and the days just flew by. My issue is that now that I'm in a brand new place all the way across the country, I am finding it kind of difficult to meet other full time nannies who are receptive to play-dates. I am finding it harder to approach people here for whatever reason; it seems that nannies/moms are kind of clicky in some of the areas we visit and striking up conversation is nearly impossible. I would love to have play-dates and start up a nanny group here. If anyone else is in the West LA area and would like to get together with a sweet baby girl and her nanny, please let me know! Thanks!


FUN NANNY ! said...

Hey i was looking for the same thing lets hookup and be friends:> i've worked as a nanny for six years email me lets talk more ? and no im not some perv or scammer.

Truth Seeker said...

Welcome to CA!!

I have lived in this state for awhile and I guess I am used to the "cliquey" atmosphere we live in...but whenever someone visits me from back East or anywhere else, the first thing I hear them complain about is how rude the people in Cali are.

I wish you lived closer to me...if you did, I would love to meet you.

I hope you find a good Nanny group in your area. It may take some time, so remember to be patient!

Best of luck to you. ☺

NannyPants said...

I'm having the same issue in a different state...good luck to you, OP!!!! It's tough being in a new place by yourself..I've been here for a year and I'm still trying to figure it all out! xo

FUN NANNY ! said...

Any nannies looking to start up some party playdates?feel free to email me also looking for someone who can trade off shifts with me being a live in nanny can be stressful and i think it takes 2 people i stay in west LA near the Grove mall.

Jessica said...


You sound kinda creepy to me for some reason.......

FUN NANNY ! said...

No not a creep jus a nanny looking for others if u want to skype or facebook i can prove who iam lol sooo yeah

FUN NANNY ! said...

Iam not some perv or freak here jus looking for other nannies who want to help me book high profile gigs since i cant do it alone here in LA also casting is going on this week for TV nannies but thats not my thing trust me if i knew other nannies i would not be here looking but most of them dont speak english that well here in los angeles

anon nanny said...

I'm sure you're probably a nice girl, FUN NANNY, but Jessica's right, lol, you come off just a tad creepy. Maybe it's just your being too aggressive? LOL, I hope you find some other nannies to connect with soon.

OP, wish I lived closer. You seem pretty cool. Good thing you can give a shout out here. Try checking the local blogs in your area though. Hell, even CL. I've made 2 really awesome friends through them.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


I was thinking the same seem kinda "out there" to me.

OP, if I were you, I wouldn't e-mail the e-mail address.

It could be spam/virus.

OP said...

LOL thanks so much everyone!!! I will keep looking...I'm sure I will make some nanny friends eventually and maybe I will go the craigslist route, I did meet an awesome nanny friend that way once before. :)

TRUTH SEEKER & ANON NANNY: I really wish we lived closer too but thanks for the feedback anyway. I don't want to say people seem rude here...just not super approachable. ;)

NANNY PANTS: Good luck to you as well! It is tough. Luckily I have an awesome boyfriend to go home too, but during the day it gets lonely. My little baby girlfriend is a riot though and certainly keeps me on my toes! But the adult interaction is certainly missed on 9.5 hour days.

And finally FUN NANNY: For some reason I, like the other readers who responded, am getting a weird vibe from you...I'm so sorry, thank you anyway and if you are legit, good luck to you!

Thanks guys!!!