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DC nannies: I don't live in DC but am traveling there for a MB has to go for work so I'm going along with the baby...what are some baby friendly places or things I can do? He is 12 months old.


Student Nanny said...

If you have access to a car, there's a great children's museum in Baltimore called Port Discovery, and the aquarium up there is also great (it's probably about a 45 minute drive from DC to Baltimore).

All the Smithsonian museums in DC are free, so those are good too, the Natural History Museum and Air and Space museum would probably be the biggest hits. The National Zoo is good too, but prepare yourself for a LOT of walking. It's a very hilly zoo.

There are some good children's theatres in the area too, look in to Wolf Trap, Discovery Theatre, or Imagination Stage.

Ruthie said...
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anon #1 said...

re-post for Anonymous (please use a moniker):
The Botanical Gardens are free. They are located near other Smithsonian museums (which are also great for kids though maybe not all of them are age appropriate for a 12 month old) and the Capitol building. There is a lovely children's garden where the 12 month old can walk around safely. Good indoor and outdoor activities. The gardens are pretty calm, quiet and not overcrowded.

The Library of Congress has a free story time Fridays at 10:45 (30 minutes long). There is good space for the 12 month old to walk around. It is also quiet, calm and is a great option if there is inclement weather.

Lincoln Park, Stanton Park and Marion Park are nice and have good playgrounds and grassy areas.

Have fun! DC is a great city (especially for kids)!

Ms.Nanny said...

Apologies for posting anonymously. Technical difficulties :)

OP said...

Thanks everyone!!! :)