Good Gift Ideas?

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Just started a nanny job. I like my MB and can tell she hates being a way from her kids and really appreciates me. I've only been with them since March. Is it too early to do Mother's Day gifts? If not, what would be a good one? Her babies will be 7 months old at that time.


Nanny Jenn said...

No it is not too early to give a Mother's Day gift. Since the babies are so young, you would have to make the gift yourself.

Maybe a nice flower arrangement, a picture of the babies in a homemade frame or anything else made by you would be great.

Kudos to you for your thoughtfulness toward your MomBoss.

Lyn said...

Every year i take all the photos of the kids i have taken over the past year (them with crafts, at day camp, first solids, learning to stand, feild trips, other cute stuff) and go to a website that prints them into book form. They let you personqlize how the pages look and i usually include sweet poems about moms and their babies and captions about the photos. It costs less than $20 and i always get tears from the mb's!
Of course, then i feel weird come fathers day when the kids and i make a craft that is far less epic to give to dad, haha.

Manhattan Nanny said...

See the above thread for Day of Recognition. I think the handprints with a poem would be perfect for 7 month olds.
Be sure to use non toxic washable paint for the handprints.
What ever you decide to do, make it from the twins, rather than you.

Z said...

I think Mother's day is not an occasion to get an employer a gift. She isn't YOUR mom. I would feel awkward receiving a gift from an employee, especially one who hadn't worked for me long. I would only give a gift if I had worked for someone for a very long time, and we had gotten to know eachother on a more personal level.

Nanny J said...

Gifts made with the babies would be best, in my opinion. Photos is nice, but something cute like hand or foot-prints with kid-safe finger paints, or those cute 'concrete' hand print things, one for each baby. Something you could do WITH them, obviously, since they're so young, but that is more 'from them to mom' than from you to mom. Since, like another posted mentioned, she isn't your mom. ;)

The poster who mentioned a photo album has a good idea too, since it's only a yearly thing and it's photos mom probably didn't experience herself. :)