Special Preference

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This is more for the parents, but do you consider a nanny's race when hiring? Would you prefer one racial background over another?


Nanny who loves her career!! said...

As a nanny- I have worked with several families that are different races/ family background (language/ culture). Thats the best part- I get to learn about language/ culture and use it in the future. It looks great on a resume.

As long as you feel comfy (and your child/children) and safe about leaving your children with the nanny; than race should not matter. As long as you are on the same page and the nanny understands how your family works. More importantly; the nanny loves your kids as you do!!

Christine said...

No, race is not an issue for us.

Lauren said...

I'm a nanny who has worked for families of varying races and religions... and I love it! I love learning about different traditions, cultures, etc.

Aries said...

I'm sure some do, sadly. For me personally i look at the whole charactor. How they talk, present themselfs, personality. Basically there whole charactor. (Example: A woman with red spikey hair with tons of tattoos and peircings whos involved in a local gang would be out of the question lol.)

Also there experience, ratings (if online), refrences, rate (EX: if a nanny charges over $20/hr and i find another nanny with the same skills and a good charactor who charges $15/hr i would go with nanny #2 but i wouldn't automatically go for nanny #2 if nanny #1 had a better additude/experience i'd dish out the extra money because my children are worth it.)

Sorry i tend to ramble.

workingMom said...

I didn't have a racial preference, but when my child was small I really wanted a nanny who spoke spanish fluently, so she could teach my child.

I think every child can benefit from a bi-lingual education, as well as exposure to another possible culture. I personally preferred spanish, and thought it would fit more with our interests and lifestyle than any other language.

MissMannah said...
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