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Dear isawyournanny,
This is the situation that I am in right now and I would like to know what others think. Thanks for taking care of this wonderful board. I've been reading it all last night. :)

I started working for a wonderful family a couple months ago. Everything is going smoothly. No complaints at all. Two wonderful toddlers, the parents are great, pay is very good, too. Now MB has asked me to travel with her and the kids for five days, which includes a weekend and two long flights. On vacation i will work the same hours that i usually work, just additionally on Saturday and Sunday. She said she will pay flight and meals, but other than that she asked me what I would charge, and I honestly don't know what to say as I've never been in this situation before. I've done some research and found various rates, some seem to be very low, others ridiculously high.

Now my question is, what would you say is appropriate? I don't want to be greedy, nor do I want to ask for too little. After all, I give up my weekend and will work twelve days straight, which I don't mind. It is just something that needs to be taken into account. MB has always been fair, and I don't expect anything less now. I know I am very lucky. This is why I am careful as to what I am going to tell her. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks! :)


mkchristy said...

You should be paid your normal hourly rate on top of expenses. You are still doing your same work, just in a different place.

ELam said...

Time and a half for any overtime hours.

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

I've traveled a number of times with my family and I've always been paid as follows:

Flight, meals, lodging, etc. are all paid for by MB. I get paid 10 hours/day at my usual rate and then if I wind up working nights as well I get paid time and a half.

Just make sure that you agree upon time off that is set each day or you'll be exhausted. I spent two weeks in Hawaii and got a block of two hours off throughout the week each day that varied time wise and without those hours I might have gone insane :) Traveling is fun but it's very different than working at home where everything is familiar! Just set expectations up front and be clear about what you're expected to handle and the trip should be great.

Anonymous said...

OP here.

We agreed on time and a half for my normal hours and then my normal OT rate for additional hours, which she kept to a minimum. I loved how she didn't take advantage of me and the whole experience was very pleasant. I really am one lucky ducky.

Thanks for your responses :)