Appleseeds - NY, NY (UPDATE)

bad nanny sighting 5
I have to follow up because it happened again. Today is Friday, March 9th. Your nanny was at Appleseeds with your kids around 5p and the younger one got hit above his right eye (around the eyebrow). He was crying and your nanny was nowhere near him when the incident happened. The older one is old enough to walk home, but the younger one rides in a grey & orange MacLaren techno XLR stroller. You really need to re-evaluate this nanny. She is nothing if not negligent. You can even ask the staff at Appleseeds.

(Original Sighting: Thursday, March 8)
I have seen this go on too long and I feel like I have to say something. Every afternoon, I take my toddler to Appleseeds to met up and play with his grandmother. While the two of them are having a grand old time, I am able to look around and observe the nannies who are there with their wards. Some are very loving and engaged, but many are just sitting and socializing. The worst of them all is this one nanny who completely ignores the two boys she is there with every day, to the point that the younger one is constantly getting into fights with other kids and menacing them.

Your two boys are adorable, huge brown eyes, cute brown hair, very active; the younger one (around age 2.5) has an adorable mop of lighter brown curls and his older brother (maybe 5 yrs old? He is tall) has sleek dark hair in a stylish, longer blunt cut. Your nanny is overweight and of south Asian ethnicity. She was wearing a purple and lilac striped cardigan this past Monday, and a mustard colored top on Tuesday. I forget what she wore yesterday -- sorry -- but it was a travesty that she had the two kids locked up inside Appleseeds when it was almost 60F outside and everyone was at the park (we came into Appleseeds just to wash our hands and do a diaper change -- the place was almost deserted).

Your nanny is always just sitting in one corner or along one wall, talking with other nannies or staring off into space. Your youngest one got into a huge fight with another kid yesterday and the Appleseeds staff had to intervene. She had no idea what was going on because she was in a completely different room from him and he was in tears in the other room! I can understand that she can't keep an eye on both boys at once, since they are all over the place at this age, but she really should keep better tabs on the younger one since the older one can handle himself pretty well (he is rambunctious, but not a danger to other kids); your younger one, however, I have seen start several fights and he is always grabbing toys away from other kids. I have observed this here and there for well over a month, but since I started going to Appleseeds every day at 4p two weeks ago, I have been able to observe your nanny's behavior being this way day in and day out. Yes, lots of nannys just sit along the wall and talk to each other, with no idea of where their ward has gone; she, however, is the worst offender in terms of completely ignoring the kids she's supposed to be taking care of. Mind you, her behavior is also breaking Appleseed rules.

I hope that this reaches the parents of those two handsome little boys. It would be a shame if they, or some other kids, got hurt because of this nanny's negligence. I also don't see why she doesn't let them play outside on an afternoon when it is so beautiful. Today (Thursday, March 8th) is supposed to be 60F outside and if I see her with those two kids locked up inside Appleseeds again, I feel like I should say something to the staff about informing their parents about this nanny.


Bethany said...

So what happened when the kid got hurt? Did someone find the nanny?

I'm still shocked she's allowed to be there after all the incident with the kids.

I think last time you mentioned you need memebership to use the playroom. Why hasn't membership been revoked. That would probably get the parents attention.

I just can't believe they don't know anything after allt his time, those kind of things get around.

Maybe you and ome othe moms/nannies can complain to the staff they might do something if they think they'll lose business.

AMom said...

I'm still shocked that with all this nice weather in NY you are still at Appleseed's every day!

And, yet, have never said a word to the nanny or the staff. you are right there, say something to the staff, i am sure they have contact info for these kids!

ericsmom said...

Yeah ask the staff who the parents are. Maybe, tell them you are concerned for the childs safety. Then you can call the parents and tell them what you observed

Bethany said...

I doubt they'll give out the parents info confidentiality and all that.
I'm sure you can chat with the other nannies and get the info that way. Or talk to the nanny yourself tell her you don't appreciate your kid getting beat up on and if it happens again you'll do abc.

If this is a membership place I have a feeling parents might be a "big deal" and their kids are allowed to do whatever they want.

MissMannah said...

Anonymous, take your rant elsewhere. Taking over someone else's thread is considered rude.

OP, why haven't you reported this to the staff at Appleseed's? I'm sure they are not allowed to give out the parents' contact info to you, but they are probably allowed to call the parents themselves and inform them of what is going on with the nanny and children.

ericsmom said...

True true about the privacy with the phone numbers and all. Maybe, give the staff your number and see if they can give it to the parents. They can maybe send a text to the parents stating: Dear so and so, a member would like to talk to you about some concerns they have regarding your child.

Everyone has text now on their cellphones so I am sure its not a big deal to do

StrawberryShortKakes said...

Ericsmom, I doubt that an establishment has a work phone that texts (usually land line) but I think you are right in suggesting that they give the parents this OP's number. If OP doesn't feel comfortable with that (because perhaps she is afraid of backlash from the nanny or even from the parents) she could express to the staff that she wishes to remain anonymous but would really like for them to contact these parents.

Laura said...

I'm hoping the OP will tell the Appleseeds staff ASAP. The parents need to be notified... this nanny should not be working with children! Poor kids.

I doubt the staff will give you any information about the parents, but make a concerted effort to let the staff know how important this is. If they're real professionals, they'll contact the parents.

Rocky Mountain Nanny said...

This kind of thing bothers me SO much. How can a nanny take her eyes off a two and a half year old for even a second while in a public place?? I see nannies and parents do this all the time. I'm so glad to see it reported.

MissDee said...

I checked the Appleseed's website and membership is required. If Appleseed's is run anything like our children's museum here, contact information should be available regarding each family.

This child is lucky he didn't get hurt seriously, not that being hit in, near, and around the eye isn't serious. I want to know what excuse she gave the parents when they saw his injury.

Talk to the manager, and see if you can talk to the family. I am sure the nanny is making up bullshit excuses to the parents about things that happen, especially with his injuries. When I would take J to the mall play area, I would sit and watch him play, however, I was ALWAYS able to see him. It sounds as if this nanny had no clue what had happened to her charge.

When you do make contact with the manager of Appleseed's and the children's parents, please let us know what happens....