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Just wanted to know if anyone knows the average salary of a live-in Housekeeper/nanny in Hawaii? I have a degree in education and was a live-in governess for 1 1/2 years. I also have 2 years of experience as a housekeeper, 5 years as a cook in a camp setting, and 15 years of overall childcare/teaching experience.


ELam said...


I live in Hawaii and was a nanny for 2 different families here, but I was a live-out. I don't know what island you are looking to find work, but Oahu is chock full of families who believe that $150 for 40+ hours/week is perfectly acceptable! And that is why I no longer nanny.

Good luck to you!

ELam said...

Correction: I was a full-time nanny for 2 families and a part-time nanny for a third family.

The part-time family paid me $12/hour for 2 boys (4 and 7 years old). They were a great a family who have since moved off island.

The first full-time family paid me $400/week for 4 kids (18-month, 3, 10, 14..the older kids I only watched for 2 hours a day after school). 40 hours/week. Still way lower than what I was ever paid on the mainland. They also have moved off island, wanted me to move with them, but that wasn't happening.

Then the second family started me off at minimum wage part-time (I accepted the job during desperate times), but soon after I was hired they asked me to go full-time (48 hours/week, actually) for $5.80/hour. 3 kids (18-months, 6, and 12). I quit shortly after.

Soooo..yea. I'm just slightly bitter about the families wanting nannies here. The families who pay a fair and decent wage are very, very few and far between. I just stopped looking and found work elsewhere.

Pua said...

Nannies are just not common there. Often there are grandparents or other extended family to help watch the kids. Preschools, parochial and private schools also have after school programs. Private daycare picks up the rest of the slack. Very few families have nannies and there isn't the flow of illegal immigrant labor as there is in the border states. Also, unemployment is very high now and the cost of living is one of the highest in the nation.

Anonymous said...

I am the one asking in this situation. The job is in Honolulu. she asked me what I wanted for a salary, I responded. Her only question to me was, This is per month, right? The mother thought it would be ok to pay someone $800/month. She also stated she would not give any paid time off. I hope she has fun finding someone that will homeschool her kids and clean her house for so little. People like this make it very hard to find a job. Back to looking in the Chicago area.

ELam said...

Ugh, sorry to hear OP, but I am not surprised in the slightest. Honolulu is where I worked as a nanny for all 3 families..the parents here are out of their freaking minds if they think someone is going to happily work for less than minimum wage for more than full-time work.

Hmmm..I wonder if it was my former employer you were in touch with? sounds like something she'd offer!

Not only is less than minimum wage illegal and insulting, but Hawaii is such a high cost of living area, there is no way in hell a nanny can survive on that!

All of those families are going to either get what they pay for (a horrible nanny) or get no nanny at all. And they'll still wonder why no one would want to work for such a fabulous family. Puh-lease.

Lauren said...

My friend on Maui used to pay $26/hour for 2 kids. She pays her occasional sitter $22/hr.

ELam said...

Maui's a completely different ballgame.

Oahu sucks balls if you want to be a nanny.