How do I Determine a Dollar Amount?

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How do you set your rates? I’ve seen discussion here about how a nanny should receive additional pay for each additional child and duties. What percentage or dollar amount should you add on for each? I have a base rate in mine that will allow me to live, but with more kids comes more work. Is it fair to raise the fee for doing chores like grocery shopping, preparing meals for the family, regularly running errands, laundry other than for the kids?


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

To answer your betcha!

If the family ONLY wants childcare, you can set a rate for that. If they want extras such as family cooking/shopping, family laundry and/or add'l housework not related to child, I would tack more on my rate. Ditto for any extra children since YES more children equates = more work and responsibility.

For example, you can charge $13/Hr for one child..childcare ONLY. If the family wants you to cook dinner for them and was their clothes, you can raise your rate to say...$16/Hr for that. If they have add'l children, I would add on between $2-3 for each child.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Yes, you can set rates and set boundaries. If you don't want to do family laundry, say just that.

Susannah said...

I give my availability schedule as 7:30 to 5:30 for those hours I charge $12.50 for one child, $13.50 for two and $14.50 for three. I won't watch any more than three at a time.

For any chores that aren't about feeding the kids, bathing the kids, or not leaving the house a mess after my day I charge an additional dollar.
I also expect compensation for gas.
Make sure to get your self a contract.