What to Wear for the Nanny Share?

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I have just got an offer for a job in NYC. I live in NC and would be a LI nanny while there. Another nanny are going to share the job. The family is very well off and are going to fly us both backhand forth. I am a teacher for the let 15 years and am ready for a huge change. My children and older and do not need me as much. The family I will be working with has 3 little girls. 4, 2 and NB. I will be moving in March. My question is what do I wear around the house? am I expected to join the family all the time. I will be in NYC for 14 days and them come home and the other nanny will come for 14 days. I have never lived in anyones house before. I am a bit nervous. any help will be helpful. Thank you. New, NYC nanny


Manhattan Nanny said...

I have to say, this sounds like a bizarre arrangement. I am very curious as to why the family is doing this.

To answer your question. You will see some baby nurses in scrubs. Usually this is their choice, not the request of the parents. Nannies here dress in a wide range, but the main thing is to be dressed for the activities you will be doing. Clothes for the playground that you can run after a ball in and climb to the slide platform to rescue a child who is afraid to go down. As you will be caring for a nb, you will be spit up on so a supply of T-shirts or easy to rinse out cotton shirts for indoors will be practical, along with running shoes, neat jeans or kakis. You want to focus on the kids, and not worry about ruining clothes with juice stains, paint etc. think gap rather than designer. Be well groomed, no long nails, fancy jewelry or Kardashian outfits.

As for joining the family, no, you are not an au pair. LI nannies usually have TV, computer etc. in their rooms. Do they have other staff? You will probably eat with the children. Any time you spend with the family, you will feel you are "on." Try to find some activities and friends away from your work family or you may feel like you are in jail.

Final Warning------ You will be playing in snow! Snow boots, down jacket and waterproof gloves for snowballs are mandatory in NY.

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ericsmom said...

Is this really a question???

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Free!~ said...

I'd wear jeans and a t-shirt around the house and at the park/on kid outings to be comfortable. While out with the parents I'd take it up a notch and wear nicer tops, heeled shoes, and a nice jacket/sweater. You don't want to feel out of place and dressing a little nicer will help with that.

dmsa4 said...
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Anonymous said...

Please excuse my premature . . . . comment. I was trying to say professional casual.

Unusually rich families want nannies on full time, and two weeks on and two weeks off is not unusual. The flying in and out is. I guess they don't want a NYC nanny.

I would say the 'usual' uniform would be a white oxford shirt and khakis with boat shoes or trainers. However, with a NB, scrubs would be more comfortable, but I doubt they would be allowed except at night. You could always ask your employer.

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StrawberryShortKakes said...

I find this situation strange. Since you said you were a teacher for 15 years and you didn't mention any nanny experience, I am curious as to why the family would spend the money to fly you back and forth. Why not hire a nanny that they don't have to fly in? I am not saying you aren't going to be a good nanny but they must really like you if they are spending all that money to fly you there so often!

Phoenix said...

can I ask you what subject you taught? Please don't be English

ELam said...

I am hoping you were typing on a phone or something and autocorrect made your grammar and spelling the way it is. I don't mean to start turning another post into a grammar police interrogation, but I only say this as you were a teacher.

Hmmm..the situation does seem odd. Flying in and out so much..but if you are comfortable with it then, I suppose. Just dress casual...make sure your bum and your chest aren't hanging out. Boots are a must in NYC in the winter time. Warm coat and gloves. Keep it professional casual. Sneakers, no heels.

NANNY OF ONE said...

This situation seems very odd, and I almost feel as if its a random post by a joker or something.

You would think that someone that has such a special position being flown in and out would know what to wear.

Also, why would a family fly in and out two nannies on a roatating basis, really its more work than anything else when they can hire three nannies or even one per week that are based locally.

Very weird,

I have to risk it and ask, how much do you make? For if they are willing to fly you around then the must also pay you a fortune for it to be worth either if your time.

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Cameo Rose said...

Just a quick geography lesson:

NYC=New York City
LI=Long Island

NYC has 5 counties, and 2 of them, Brooklyn and Queens, are technically on Long Island. But when people say "Long Island", they are referring the the much larger suburban area outside of New York City.

Long Island is shaped like a fish, pointing west (to the left). Brooklyn and Queens are at the head of the fish. On a map, the eastern end of Long Island is like a fish's tail. It's a rural and expensive-vacation-home area. The vast middle is mostly suburban, and very diverse. Individual neighborhoods seem to have similarly-priced houses.

I haven't lived on LI since high school 40 years ago, but I still pronounce Long Island as "Lawn Gyland." LI accents are noticeable by others.

Have fun.