Holiday Bonus Feature 2011 Part II

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Bonus this year (2011): 0 dollar bonus
Weekly salary: 640 before tax
Supplementary gifts: Pandora charms (2 charms, one representing each child), 50 dollar iTunes gift card (super sweet because I just got an iPhone), 65 dollars to my nail salon (I get my nails done biweekly), some candy and a gorgeous picture of my babies.
Length of time I have worked for family: 10 months.
Location: Western north carolina
Comments: My family is amazing. They treat me so well and just generally care about me. I had only been with them for a month and they bought me a nook color for my birthday. They found out I needed some maintenance on my car and they offered me (without me asking) to advance me the money for it and will not deduct it all at once from my upcoming checks, choosing to deduct small amounts from the next 3 months. I have worked for families who have been difficult to work for, and this
family is not like that. They are so wonderful and I am so lucky.
Bonus this year (2011): $4000
Weekly salary: $1550 net for 50 hours + overtime.
Supplementary gifts: Baking equipment.
Length of time I have worked for family: 2 years 10 months.
Location: Manhattan, NYC, NY
Comments: Very thoughtful additional gifts; my employers know what I like to do in my spare time.
Bonus this year (2011): I received a $1,000 Christmas bonus.
Weekly salary: I get paid $15/hr about 30-40 hrs/wk and take care of 3 boys.
Supplementary gifts: I also received these cool gloves that have a special finger tip so I can be on my iPhone and these wonderful pjs. Both gifts were very heartfelt especially since the 6 yr old picked out the pjs and I couldn't have made a better choice.
Length of time I have worked for family: I've been with the family for a year and a half.
Location: They live in Greenwich Ct.
Comments: I received the pjs first and the gloves and my bonus in their adorable christmas card the following day. I was pretty shocked. I've had a crazy year and a lot of personal/family emergencies but I love my job and I love the kids so I was so grateful and felt so incredibly appreciated, I almost cried. Happy holidays everyone!
Bonus this year (2011): $1500 before taxes
Weekly salary: $750
Supplementary gifts: A sweet card "from" my charge.
Length of time I have worked for family: 11 months.
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comments: I am one of those odd nannies who has chosen not to have a bonus requirement in my contract and I also don't plan my budget around bonuses. I think they're terrific to receive, and I am always pleased with whatever I get from employers at the holidays, since I don't set my expectations so high that I am then crushed to get "only" a card, a gift or two, and a small check. But, all that said, I am SO thrilled and happy to have gotten such a generous gift from my bosses. I love working for them, adore my charge, and feel glad that I have, once again, found a truly good family to work for.
Bonus this year (2011): $6000.00
Weekly salary: $1450.00/45hrs/2 kids
Supplementary gifts: iPod touch, various gift certificates (Starbucks, my fav!, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble)
Length of time I have worked for family: 3yrs
Location: NY, US
Comments: I know I'm blessed to have a family that cares so much and appreciates what I do. This was definitely more than I ever expected to receive and am still in awe!
Bonus this year (2011): $1500
Weekly salary: $600 (before taxes)
Supplementary gifts: A great new camera and an amazing stocking stuffed with perfume, beauty products, a $100 Amex giftcard, itunes giftcard, etc.
Length of time I have worked for family: over 4 years.
Location: NYC metro area.
Comments: So very thankful for their generosity!
Bonus this year (2011): $200
Weekly salary: $510 before taxes, going up to $637 in Jan.
Supplementary gifts: a nice box of chocolates, 2 well-chosen books, a gift card to my daily coffee stop from the kids, nice moisturizer from their grandmother, cards from parents and kids, and a raise :)
Length of time I have worked for family: a year in Jan.
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Comments: I wasn't expecting anything, and have been feeling a little unappreciated at work. Their thoughtful gifts are much appreciated.
Bonus this year (2011): $500
Weekly salary: $500 (30 hours/week)
Supplementary gifts: a little ornament "from" the baby.
Length of time I have worked for family: I have worked for this family since April 2011.
Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Comments: I was very happy with my bonus, as I was unsure if I would receive one. A month ago, I told them I was leaving after the new year to work for a new family (they've known that I've needed more hours for a while now.. I had been working 50 and they cut me down to 30 with little notice). It was fine and they understood, but I still felt really bad so was unsure if I would receive a bonus, especially since my last day was a week before Christmas.
Bonus this year (2011): nothing, although the parents both bragged about their $1500 bonuses (each! They work for the same company.)
Weekly salary: $250 for 50 hours; I am paid for any sick days when they go on vacation as well as all holidays.
Supplementary gifts: none.
Length of time I have worked for family: 6 months.
Location: Kentucky
Bonus this year (2011): $170 (weeks pay)
Supplementary gifts: nice box of candy.
Length of time I have worked for family: worked for family for 1 year.
Location: greenwich, ct
Comments: this is a very part time position.
Bonus this year (2011): $400 bonus for our PT nanny (1day/week)(8hrs)
Our Nanny's weekly salary: $120; will be raised to $130 starting Jan 2012.
Supplementary gifts: collapsible tupperware set (good for travel) and $20 dunkin donuts giftcard.
Length of time our Nanny has worked for family: nanny has been with us almost one year.
Location: NY, NY (upper west side)
Bonus this year (2011): $500 cash
Weekly salary: $880
Supplementary gifts: items for our upcoming beach vacation, a very nice bottle of wine, two very special cookbooks.
Length of time I have worked for family: 3 years.
Location: Denver, CO
Bonus this year (2011): $500
Weekly salary: $650
Supplementary gifts: They paid for my plane tickets to go home for Christmas, new UGG boots, perfume, gift certificate for indoor skydiving, Bridesmaids DVD.
Length of time I have worked for family: 6 months.
Location: Pinehurst, North Carolina
Bonus this year (2011): $2040.15 (3 weeks salary)
Weekly salary: $900 before taxes, take home $680.15
Supplementary gifts: package of classes for Hot Yoga, package of classes for Pilates, movie tickets, candle.
Length of time I have worked for family: 16 months.
Location: Wheaton, IL, USA
Comments: I work close to 60 hours a week with 4 kids; it's crazy but I love doing it, and the parents are amazing to work for! They gift me throughout the year with bonuses and packages of classes like the Pilates studio one (my Momboss and I often go to classes there together).
Bonus this year (2011): $20
Weekly salary: $250 a week
Supplementary gifts: none.
Length of time I have worked for family: Worked for family 3.5 months caring for their infant twins part time.
Location: Mass., south of Boston.
Comments: Don’t know if it counts but I received a Merry Christmas call from a previous family. It was a surprise and brightened my day a little.
Bonus this year (2011): none.
Weekly salary: at least $450, more with more hours.
Supplementary gifts: Yes, a whole huge bag, with a nice card, two of Supernanny's books, a fuzzy blanket, a thermos with two packs of hot cocoa in it, a box of peppermint bark and three mini cupcakes.
Length of time I have worked for family: Nearly 5 months.
Location: Well, I work in Durham, North Carolina, USA, but I currently live in a town north of there.
Comments: They are the best bosses ever, very nice and thoughtful. The huge gift bag was very generous and they listened and saw what I liked and remembered.
Bonus this year (2011): $500 bonus
Weekly salary: $500 for 30 hours.
Supplementary gifts: huge gift basket from Lush.
Length of time I have worked for family: I've worked for the family for 4 years now.
Location: suburbs outside of Washington, D.C.
Comments: I'm very happy with my holiday bonus/gift this year!
Bonus this year (2011): $40
Weekly salary: around $200
Supplementary gifts: No gift.
Length of time I have worked for family: Worked for family last year for 3 months, was unable to work 6 months due to school, have been back with them since June of this year.
Location: small town in the south, population ~5000.
Bonus this year (2011): none.
Weekly salary: $600 (before taxes)
Supplementary gifts: $50 gift card to Trader Joe's, $50 gift card to Target.
Length of time I have worked for family: 1 year.
Location: Minnetonka, MN, USA
Comments: DB also pays half of my health insurance and I get 55¢ per mile I drive. I was glad to get the gift cards, as I thought they would give me nothing, but a cash bonus would have been preferred as we need the money for infertility treatment.
Bonus this year (2011): job 1: 50$ job 2: 140$
Weekly salary: job 1: 380$ (30 hours weekly) job 2: 100$ weekly (approx 10 hours a week)
Supplementary gifts: no other supplemental gifts.
Length of time I have worked for family: length of time at job 1: 2 months job 2: year and 4 months.
Location: Main Line area outside Philadelphia PA
Bonus this year (2011): $3000.00
Weekly salary: $1200.00 for 42 hours
Length of time I have worked for family: just over a year.
Location: NY, NY
Bonus this year (2011): Family 1: none. Family 2: Check for 425
Weekly salary: Family 1: Weekly salary of 700 for 4 days a week...pd 52 weeks a year with 4 to 6 weeks off. Family 2: I work about 15 hours a week at 18 an hr.
Supplementary gifts: Family 1: a nanny vehicle and a 100 Starbucks card and a pair of boots I had admired of the mom I work for..they cost 440.
Comments: I am treated so well. I am truly blessed to be working with such kind and wonderful families.
Bonus this year (2011): $100 cash
Weekly salary: $600 a week for 40 hours.
Supplementary gifts: Cooking supplies from William Sonoma and a nice card
Length of time I have worked for family: Since June 2010.
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Comments: Not much to say...Kind of suprised.
Bonus this year (2011): 1000
Weekly salary: 875
Supplementary gifts: purse.
Length of time I have worked for family: 2 years
Location: new york city
Comments: satisfied.
Bonus this year (2011): half week's salary for a nanny who has been with us half a year. We go up to a full week after the first full year.
Our Nanny's weekly salary: $750 for 50 hours a week.
Supplementary gifts: Gift was personal; nicely bound book of the kids that cost $75.
Length of time our Nanny has worked for family: 6 months.
Location: tri-state (NY)
Bonus this year (2011): $200
Weekly salary: $700
Supplementary gifts: none.
Length of time I have worked for family: 14 months.
Location: Charlotte, VT, USA
Bonus this year (2011): $250
Weekly salary: $495 / $11 hr
Supplementary gifts: Toiletries set & Wine Glass.
Length of time I have worked for family: 2 1/2 years.
Location: Orlando, FL
Comments: I absolutely love the family I work for!! Little C is a sweet heart and his parents are very nice people : ) MB takes us out to lunch at least once a week and their home is my home. I’m Live-Out and work 45 + hours a week. I was hoping for a weeks pay bonus but I’m grateful for what they gave me.
Bonus this year (2011): $50
Weekly salary: $250
Supplementary gifts: nothing. nada. zilch.
Length of time I have worked for family: 16 months.
Comments: I can't wait to find another job! This economy sucks.
Bonus this year (2011): $750
Weekly salary: $800
Supplementary gifts: some delicious honeys for tasting with nice cheeses.
Length of time I have worked for family: just complete my third year.
Location: Cambridge, MA
Comments: So blessed to be starting my fourth year with this wonderful family. We have a great relationship with excellent communication and they are extremely supportive. Looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store!
Bonus this year (2011): $650
Weekly salary: $625 for four days with one baby.
Supplementary gifts: No.
Length of time I have worked for family: Less than two months.
Location: Fairfield County, Connecticut
Comments: I honestly wasn't expecting anything just because of the short amount of time it's been since I started. I've had a few longterm and temporary positions over the last few years and this is by far the best situation I've been in. Absolutely don't feel overworked and definitely feel appreciated which I've learned, isn't something to be expected! =)
Bonus this year (2011): $600 plus a week off with pay.
Weekly salary: $600
Supplementary gifts: cookbook for me, gifts for my daughter that added up to probably at least another $100.
Length of time I have worked for family: almost 6 months.
Location: Redmond, WA USA
Bonus this year (2011): $4000
Weekly salary: 1000, about 35 per hour.
Supplementary gifts: nothing.
Length of time I have worked for family: 5 years.
Location: Outside NYC
Comments: Glad to get it, long time in this weird situation.
Bonus this year (2011): $200
Weekly salary: $760
Supplementary gifts: A nylon Marc Jacobs bag, retails
around $200.
Length of time I have worked for family: 2.5 years.
Location: Boston, MA
Comments: The past two previous years they have given me a gift priced around $300 and a bonus of $500. Everyone is hurting from the economy this year I guess.
Bonus this year (2011): $3,000.
Weekly salary: $1,200.
Supplementary gifts: I received a high end camera and theatre tickets from the parents. The children asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told them I wanted them to make me something. From the 10 yo budding artist who loves to paint, a framed painting of my cat. It is a caricature (unintentionally) and quite whimsical and funny. I love it. The younger 3 made clay tree ornaments. I think MB helped here. Their names are on the backs of the ornaments, so when they have outgrown the nanny years, I will have these reminders of them every year when I trim my tree. They also each made a card with a gift card enclosed, Starbucks, Barnes&Noble, Michaels, Modells.
Length of time I have worked for family: I have been with this family for ten years.
Location: Located in NYC
Comments: I really appreciate the salary and bonuses in this economy, and treasure the cards and handmade gifts, but even more importantly I wake up in the morning looking forward to going to work and seeing my cares. I am so lucky to have a job I love with a wonderful family.
Bonus this year (2011): $1000
Our Nanny's Weekly salary: $550
Supplementary gifts: little things from kids (ornament, cookies)
Length of time our Nanny has worked for family: 2.5 years
Location: Chicago IL (USA)


Anonymous said...
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I saw quite a few biggies! $4,000, $5,000 and a $6,000! Lucky bitches!

Anonymous said...
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StrawberryShortKakes said...

I saw one "nanny vehicle" in there. Can someone clarify... is the car reserved for the nanny to use only on the job? That sounds like a waste to me.

Anonymous said...
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ericsmom said...

Alot of NY nannies live in NJ. I live in Bergen County. You can still find a decent apartment (1 bedroom) for about 900-1200 a month.
Town of Fort Lee very close to NYC

Anonymous said...
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ericsmom said...

Wow!!! I wish rent was that cheap here

ericsmom said...

Probably more than 600-750 sq. feet

MissMannah said...

I also was confused about the nanny vehicle one. Was she saying that her boss bought her a new car or that she got a car to use during working hours?

Just to put things in first apt here in Tulsa was 600 sq ft and $360 a month. It was a pretty nice one and about 8 years ago. You can't really find that anymore, that apt would probably run closer to $500 now, still cheap though! When I was living in VA, I had a really nice 1 bedroom and was paying $1200. I almost cried when I saw that lease. LOL

♫ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I live in San Diego, CA and a decent one bedroom apt in a safe neighborhood will run you at least $1,000/monthly. However, sadly the Nanny rates are very low. Many Nannies make between $8-10/Hr. :(

AMom said...

These were all beautiful! Every single nanny sounded happy and grateful, congratulations!

MissMannah said...

Amy, thanks for telling me that. My husband was just talking about moving to San Diego and I will pass along that information to him. But the thought of a beach is still very tempting!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I live in San Diego as well and yes, the cost of living here is very high..yet many Nannies do not make very much. The reason being is that we are close to the Mexican border and there are many illegal immigrants who are willing to work for cheap. This hurts the legitimate Nannies as they lose many jobs.

Not being racist...just sayin'.

Anonymous said...
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AMom said...

Most NYC nannies live in much much cheaper areas in the outer boroughs, so, their rents are not as high as you might think.

Phoenix said...

yeah the $6,000 is shocking to me. But I don't know what NY is like and if $6k is not much in NY I am glad as fuck I don't live there. Shit $6K in my state, I could buy me a Mexican.

CaliCo said...

This might have affected this year's (and 2012) nanny bonuses in the financial centers (NY,Chicago, LA and SF) of the US.

"Wall Street Prepares to Take Sharp Pay Cut

A dismal year means Wall Street is about to take a big hit to its wallet.

As banks prepare to report fourth-quarter results and make final bonus decisions for 2011, total compensation is likely to be the lowest since 2008, when the financial crisis destroyed some firms and left many survivors on government life support.

While still lofty compared to the rest of the U.S., pay for some Wall Street workers will be the lowest in years, at a time when critics have been lashing out at what they deem excessive finance-industry compensation."

Lucky Nanny said...

I was one of the NYC nannies who got one of the bigger bonuses. Yes, rent is high here but since my bosses want me living near them, I negotiated that they'd pay half my rent and a six figure salary. I'm lucky that they can afford that. On the downside, they are crazy NYC parents....

ericsmom said...

I pay $1,200,00 for a pretty nice one bedroom in a two family house. We have a yard, parking for three cars. Basement with washer and dryer,etc

My friends mortgage for a three bedroom 2 bath house is less than our rent. Then again she lives in Alabama

Trixie Belden said...

I remember getting a $100 bonus years back and being over the moon.

Guess it doesn't take much to make this girl happy.


ericsmom said...

Lucky Nanny

You must be a great employee and I think you had a little bit of luck!!!

Can I ask what your rent is do you share with another person, etc.

AussieNanny said...

*insert green eyed monster here*

Wow! Lucky ladies! I am soo jealous of your bonus'! I work 50+ hours a week and take home $1700 a fortnight (in Syd, Australia) I received a jewellery box from 1yr old charge and a few bottles of vitamins from MB and DB. (MB works for vitamin company.. so she didn't have to fork out alot!)

I'm still 'wowing'!!
I hope you all had a great Christmas and NY.

<3 ASN. xoxoxo

Lucky Nanny said...


I live with my husband and our rent is $3100 a month and my employers pay half of that. My husband actually works part time for the same family!

ericsmom said...

Opps!!! I meant to post we pay $1,200 a month.

Lucky Nanny, wow thats awesome!! Kinda of cool that your husband works for them as well. Let me ask you a question did you ever do business with Greenhouse Staffing?

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I would love to get a $4,000 bonus...I can't imagine what in the world I would do with that sum of money but I know would I would do as a Nanny. I would provide the best care possible and be grateful every day I went to work.

It's funny what money can do guys.

NannyADR said...

Bonus: $100
Weekly Salary: $400 (45 hours)
Supplementary gifts: Was promised a hoodie and sweatpants from PINK (MB/DB work for Limited Brands.. which means these items will be HEAVILY discounted), have yet to receive it.
Length of time with family: 4 months with 1 yr old
Location: Ohio
Comments: Feeling a little unappreciated lately. I added 10hrs per week more (including more duties like laundry and cooking dinner) and didn't ask to up my pay. I really appreciate the bonus, I just would've preferred some credit or a thank you for the extra work and hours.

Lucky Nanny said...


No, I didn't use that agency; I used a London based one . Yes, I'm a British Mary Poppins :)

just curious said...

Jeez, why is somebody deleting their posts? Having second thoughts about what you say??

just curious too said...

just curious,

I emailed this particular nanny because I thought he was mad at me but he has chosen simply to leave the site. He stated that he always deletes online posts after 10 days to protect his anonymity. It has nothing to do with second thoughts.

just curious said...

Just Curious too,
That pretty much nails it down. It was Jedd. He was the only male here posting that I know of. What happened, did you guys get into an arguement or something? Why did he leave? He removed every single post of his on here. Very odd. Even the ones "less than 10 days old".

Luckies!!! said...

Um, I'm totally living in the wrong part of the country :D Get me to New York City, stat!

just curious too said...

Just curious, no argument. I can't afford to make him mad. He watches my baby for me 2 nites a week while I'm in class. I thought he was upset for me following him around on the internet. He is very entertaining. He said he was just spending to much time here.

I said...

Wow I'm totally jealous right now! =]

I didn't get a bonus. My gift was some homemade cookies, picture of kids, and a small gift card to an expensive restaurant I have never been to... The gift card barely covered half the meal even though my bf and I got the cheapest things on the menu.

This was my 2nd Christmas with them.