a day in the life 3 Note the oldest one has something scheduled every day, so some of the hours may be tweeked, but this is the overall day:

3:00 Talk to the morning nanny, 2 year old may or may not be asleep
3:15 Greet the 6 and 4 year old as the mother brings them home
3:20 Run around make sure the 6 year old is done with the bathroom and does homework
3:45 Make sure 6 y.o. eats a snack and is ready to leave for that days activity, put TV on for 4 year old's rest time
3:50 Wait by back door for mom to drive her
4:00 Mom yells at me to get the 6 y.o. in the car because she is running late
4:30 Wake up 2 year old if she is sleeping by placing her in front of the TV while 4 year old is resting/watching tv
5:00 Snack time (fruit or gold fish)
5:15 When snack is over and 1 episode of sponge bob is over, bath time
5:16 2 and 4 y.o. ask for a "bath party"
5:16-5:20 Pick out new undies and pull up and debate whether or not to let them get their pj bottoms on
5:20-5:25 Make sure they both go potty
5:25-6:00 Bath time
6:20-6:50 Play time after they get dressed in their bedrooms (as I contact mother if she is bringing home dinner or not)
6:50 Either mommy brings dinner home or she yells at me for not having dinner ready as she brings 6 y.o. home - (why she gets mad at me for asking before she leaves is beyond me if she expects me to make something)
6:55-720 Dinner time as mom goes out
720-730 Quick clean up, do dishes and sweep the floor
7:35-7:40 Pick out all the kids pjs and have them get dressed as I am running around to get 6 y.o. in bath (and ask the 2 and 4 year old if they wanna play with tinker toys or play in their rooms for individual play time)
7:45 Talk to 6 y.o. about her day and what she has learned while explaining how its almost bed time and she needs to hurry up a bit because we have to blow out her hair (she is a procrastinator)
7:50 Done with bath and clean up bathroom a bit
8:00 Realize 6 y.o. isn't listening and tell her she has 5 mins to get dressed or else I will take her video games away
8:00-8:05 Check to see if 6 y.o. did ALL OF HER HOMEWORK and is ready for school the next day
8:05-8:10 Blow out 6 y.o.'s hair and have her brush her hair
8:15 Yell at 6 y.o. to get brush out of her mouth and stop chewing on everything and give her sometime to chew on
8:20 Quiet time (read stories, individual play)
8:20-8:25 Brush teeth and Potty Races!!!
8:25;830 Get their ice waters ready
8:30 Bed time! Lights dim as we wait for mommy to return
8:45 Lights off! as I stay in their room
9:15 Mommy returns (sometimes the kids are sleeping, other times they are not)
9:15 Do last minute dishes or sweep the floor if it needs it, leave for the next day!


wow said...

Wow a mom that doesn't want to be a mom. Thats what it sounds like. I can see extra help like a mothers helper or something. Come on you can't help get your kids ready for bed? Or read a story to them??

NVMom-movedtoTX said...

Agree with Wow. Plus, what's with the yelling? First the mom to the nanny (not acceptable) then the nanny to the kids, yikes.

Anonymous said...

OP here I might have mis-wrote about the yelling. The 6 year old chews on everything so i give her 3 chances to get it out of her mouth and then I take it away and give her a frozen teething ring thats in the freezer (as directed to do so by her mother)-It isn't so much yelling but 3 chances and then it happens I raise my voice sometimes because the 6 year old doesnt listen cause shes sometimes in "her own world"

MissMannah said...

According to this, the mother is home for 45 minutes before taking the 6 year old to an afternoon activity and then brings her home after it right in time for dinner, which is either brought home by the mother or made by you. Am I correct in this? And if you haven't made dinner, she gets mad at you? So why don't you guys make a weekly meal plan or you can figure out dinner as soon as you get there and she can tell you what to make in those first 45 minutes?

Phoenix said...

the 6 year old chews on everything? Is she special needs? WTF? I think that needs to be looked at. Not in a mean way but having to give the six year old a teething ring?

Wow (the real one) said...


You stole my moniker! I've been Wow for a while now. Can you please change? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Miss Mannah- in the beginning I use to ask her every day before she left what her plan was for dinner. She got mad at me for asking every day and she told me she would let me know. When she is home for 45 mins she is usually "taking a shower: before she leaves.
The 6 year old isn't special needs she just never seemed to get out of the oral stage- I have a degree in early childhood education and special needs and there is nothing abnormal about this behavior

Phoenix said...

That is abnormal. Why can't you tell her no. Oh wait you do and she doesn't listen. I would never tolerate that from my kid at 6. Hell even at 3 I would have flipped out if he acted like that little girl. It just seems odd to me that she does that. I've never seen any kid that age act like that. She is behind. She is going to get made fun of in school if she doesn't cut it out. If shes chewing on something take it away and don't replace it with something else to chew on. She is not a dog. Are you sure you know about child development? Because that child is not developing, you are allowing her to stay 2

NannyPoppins said...

I am just curious. What is she chewing on? And why does she do it? How long has she been using a teething ring?

MissMannah said...

I would have to agree about the chewing thing. Sure it isn't abnormal to occasionally chew on things at age 6--I'll admit it, I chew on pens all the time! (especially noticed this since quitting smoking 4 years ago) But the fact that this girl does it so frequently that she has to use a teething ring is odd. She has some sort of oral compulsion, especially because it gets to the point where you have to remind her multiple times to stop and you start yelling at her. I would suggest to talk to mom about talking to the pediatrician about it but from the sound of it, mom won't listen. These sound like self-centred kind of parents.

As for the dinner issue, if she refuses to discuss it before they leave for activities, then I'd say it is on her. Or else feed the younger kids and have them in the bath before mom and the oldest gets home so she can take care of herself and her oldest. Maybe she is getting pissed about dinner because she's wanting you to take initiative? Or maybe she's just an all-around miserable person? I've run across a few of those and they'll just take any chance they can get to yell at someone.

Anonymous said...

OP here- the 6 year old chews on toys (like little plastic action figures) hair brushes, tinker toys- If i tell her no and send her to time out she even tries to bite me! I tell her mom and she is the one who tells me to just give her a teething ring we call a chewy! (if she bites me I take away her nintendo DS for a week)

I tried taking initive about dinner plenty of times and those are the times she orders out while I have dinner! So I just wait now and if she isnt back by 7 I make dinner.