a day in the life 3
6:55 am: Walk in the door and greet Dad, chat about how the kids' evening was yesterday and wish each other a good day.

7:00 am: Start warming twin's milk cups and begin preparing breakfast for everyone (I also make myself a cup of coffee).

7:05 am: Get E out if bed, she will be more than likely awake and will be playing with a few stuffed animals in her bed. I tell her she's such a big girl for sleeping in her bed and begin picking out her clothes for the day. I usually hand her undies and she takes off her pull up and puts them on. She tells me she dreamt she was a princess and we both decide that a pretty dress with leggings will be perfect to wear today. E is getting really good at dressing herself but needs assistance with tricky clothes like leggings and socks. After she's dressed I put two pigtails in her hair and we head to the bathroom to brush teeth.

7:20 am: Time for the babies to wake up! E really likes helping to wake them up and walks in their room mocking my every word.."Good morning sleepy heads, it's wake up and milk time!" Their cheesy little smiles melt my heart. While I change A, E usually entertains K while he giggles through the railing of his crib. After A is freshened up and is dressed for the day, I bring her downstairs in the living room to play. I use the couch and a kid's sized chair to keep them confined in the living room. I head back upstairs to change K and bring him downstairs to play while E follows closely behind.

7:30 am: Give babies their milk cups and finish getting breakfast ready.

7:55 am: E comes to the table and happily welcomes her bagel, eggs, and blueberries. I place the babies in their highchairs and the feeding frenzy begins (bagel, eggs, yogurt, and strawberries). :)

8:10 am: The babies finish up, I wipe them down, put their shoes on, and place them back in the living room. While E finishes up, I start cleaning up and get her backpack ready for school.

8:20 am: E is done with breakfast and I wipe her down and show her the shoes she will be wearing. I'm so proud that she has mastered how to put her shoes on the right feet, thanks to my little trick. I hand her her backpack and grab a baby to load in the car.

8:25 am: E follows A and I out to my car and I strap them in, lock my car, and run back in to get K and strap in him in his seat.

8:30 am: We're off to school, the kids make me giggle the entire drive. E is usually singing her favorite song while the twins jibber jabber along to their own tune.

8:45 am: We park on the side of the street and I head to the back of my car to retrieve the double stroller. I grab K first and put him in the stroller, then I grab A. I wait to get E last bc I don't want her to have a chance to run into the street while I'm unloading the twins.

8:50 am: We head towards school while E and I talk about the leaves on the trees changing colors. We are usually greeted by E's classmates and E easily strikes up a convo with them. The twins love the walk downtown and are easily entertained by sightseeing. When we arrive at the doors, (it's a very short walk to and from the car) we use the elevator to E's classroom.

9:00 am: We greet E's teacher, give goodbye hugs, and the babies and I are off to head back home in time for their morning nap.

9:30 am: Once we're home, I check diapers and put the twins in their cribs, wish them sweet dreams and shut the door behind me.

9:40 am: I update the daily log and finish cleaning up the breakfast mess and start the dishwasher. When that's done, I tackle the kids' laundry.

10:15 am: I have a few mins of downtime and check my email.

10:45 am: I can hear the babies stirring on the baby monitor and head upstairs the recheck diapers and bring them down, one by one.

10:55 am: I start making milk cups and loading the babies in the car to get E from school.

11:05 am: I head to the school while the babies down their milk cups in the backseat.

11:20 am: Babies get unloaded and we walk towards E's school.

11:30 am: E's class is playing on the playground outside and the babies are completely happy to watch all the preschoolers run around, they even start giggling. E's teacher debriefs us about the morning and we then head back to the car so we can head home to have lunch.

12:00 pm: After everyone is unloaded and playing in the living room, I begin to
take on lunch making. E is a great big sister and does well with entertaining the twins. I even turn on the tv so theres lots for them to be interested in. A is starting to walk and I enjoy watching her wobble around.

12:30 pm: Everyone is at the table and eating, E has a PB&J sandwich, banana, cucumbers, and raisins. The babies are enjoying grilled cheese cut in strips, mixed veggies, and banana.

12:45 pm: The babies finish up, I wipe them down and check their diapers and place them back in the living room to play. I then proceed to clean up the lunch mess.

1:00 pm: E finishes up and heads to her room to put on a pull up and waits for me to tuck her in. I follow behind her, we do three rocket ship jumps into bed and say together "no playing, just sleeping". I give her a kiss and wish her sweet dreams and close the door behind me.

1:15 pm: This is the babies favorite time of the day! I sit on the floor and let them crawl all over me, we play hide and seek, and read stories. K tries to keep up with his walking sister but A wins every time.

1:45 pm: I start carrying the babies upstairs for their afternoon nap, give them loves and tuck them in.

1:55 pm: I unloaded the dishwasher and reload. I catch up on laundry and make sure the house is tidy.

2:15 pm: I make myself lunch and watch some tv.

3:00 pm: It's time for E to wake up. I head up stairs, I usually have to wake her. She's got her sleepy face still on while I tell her we need to take off her pull up. Sometimes she does it on her own, sometimes she wants my help. We chat about what she dreamed during her nap.

3:05 pm: E and I head downstairs and she has her daily popsicle. She watches her favorite show while I update the daily log and make milk cups for the twins when they wake. Her popsicle is followed by a dum dum's lollipop. When the lollipop is done, Mom is usually home.

3:30 pm: I chat with mom about the day and give E loves. She waves and blows kisses from the kitchen window and I do the same from the front yard.


NannyPoppins said...

Another bright and cheery "day in the life". You seem to manage you time well! How old are the babies? How well do you get along with the parents?

OP said...

Hi Nannypoppins,

The babies are fifteen months old, they're wonderful little guys. The parents are truely amazing, they really care about my well-being and happiness. They go out of their way to remind me that they think I do a great job with their children.

I've been a nanny for other families and have never felt our relationship was good, I was "just the nanny", one mom would introduce me as her babysitter, which would make me feel inferior.
I love my job, my charges, and my bosses very much!