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Riders Fight as Baby Stroller Rolls Off Subway Car - NY
Heat or not, something seemed to get the better of two women who fought over a seat on a L, and it didn't seem to matter that one had some pretty precious cargo. A baby stroller holding a sleeping baby didn't seem to stop the much bigger babies from going at it.

The fight was all caught on amateur video and uploaded to YouTube. It appears the woman in blue didn't think twice about leaving the child she was watching behind to take a swipe at the woman in white for supposedly stealing her seat. Passengers took cover as the two went at it, locked up like two cage fighters but instead using the crouched confines of the L train to settle their childish dispute... not even realizing the baby that one was watching had rolled out of the subway onto the platform, where complete strangers had to run to the rescue.

No word on the condition of that baby and it is not yet known if either of the women was arrested.

A baby is Dead. Was it a Crime? - VA
She did it before.

The first time Karen Murphy left her son, Ryan, alone in her minivan, a call from day care and cool winter weather saved him. The 2-year-old was strapped into the vehicle alone for less than 30 minutes in January, according to news reports.

The second time Murphy forgot to drop Ryan at day care, she drove to her veterinary office in Northern Virginia and did not see her 2-year-old for about seven hours. Her husband went to the day-care center to pick up Ryan and discovered that he was not there. By the time he called home, by the time Murphy raced out to her minivan on Gentle Shade Drive last month, Ryan was unresponsive in the back seat.



awful said...

I think that Karen Murphy should be in prison. How long will we continue to let this happen?

Dr. Juris said...

If it's happened before, it's no longer an accident. It's negligence, plain and simple.

MissMannah said...

The video was awful, I just couldn't believe they were acting like that and not even caring about the baby. And there were so many people in the background shouting "Where's the baby?" People are so stupid.

I hate that Murphy is charged with murder. This is clearly not murder, it is negligence...manslaughter...whatever. I don't know all the legal terms. But not murder. We should all know by now that if you can't prove murder beyond a shadow of a doubt, the accused goes free. I do not want this woman going free, she's a double offended, as far as I'm concerned. I can't believe that level of neglect can even happen once!

I said...

How do you forget a baby in a car for 7 hours???? No "loving & attentive parent" would ever do that.

Anonymous said...

Is it too difficult to put a stuffed toy in the windshield when the child is in the car? A note wrapped around a cell phone or stuck to a purse or briefcase? A timer that is set to go off at about the same time the parent should arrive at daycare? I set a timer when I use the tea kettle, if I leave the kitchen.

At one time I thought it was enough punishment to spend the rest of one's life waking up every morning to the same nightmare that one killed one's own child. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe we should be prosecuting these people for 2nd degree murder.

And does it matter if it's a parent, a relative, or a caregiver?

Wow said...

I'm sorry, I have tried my best to understand how people can forget that their child is in the car, and I cannot comprehend it. How does one get that distracted? Clearly, the child is not that person's priority. It shows how low on the totem pole of priority children are in this country, and that's just sad. Poor babies!

Wow said...

I don't know whether anyone caught what really happened on the video, but the lady in blue with the baby pepper-sprayed the woman in white. Apparently it was over a seat, but it looked to me like they were both sitting down at the beginning. Lady in blue was provoking lady in white, calling her "real rude ..." and sprayed her, and lady in white defended herself and beat the crap out of her. All of the responsibility was on the lady with the baby. Can you imagine the environment that baby is living in with a mother who acts like that? IMO the danger is way greater than the baby rolling off the train while her mother brawls.

christine said...

Some people should clearly never become parents. Who has a life so busy that they could go to work, stay at their job all day and only discover their dead child when the other very busy parent shows up at day care to pick him up? Once, the boy is saved by others... he wasn't as lucky the next time.

lucy said...

If you're leaving your child in your car and letting it bake to death, your child is NOT a priority in your life.

Fresnan said...

This was a 2 year old boy, it is really hard to miss a 2 year old boy in the backseat. Now an infant seat facing backwards is a little more difficult. Not that I can say that is right either, but a 2 year old? Give me a break. I don't know about the murder charge either. The parent here in our town is being charged with neglect over his 2 year old son shooting and killing his 6 year old sister, now how is that justice either? It's not, unfortunately the way our justice system works.

ProfessionalNanny said...

Low life people in the video. Stupid woman leaves her baby in the van twice? We REALLY need To cleanse the gene pool some.