Why Didn't Somebody Help Ame?

Ame Deal, Arizona 10-Year-Old, Killed By Family For Taking Popsicle - The family of a 10-year-old found dead in a trunk outside an Arizona home initially claimed the child died while playing hide-and-seek. But investigators now believe Ame Deal suffocated after her family locked her in the box because she took a popsicle from the freezer without permission.

Phoenix police claim Deal's grandmother, aunt and two cousins regularly subjected the child to horrific treatment, ultimately culminating in her July 12 death.

"This child died at the hands of those who were supposed to love and care for her. This case has turned the stomachs of some of our most seasoned detectives," said Phoenix Police spokesman Sergeant Trent Crump in a statement posted on the city's website. (continued)


bluebell said...

This story brought tears to my eyes. Some people really should not be allowed to reproduce!

MissMannah said...

While I agree with you there, it wasn't her parents doing all that. I want to know where the parents are and if they'll be held accountable for anything when they're found.

I agree with this title too, why didn't anyone help the poor little girl? The full article said that there were previous witnesses to abuse but didn't say anything. That's just crazy to me.

UmassSlytherin said...

I hope all of these people burn. Poor little angel.

world's best nanny said...

Friends and family witnessed the abuse and yet did nothing? They all need to be locked up!

Truth Seeker said... heart just breaks for this poor little girl. Absolutely heart-wrenching, unthinkable.

Hopefully, she is up there with little Caylee and they can both Rest in Peace together.

sewickley nanny said...

I looked up another article about the poor little girl..her mother found out about this on facebook and admitted that she herself "fled from these abusers" and that they "struck her" and "made her sit up all night". It sickens me that this child's mother would leave her baby in the hands of these people for years. She is now saying "My baby, they did this to my baby"...ummm what the hell did she think would happen? I think its reprehensible this mother would escape yet left her child there. People are messed up and need to begin taking responsibility. I think her trashy mother is just as much to blame. I pray charges are filed against her.

Also, absolutely disgusting neighbors and such saw this kid being forced to eat dog poop, being hit with a paddle and not to mention the girl weighed 68 pounds and was starving. So many people failed this child.

Anonymous said...

It angers me that no one stepped up to help this little girl. Not one person thought to call the police.

I pray that Ame is at peace now and will never be hurt again. Her killers/abusers however should be locked in a box too small for them and left to rot.