Tyson's Corner Shopping Center Play Space - McLean, VA

bad nanny sighting I was at the play space upstairs at the Tyson's Corner Center shopping center in VA today. Wednesday, May 19 at about 2:30.

I watched a (what I assumed were) brother and sister pair pummel each other, and later pummel other children. They punched, kicked and grabbed each other and looked around to figure out who they were there with. I eventually figured out that they were brought by a nanny. The woman, who seemed to be a Hispanic woman in her 30's (wearing a white, zip-front hoodie), spent the time on her cell phone. She wasn't even speaking to anyone - she was texting or reading. She was completely unresponsive to what her charges were doing.

The girl was about five years old and her younger brother was about three or four. I tried to stop the girl from pouring water all over the climbing structure. An unrelated four year old told her that the boy was being very mean.

I'm not talking about gentle wrestling, there was biting, scratching and full body tackles. It was horrible. Other moms came over to scream at the children. My sister and I took our children and left. It was horrible to watch.



Bored Visitor said...

Man this sucks. No one can say what they REALLY FEEL about this post. I miss the debates, the controversy and the rebuttals. This blog is not as interesting as it used to be. I'm starting to get bored..............

Sorry for the honesty, but it is the truth. Free speech is what made this blog as good as it used to be. Now it is boring since we are being censored, all in the name of respect.

Just saying'

OhioNanny said...

You must've missed where they said we could say what we wanted but just don't call OP names but if your that bored, bye!

Bored Visitor said...

OhioNanny@-We are not allowed to say ANYTHING NEGATIVE regarding the "Bad Nanny Sightings." Yes, we cannot call the Original Poster any names, but we also cannot say anything negative about the sighing in general. In other words, we do not get the "free reign" we used to which makes this sight so colorful.

Get a life and learn basic English grammar Girlfriend. tsk tsk: *you're..not your.

UmassSlytherin said...

I really like the nanny's hoodie in this picture. It's stylish. Ima get me one just like that. In Slytherin green, though.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Bored Visitor,

Ohio Nanny is correct. Quite a few other Readers have stepped forward using examples on how to respond to the OP's of Sightings, most notably Tales from the (Nanny)Hood. (And I still say brilliant! lol)

There's no reason you can't question the OP about the details, just don't be nasty about it.

This whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion. I don't want you to feel censored... that was never my intention. Especially looking at the rest of the Blog, it certainly has been anything but boring lately!

Hi Umass! ;-)

OhioNanny said...

Dear boring visitor,

Really? YOU'RE going to pick apart my grammar? Geez, that's all you got? Whatever. Seems you have nothing better to do with your life if it entertains you to pick on other people or pick apart sightings.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I have to give an example again? Really?

OP, thanks for posting. It certainly sounds as if that "nanny" was completely disconnected from the children.

I am curious - did any of the moms/nannies who were witnessing this debacle contact mall security? I know that might be tough to do when you are watching your own kids/charges, but it seems like it would be a reasonable solution.

Conversely, did anyone speak to the "nanny" and ask her to either control her charges or leave? I know that might have been a bit confrontational, which is why I asked about the mall security team first!

Of course, it is far too late now, but perhaps you might consider making a plan of action for the next time this happens. For example, you could speak firmly and sternly to the unruly hooligans if they entered your/yourchild(ren)'s personal space, or you and some of the other witnesses could cooperatively speak to the children and let them know they were behaving inappropriately. Or you could take one of the actions I suggested above re: mall security.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Thanks for the help, Tales... from now on I am just going to holler when I need you! ;-)

RBTC said...

ok, i get to do the converse!!
{note:this is what one should not do from a reasonable view}

Dear OP : You sure are a $%#^&*

how do you KNOW it was a nanny?

don't you have anything better to f@#$ do than stalk nannies even though she is probably not a nanny you piece of %^&*(?

by neglecting your own charges taking pictures you are saying to perves it's ok to come get your kids!!! you must be a perve too!!!!!

this whole site should be closed down and reported to a national cps --


mpp- feel free to censure this post !!!

Marypoppin'pills said...


LMAO! Too funny...

Brianna said...

Ohio Nanny, it was BORED not BORING visitor. LOL.

I'm only playing with ya.

RBTC said...

glad you knew i was kidding, one never knows the effect satire will have ;0)

Tales post was classic - very brilliant writing!

kath said...

If she had corrected the kids, no doubt you would be reporting her for yelling ..
Parents do not want the kids corrected.. or taught wright from wrong..
8 years in a school taught me that.
The kids are brats. It is the parents fault. Nanny, teachers.. neighbors are supposed to watch them circle the drain.. that is all that is permitted by law and by parents..

Youngster said...

I am surprised this nanny has not been caught. I saw a piece on GMA last week, and while this nanny's face was blurred, I was pretty sure the parents or a friend of the parents would have figured her out by now.