Southridge Recreation Center Pool, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

good nanny sighting
Thursday, April 21
Tuesday, April 26
Thursday, April 28
Southridge Recreation Center Pool, Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Nanny: Very young, looks to be about 21-23 years old. Shorter, dark reddish-brown hair, brown eyes. Slender, typically wearing black, with a pink flowered pool bag and small canvas purse. Her hair was in a ponytail every time I saw her.

Child: Boy (Caden), about six years old. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Blue and white swim trunks, blue rash guard, green goggles.

This nanny has an amazing relationship with her charge. From what I can tell, they come to the pool at 4:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Caden swims in the kiddy pool and the nanny stands or sits right by the pool. She usually has a book in her hands, but she never looks at it because she doesn't take her eyes off Caden! She laughs when he discovers how to make water spray on the water playground, and always claps when he shows her what a good swimmer he is. The nanny shows an obvious delight with her charge. At 4:30 they go into the fitness pool for swim lessons. She reads her book while he's in his lesson, but always watches when it's his turn to practice treading water.

After the lesson, they go back into the main pool area and he swims around some more. They always leave at 5:30, with the nanny wrapping him in a green towel and giving him a big hug. She always tells him how good he's getting at swimming. She definitely acts with authority and patience. What a great nanny!

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Reese said...

What a great sighting!! She sounds a lot like me...I never take my eyes off my charge since I am a little OCD regarding safety issues, esp. around water. Also, I love my charge so much and would love to watch him showcase all the new stuff he is learning!! Many nannies are like this one....and this story makes me proud of my profession. :)