a day in the life
By Nanny JKD
I look after an 18mth old, 4yr old and 6yr old.

7:50- I start. 4 and 6yr old run down stairs to meet me. I prepare breakfast of muesli and milk, fruit and cup of juice (sippy cup of water for baby)
8- Parents bring 18mth old down and all 3 children have breakfast. Wave bye to parents as they leave.
8:15- 4 and 6 go up stairs to start getting dressed while I tidy kitchen.
8:20- Me and 18mth old head upstairs and i get her dressed alongside helping the other 2.
8:40- Downstairs, shoes and coats on, 18mth old in buggy. I throw a load of laundry in machine
8:45- Walk to school.
9- Drop 6 at school and 4 at pre-school.
9:15-11:15- Me and 18mth old go to mum and toddler group. We play with the toys and do craft while catch up with friends. She has snack of fruit and water.
11:15- Leave for school pick up.
11:30- Pick up 4 from pre school then walk home.
11:45- Home, shoes etc off, I prep lunch of sandwiches, tomatoes and cucumber/carrot sticks with cup of water and fruit for afterwards.
11:55- Lunch time.
12:20- Lunch finished. Take 18mth old upstairs, change nappy and into bed.
12:30-1:30- Me and 4yr old do craft, reading, playing with toys.
1:30-2:45- 4 watches t.v while i sort laundry, tidy up and grab lunch.
2:45- 4yr old gets ready to leave for school run, I go and wake 18mth old and get her ready.
3- Out the door for school run.
3:15- Pick up 6yr old then come back home.
3:30- Snacktime of fruit and water.
3:45- Do homework with 6yr old while 2 youngest play in the play room.
4:15- Homework is finished so we head out into the garden and play.
5- Children come in and play in the playroom while I prep dinner - lasagna with veg, cup of water and fruit mixed in natural yogurt for after.
5:30- Dinner time.
6- Children go and play while i tidy up and get the 18mth old milk ready.
6:15- 18mth old drinks milk while we all sit on sofa and read books.
6:30- Parents come home and I give run down of the day, give all the children a big kiss and cuddle and leave.

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FamNan said...

The baby only gets water and one cup of milk all day? That's not really healthy for an 18 month old.