Braeswood Park, Houston, Texas

bad nanny sighting 5 I see nannies everyday at the park near Braeswood... they talk about their bosses horribly. They sit and read magazines all day and the kids are not watched at all. I told my friend anyone could reach over the fence and coax a child away as the nannies are busy. It is near the medical center in Houston... if u want proof of their behavior have someone go there around 1:00pm everyday to see.

They are all Hispanic and the park at Sunset in West Univ is where I quit going due to the way they speak of their employers in front of the kids. I have passed this info on to countless people and agencies in the area... they keep kids in strollers for hours while they congregate... they also order meals there. My fear is lack of liquids as the kids are there so long they run out... its too bad to talk about.

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