Washington, D.C. near Eastern Market

bad nanny sighting 5 I saw a nanny at 1:30 pm in Washington, D.C. near Eastern Market yelling at poor little blonde girl, probably around 4. She was a black nanny with thick accent, not American, and she was on her knees pointing her finger in the child's face screaming, "Shut Up!" Over and over. Little girl was crying and saying "Mommy help me." Was the worst thing ever! I told her to not speak to the child in that manner and I was a mother and you do not treat children that way. She of course told me to mind my own business. There were two other nannies with her. Probably about six children/babies in double strollers...They were in a red two seater stroller and girl was in the back. If I see them out again I will take a picture and post.


j. said...

I'm pretty sure I know who your talking about. I live and work in that area and I see them at the playground pretty often. They all are usually not very attentive and my neighbors nanny has gotten sucked in with them.

Just sucks for the children.

Maricela-Irene said...

Again, parents are hiring these types of nannies in hopes of getting a better rate. But look at what happens to these innocent children? The poor souls are the ones who end up getting lost in all this.

Poor little girl. My heart broke as I pictured what you must have witnessed OP.

J...perhaps you can find out who the little girl's mommy is. She NEEDS to know how her little girl is being treated while she is at work.

Alex said...

that is horrible, J and OP, please try to find out who the parents are. No child deserves this!! Any more description of the nanny and the other kids?

j. said...

I'll see if my boss can put the posting on the neighborhoods list serv. Maybe we can find the mom.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Poor child.
J, that would be great since you live in the area. This mother should definitely hear about this. It pains me to think that this innocent child has to endure such horrific treatment by her incompetent and cold Nanny!!!

AngelNicki said...

The part about the little girl saying, "Mommy, help me!" is heartbreaking!