Chuckie Cheese in Sterling, Va

bad nanny sighting 5
Nanny Hispanic, frizzy hair pulled back in a bun. Slightly over weight. Wearing blue sweater over a black and white top.

Kids: Little girl about 2 wearing white shirt and light green pants. She had light brown hair a little past her shoulders. Little boy about 4 in navy shirt short buzz cut hair.

She was driving a black jeep.

The little girl was riding a horse that was made for older kids and when she tried to get down the nanny ignored her and she almost fell. This horse was very high up. Then when she asked to ride it again the nanny turned her back the whole time not even caring that the horse was too high or too fast for such a young child. Then when the boy was taking a turn on the horse the nanny didn't notice the little girl had run off until she was on the other side of the game area.

Then as we were getting in the car they walked out and the little girl took off running down the side walk towards the busy street. The nanny yelled at her to stop but didn't physically try to stop the child. And then when the little girl fell on the side walk scraping up her chin and knee the nanny just kept walking to the jeep and put the boy in while the girl stumbled and cried by herself back to the car.

It broke my heart to see the little girl ignored like she was. This nanny obviously had no regard for her safety or feelings.

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Maricela-Irene said...

OP, do you know if this nanny spoke any English? Something I am seeing quite familiar with some of these nannies who ignore their charges is that a lot of them are Hispanic. Do you think it's possible that people are hiring "illegal immigrants" to get a low rate? If this is the case, then the parents are not putting their children first.

Now people, before you bash me as a Latin-hatin' racist, let me clarify I am 100% Mexican Baby and proud to be a brownie. Still, if people are hiring illegal immigrants based on the fact that they work for less than fair market rate, these parents should consider what the end result will look like. This post clearly illustrates my point.

The poor little girl. I wonder what excuse the nanny gave to the parents when they asked what happened to their daughter? I am sure they must have noticed her scrapes.

Anyway, good(bad) nanny sighting. I sure hope someone in VA sees this and lets the family know that they have a crappy nanny. :(