a day in the life
By Anonymous Nanny
8:27 AM- Walk into work and am greeted by the mom's voice calling down from upstairs, “Hi, how are you!? We’ll be down in a bit.” She is finishing a workout with her 19 month old who is dancing to some music. She puts the CD on for him pretty much every morning. He loves dancing.

8:45 AM- I have straightened up the kitchen from breakfast, refilled the diaper bag with snacks, drinks, wipes, diapers, and toys. I sit down to read the paper for a few minutes.

8:50 AM- The mom and 19 month old come down stairs, 19 month old greets me with a wave and a “Hi!” the mom and I chat a bit about what is going on during the day and she asks me to stop by the local market to pick up some milk. I say “sure thing,” and the mom heads upstairs to finish getting ready for work.

9:00 AM- 19 month old and I play in the kitchen. He wants a bit more to eat so I give him blueberry sauce. He happily feeds himself and after a few minutes I clean up after him. He then proceeds to find his shoes and his coat and say, in his little baby voice, “going”. I tell him “not yet, you’ve got to get dressed first and say goodbye to your momma.” “Momma,” 19 month old replies and points upstairs.

9:26 AM- The mom comes down stairs, gives a last minute comment or two about 5 year old (who was dropped off at school by the the dad earlier), plops a kiss on 19 month old’s anticipating lips and leaves for work.

9:45 AM- 19 month old is dressed and ready for the day. I put on his shoes and coat (much to his delight) and bring him and the diaper bag out to the stroller. We are ready for a fun morning at the park

9:55 AM- 19 Month old squeals when he sees the park. I take him out of the stroller and let him run the rest of the park path. He giggles as he zooms along. I keep up pace beside him with the stroller. I wave to some moms and nannies that I know as we enter the playground area. 19 month and I start playtime with going down the slides.

10:45 AM- 19 month old is enjoying his apple slices and cheese stick. He has worked up quite an appetite playing on the playground. I am glad to sit down and rest for a sec myself.

11:20 AM- Get 19 month old settled in his stroller with his sippy cup of milk. We leave the park.

11:30 AM- Stop by the market and pick up milk (with the credit card that the mom and dad have in my name for purchases that I make for their family.)

11:42 AM- Back at the house. 19 month old eats some casserole for lunch that his mom made for him earlier in the week. He throws the food around a bit as he feeds himself.

11:55 AM- I wipe his messy face, we go upstairs and after changing his diaper he finds his pacifier (which is almost exclusively for nap time) I put him in his crib and sing him “Tender Shepherd” (from the musical Peter Pan) as he nuzzles his special blanket. I shut the door. He cries for a second but has stopped by he time I get downstairs.

12:15 PM- I am eating my lunch while watching a TV show.

12:45 PM- Tidy kitchen, load and turn on dishwasher.

1:00 PM- Personal phone calls, e-mails, switch/fold laundry. The mom calls and I tell her about the morning.

2:35 PM- Unload dishwashers, pack the diaper bag with snacks and drinks for 5 year old and 19 month old.

2:50 PM- Get 19 month old out of his crib, change his diaper, give him a cuddle and put him in his stroller.

3:17 PM- Arrive at 5 year old’s school for pick up. He grabs my hand and asks me if we are going to the park. I say “Yep,” and we walk to the park.

3:45 PM- Lots of 5 year old’s friends are at the park and are playing some version of tag/monster chase. 19 month old is going down the slide and playing with me on the playground.

3:58 PM- Remind 5 year old not to use potty talk.

4:12 PM- Try to prevent 19 month old from falling on his face as he runs down one of the hills at the park, thankfully I am successful.

4:30 PM- I chat with one of my nanny friends, 19 month old and 5 year old are eating some snack.

4:40 PM- I chase 5 year old around the park with his friends, 19 month old following in hot pursuit.

4:55 PM- Pack up our stuff, place 19 month old, who is crying because he wants to play more, in his stroller. 5 year old says goodbye to his friends

4:58 PM- 19 month old has stopped crying as we walk home.

5:23 PM- Arrive back at the house, put away diaper bag, encourage 5 year old to put his coat, shoes and lunch box away properly.

5:32 PM- The kids' mom and dad come home. Happy chaos ensues as 5 year old and 19 month old vie for their hugs and attention.

5:36 PM- After telling them about our day I say “Have a great evening, see you tomorrow.” “Thank you,” the dad says to me. 5 year old gives me a high five and 19 month old is cozy in his Dad’s arms and says “Bye, bye,” with a little wave. Out the door, on my way home.


Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

This sounds like a typical day for me...except I only have one charge.

OP, it sounds like you have a great job. Both parents work outside of the home (which believe me, makes the job much easier!!) and they seem pretty friendly and easy-going. It's nice that they communicate in such an effective manner with you and I like how the father tells you, "Thank You" at the end of the day. I absolutely love hearing those two words as I leave the house after a long day, just hearing the parents utter those words makes me feel accomplished as I head home.
Lucky you for the child taking a three hour nap! I currently watch a child of similar age, and he does not nap at all. I get no downtime so I basically eat my lunch w/him and use the restroom w/the door open. TMI, I know, but you understand what I mean. I wish I could have some downtime so I could make phone calls, have a peaceful lunch, check my e-mail, catch up on the local news and/or finish up my homework, but I guess it is not meant to be. I love my job and my charge is such a doll...however if I had a three -hour free time slot every day, I think my job (and life) would be much more productive and enjoyable.

Your job sounds good and I just had a quick question. Where did you find this job at? The reason I am asking is because my current charge will be starting pre-school soon and I will soon be back at square one in search of a new position. I would love to find a similar job such as the one you have. I really like the dynamics and would like to know how you met them.

Thanks for sharing OP. Was fun to read.

Ms.Nanny said...

From OP:

Just My Two Cents Just Now,

Thanks for your comment.

I feel very blessed in my current job, the parents and the children are absolutely wonderful.

I am sorry that you will be starting a job hunt again in the next little while. I was referred to the family I currently nanny for through a long time friend. I did not go through an agency or anything like that. though there are great agencies in the city where I work. If you are interested I would be happy to discuss this with you further. Feel free to contact me at I would love to help in any way that I can.



Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Ms. Nanny, thank you for the response. I will be in contact. :)