Hathaway Park in San Jose, CA

good nanny sighting Good Nanny Sighting....March 9...Hathaway Park in San Jose, CA. Your little boy, Colton, has a great nanny! They were having a great time playing together at the park...she was fully engaged and interacting with him the entire time she was at the park, and when he needed a little guidance, she was firm but kind in redirecting his actions. They look like they have a lot of fun together.


Good Nanny Too.... said...

This sounds like me, but I am located a little down south from there. I wish someone would post a good nanny sighting about me. :)

sharon said...

i will post a good comment about you right now - thank you for caring enough about kids to read this blog and comment - I'll bet your charges parents know how great you are !!

Good Nanny Too.... said...

Thank you Sharon..likewise. Yes, I am sure the parents know how much I love their child. At least I hope so. :) horrific. People don't know how to drive. Esp. around children. :(