IKEA - Houston - Good Nanny!

Received Thursday, January 20, 2011
nanny sighting 7 At the IKEA Houston store, chatted with the clown who said their childrens program attracts many nannies every week and the clown said all the nannies are good with the kids, joining in the activities - i was happy to see this take place.

I told this nanny she was a good nanny and about this site and got permission to send in the pic - the nanny's name is Maria, the kids are L., J., and C., the clown is" Jiggles." In one pic they are all dancing, at another point the nanny and clown helped the kids make a big flower balloon which they then promptly presented to the nanny. Just to make sure i was not being tricked i whispered to the kids " Do you like your nanny? All three said, "yes!"

Comforting to know there are some Nice Nanny Hot Spots!
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Anonymous said...

I know your intentions were in the right place, but I have to say-if someone asked to take my picture while I was on the job, or even worse, asked my charges (in front of me or otherwise) if they liked me? I would be livid.

A compliment to the nanny would suffice. If you know the parents she works for, you can tell them privately. This kind of makes her look pitiful. I really dislike the picture taking.

Again, good intentions. Bad delivery. At least that's how I feel, as someone who has been where she is.


Anonymous said...

I guess this "I told this nanny she was a good nanny" is what bothers me.

A good nanny knows she is a good nanny. An outsider doesn't know that. Especially not from viewing her interactions/ethics IN PUBLIC for any length of time. Given that you were at IKEA, I'm guessing you couldn't have witnessed her demeanor for more than several minutes?

I'm sure she is a good nanny. But what is it with society that you people think you have to be the "nanny police"? I get intervening if someone is being inappropriate, negligent, or what have you. But stepping in to say "I think you're a good nanny"? Really?

I don't generally go around saying "I think you're a good bank teller/lawyer/cashier/teacher/construction worker/CEO. Can I take your picture?"

WEIRD. Sorry. But if she was doing a great job, that's all you have to be concerned with. Again, a compliment would suffice.


Great siting, OP! said...


I have to disagree with you. I would be flattered if I was this nanny. She was ASKED if a picture could be taken, and she was complimented. I also do not think OP was in any way meaning to be offensive when she asked the children that. I mean, I ask my daughter all the time: "Do you love mommy?" or "do you love auntie?" just so she can say "Yes!" and I can hear that joy in her voice.

Great siting, OP! I love this post!

Anonymous said...

OP here ( I am sharon,my password is not working)
I have alot of respect for ISYN - sometimes i laugh at what's written, sometimes my heart breaks - so it was exciting to see a group of nannies having fun with the kids - i met about 4 in a 45 minute period, all smiling, hugging the kids etc,they were eveidently regulars - it made me happy, i immediately thought of ISYN and thought "gotta get a pic of the good nannies"

i feel i did use discernment - i asked permission, and it was happily given - the kids are precocious and wanted to make sure i got their names right - i hope i did LOL

And - a fine time was had by all LOL!!!

TC said...

Glad to see there are good nannies out there, especially HERE in my hometown

Thanks op, I had NO CLUE Ikea did this, granted we live in Sugar Land, too far away to go often, but we can still go occasionally to give us something new to do.

Anonymous said...

She was a stranger to these children, and she asked "do you LIKE your nanny?". Was that really any of her business?

I have nothing to hide when I'm out with my charges. Compliments are great, but I know regardless of getting them or not, that I have nothing to hide, and that I'm doing good by my charges.

Parents are generally pretty in tune with their nannies/how their children respond to their nanny. Yes, some awful nannies slip under the radar. But what good does posting her picture do?

It just seems like everyone expects awful behavior from nannies. In a field that demands a lot, and pays little, it's insulting. To have strangers rate your performance.

I would have said "NO" to the picture thing, and I am still really bothered that you asked the kids if they liked their nanny. That was NONE of your business. NONE.

Would you enjoy strangers asking your children (sneakily at that) if they "like" you?

I appreciate dedicated, engaged nannies just like the rest of the world, but leave it between the nanny and the parents. Unless something is going wrong or seems "off".

That's my 15 cents.


Anonymous said...

Op again

kelly - i understand that you are a very good nanny and very cautious and conservative, and careful socially which is very wise and i commend you.

the venue i took the pictures in is a socially family friendly store where acquaitances congregate - we were all chatting and having fun - not a stranger in a raincoat snapping surreptitious pics ;0) LOL

Also - think of the blog you have come to - this blog is very successful and the WHOLE PURPOSE of this blog is to comment/take pics/interact with ( drum roll,please) - nannies, good and not good.

If that process is upsetting to you, you may want to avoid this blog ;0)

As for telling her she was a good nanny - i loved it when people said i was good with the kids when i was a nanny

as for asking the kids if they liked their nanny - in my post i was using satire and facetiousness - the whisper was a pretend whisper right in front of their nanny - who smiled big at the accolades of the kids -i apologize that my silly sense of humor was offensive ;0)

i will make you a promise - if i am ever in the same vincinity as yourself i will make no comments, take no pics, and i will stay out of your hair and let you do your very good job with your charges

i hope we are good ! best wishes!

another nanny said...

Not a criticism of OP, but just sayin' I would never let a stranger take a picture of my charges without explicit permission of the parents. Like we used to go to kids' places where they would take pictures for their promotional materials, and I always told them no pics of my charges.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't implying that I was perfect. No one is. But I'm confident that parents are capable of using their own discretion regarding what nanny they hire, and how that person is doing in their job.

I should avoid the blog because I think what you did was audacious and off-putting? That makes no sense.

No sense like... posting pictures of someone else's children, along with THEIR NAMES and the name/ location of this store they frequent often. On a public blog. For all (good and bad) to see.

"Mind your own business" comes to mind. If the parents of these children see this, whose to say they will find it cute or heart-warming? You are a stranger. Who has posted the pictures and names of their children on a public site.


Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

As a nanny, I would be very wary of someone asking if they can take pictures of my charges, whether that person was well dressed or wearing rags, whether that person seemed well-spoken or was slurring thier words, whether that person seemed "normal" or "weird".

Why? Because there is no guarantee that those pictures would end up where the photographer claimed they would. And I bet you didn't assure the nanny/nannies that ISYN would blur the kids faces, or inform her that her name and the kids names would be published on a blog that, by the very nature of its subject matter, might be attractive to various levels of perverts.

So congrats OP, you've just told anyone with ill intentions exactly where to find those kids, and offered up a general description as well!

And just FYI, photoshop can take a piece of a picture and slap it into a completely unrelated photo and then distribute that reconstruction as the "true" picture. It's a fave tool for modern child predators, and another reason no stranger would be allowed to take a picture of my charges, no matter how much that stranger flattered me.

And yes, I am sure you aren't a pervert, and yes, the pics posted are nice and blurry, but the point still stands. If Nanny let you snap a picture, she might do it again for someone with a better camera and a desire to do harm in some way.

Am I a little paranoid? Yep, probably, but ultimately I think my charges are better off for it.

Anonymous said...

op again

Paranoia is perfectly fine - you are only paranoid if they are NOT out to get you!

And i greatly commend everyone on here who is very cautious,very circumspect, and healthily (did i spell that right?) paranoid ;0)

It's good to be strict and cautious but - it's also good to HAVE FUN !

I appreciate everyone's view and i think we are all reasonable and discerning professionals.

Sometimes more than one point of view can be right or reasonable - i stand by my view that it was very fun to post a pic of a good nanny and kids clowning around - literally!

every point of view is reasonable and should be considered !

Really? said...

I'm really not so sure why this nanny is getting so much praise from the OP. I mean, isn't she meant to do that kind of thing? Interacting with her charges is her job. I know this sighting is in contrast to the bad ones that are posted on this site, but really she is only doing what she ought to be doing.Is it worth posting her picture up for that reason? Great if it was from an appreciative employer, but the OP is just a stranger whose opinion has no meaning.

Next time I am in a restaurant, I will be sure to take a picture of my server, when they brings me my food. They'll deserve such praise for actually doing what they're paid to do.

Nanny who hates her salary..LOL said...

I think the only reason the nanny agreed to let her picture be taken and then posted on this site is so that she can forward the link to her bosses and get her raise.
I would take full advantage of the opportunity if I was approached.

Anonymous said...

OP here

horsenose!! ( a term my mother invented for a recalcitrant horse)

All the people were havin FUN - and - none of the names have been changed - because evrybody was innocent! (ironic sense of humor lol)

very very interesting feedback-to re-iterate-

for a long time i have greatly appreciate this blog - the nature of which - you get sightings of professionals and descriptions that are illuminating - sometimes postive,sometimes negative,sometimes on the fence !

i saw something funny and fun re:nannies - and i jumped on it based on knowledge of this sight - i thought it would be cool to send my pics and observations ;0)

again, i 100% apologize to anyone i offended - i just meant to give a positive,funny and entertaining view - based on being a bigtime fan of this site

apologize again ;0)

Marypoppin'pills said...

I certainly appreciate your thick skin, I had no clue you would receive such negative feedback.

So often we post sightings of bad Nannies... it's really nice to have a good sighting for a change. Most here would be lying if they didn't admit that a pat on the back isn't appreciated sometimes.

Time and again we hear that Nannies get a bad rap. So to the OP, I see nothing wrong with what you did. I am sure the parents will see this and if they write in asking to have it removed, we would be more than happy to do so.

N is for Nanny said...

While I am glad to see a positive nanny siting, I agree that there is way too much personal info up about the kids. Pictures AND names AND when/where to find them? If the OP wanted to go beyond complimenting the nanny personally, which is more than ample and nice, I think the siting would have been fine without the pictures - hypothetically the parents know the name of their nanny and kids and that they go to Ikea. I know that I have had contracts that specifically state I am not to put pictures of the children online - facebook, blogs, etc. - nor grant permission to other to take/post/print images of my charge(s).

I feel differently about pictures of children being mistreated as those are posted in an effort to help/protect the children. This picture, with all of the other details, only helps the nanny - and possibly at the detriment of the children, which is generally not a sign of a good nanny.

N is for Nanny said...

Sorry - forgot to add:
I do compliment people who I think do good work. I fill out comment cards at stores and write letters. I know that some places (often stores) reward their employees with gift cards for positive feedback and also suspect that it's something that might get taken into consideration for future employment and promotion. I don't do that for service at expectation, but I do when I am wow'ed. OP was wow'ed by this nanny and responded as such.

Nanny Rachel said...

I think that the OP had really good intentions. I too get frustrated that there are so many great nannies, yet nannies get such a bad rap.
However, I think the fact that this nanny let the children be photographed and questioned by a perfect stranger is extremely irresponsible, niave, and concerning. If I were the parents, I would be very upset. As other posters have said- it is not safe to disclose so much information about the children to a stranger! While it seems that the frustration is being taken out on the OP, it really is about the nanny and her choice to let someone question her charges and take their picture. Safety of her charges should be her #1 priority..and while I am sure that she is a good nanny, she really dropped the ball in this situation.
It makes you wonder why she would do this or not think of what a possible outcome could be for letting someone take their picture and information. Is it a lack of praise in her job? I think that a lot of nannies might have done the same, not necessarily to be neglectful of their charges, but maybe because they were clouded by the need to be appreciated and recognized in a job that is so demanding but often not appreciated.

Anonymous said...

op here again i apologize for not making something clear - i am an independant contractor of the store so i work there off and on so i am not a perfect stranger, i am part of the store community. I was questioning the entertainer about the new kids program and she told me about the wonderful nannies that participate in it. This is a weekly event with many people there in the store that see each other from time to time

the store is also very very safe for children with numerous security measures in place

i appreciate MPP and her observation - i am now going to be a little bit more - well,upfront to all the negative comments - i've been thinking about it and you guys are not going to like my conclusion - but - here goes-

This is a blog called - I SAW YOUR NANNY - this is the blog we are on right now
MPP and jane doe in their instructions encourage people to say where the sighting took place, any and all info that will identify the nanny and kids - names location pictures - everything! That is what this blog is here for

so here is what i am considering - why would all the posters be flaming me for simply following the instructions of the blogs owner in good faith?

here it comes - drum roll- I think some not all of the nannies who post here are ambivalent about this blog - if the subject is helping another nanny understand how to stand up for herself, learn about money or rightly vent feelings of frustration,or get needed advice - then that is ok....

but -- there are many nannies,not all, who have a big problem with the idea that people are watching them do their job, commenting on it and taking pictures - and in this case some of you are couching that dislike of scrutiny passive aggressively by making it sound like i have personally made these kids objects of danger by reporting a sighting at a very safe store with blurry pics on a very safe and responsible blog - i think these comments may be hiding some not all nanny's distaste/fear of scrutiny - and actually i can unserstand that!

i was just this moment debating in my mind - would i ever post a sighting again? And at first i was thinking "no"
But then again, i might!

A note to any other OP who might post a nanny sighting - don't let the flamers get you down! The name of the blog - all together now! - I SAW YOUR NANNY (.com)

ps - we all the the right to an opinion!

Anonymous said...

We do all have the right to an opinion, but do we have a right to post the name, picture and location of someone else's children on the internet? Someone we have never met?

A good nanny sighting would have been fine. A description would have been fine. But there is too much assumed here, and too much info. giver here that could potentially be used for bad.


Marypoppin'pills said...

If I had one complaint about ISYN it would be the hard time some of the readers give the OP's around here. And I am not speaking directly to anyone in this thread... I just see that the OP may be feeling a bit flamed and I am relieved that she won't let this prevent her from submitting other sightings.

I will admit to second guessing what I have allowed to be published. OP's can send in all of the information they like but I am the last stop, so to speak, and what goes on this Blog is at my discretion. For those that have been offended, I apologize... but I do hope we can at least appreciate what the OP was trying to do here.

I have edited the childrens names and I hope that will appease everyone. My concern is for them, first and foremost.

MissMannah said...

OP, I don't think you're getting the point. You said:

"MPP and jane doe in their instructions encourage people to say where the sighting took place, any and all info that will identify the nanny and kids - names location pictures - everything! That is what this blog is here for"

Yes, that is true, but those instructions are for people sending in BAD nanny sightings. I think when dealing with a bad nanny, it is imperative someone (if not the parents, someone the family knows) identifies the nanny and/or children as soon as possible so the problem can be dealt with. But even in a bad nanny situation, I feel it is still inappropriate to post identifying pictures of the children. In this case, there was absolutely no need to take pictures or call the children by name. You already said that you're a fan of this blog and were excited to have something (I suspect anything) to post. Seems to me you just wanted a little bit of attention, and you sure got it.

Anonymous said...

op here ;) Miss mannah, what you've just said is not true "looking for anything to post to get attention" - but your flame is very interesting to me and i will explain why--
1. the idea that porn people are going to peruse a child activist blog to abscond with blurry pics is- a red herring

2. the idea that pervs are going to stalk a furniture store known for safety and security measures and also child activism under the watchful eye of nannies and clowns lol etc is also - a red herring

so - what is the REAL reason for the hostile ad hominem attacks against myself, the good nanny and indirectly - mpp- one of the most responsible and discerning blog editors i have ever seen causing her to doubt herself?

here is my guess based on numerous complaints i have read from non nannies over the years -

This site used to be - it has slowly changed to

in other words it's now a blog for nannies to give advice to each other( which is fine - i enjoy those posts as i used to be a nanny) You guys even flame that writer - rebecca LOL. About the only time you don't flame the OP is when it's a nanny ranting or asking advice about money.

many of you guys absolutely flame the OPs when it's any kind of sighting at all - attacking the ops character, making false accusations etc - making it so that, yeah, the blog may go periods of time without new material.

miss mannah just attacked me cause i like the blog! LOL geez louise!

so miss mannah - i have a query for you

there is no question that the hostile attacks upon the OPs inhibit many people from posting at all let alone nanny sightings as the blog was set up to do - you see them comment to that effect - in the past i did not fully understand that complaint but now i do

Are these hostile attacks against the ops and consequently the blog itself a result of a grass roots encompassing kind of negative emotional reaction of primarily nannies to a blog which scrutizes them?

Or- are the hostile attacks a very specific campaign by specific people to reduce if not completely get rid of Ops being willing to post nanny sightings to avoid the hostile attacks?

in any case - i will give my view as an op who has been flamed - the part of the experience that is going to affect my willingness to post again is that - inadvertantly - not understanding the caliber and orientation of many of the commentators - i am afraid i have done a disservice to maria the good nanny - i threw the poor woman into a lions den of hostility for doing a good job - instead of the accolades she deserves she is receiving very unfair attacks against her character and professionalism for doing a good job! To quote hamlet - "something is wrong in denmark"

I really believe these attacks not just upon myself are due to hostility towards the blog - which is sad! i do like the blog! ;)

Now excuse me while i go buy my " I survived the 2011 nanny attack t-shirt"

Anonymous said...

Speaking only for myself, I don't dislike this site. Not by any means. I don't want or need it to go away. Like I said before, I have nothing to hide as a nanny. I don't put on a show for other people (parents in particular) when I'm out and about.

The problem is that this field of work is already met with a lot of cynicism and doubt. It seems like people want to doubt the motivations and intentions of all nannies.

Posts like this seem audacious to me, as someone who works really hard to be good at what I do, and to provide top notch care to my charges. Who is a stranger to tell me how I'm doing? Why do they care how I'm doing? Why do they feel the right to rate my performance, or even evaluate it?

It's a hard line of work. Most nannies (I would guess) have honest intentions. But to be met by critics and people who want to "keep tabs" on us? It's offensive, it makes us put guards up, and it is offensive.

I don't go to the hospital and say "Thank God, Doctor! I was worried you were trying to kill me, or scam me out of money, but you're okay in my book!". Why are people so suspicious of nannies? And watchful of them?

Just because we work in public doesn't mean the public has a right to evaluate our work. Or intentions. Would you mind if I stepped into your work zone (or your home), and decided all by myself, as a stranger, that I had a right to judge how I thought you were doing? Going off of a very short glimpse of reality?


Anonymous said...

op here - yep,there is the crux - words to the effect - " i do not dislike this site but it's offensive and audacious for anyone to 'keep tabs' on nannies"

i am not completely sure but i think reasoning like that is called an "oxymoron" ;)

Anonymous said...

And again, the weird part is posting a picture of a "good" nanny. And the names, faces and location of her charges.

Not liking one post doesn't mean I dislike this site.

It seems fair to say that 90%+ of the content on ISYN involves issues nannies are having/people are having with their nannies. It's a great place to exchange thoughts and information.

You are quite snide. What line of work are you in now? I might want to investigate your performance, and then post my findings along with your name, image and potentially exploitable info.

Please and thanks. Seriously though. Your attitude is alarming. I tried to tell you why I like this site/didn't like your post, and you insult me.



Anonymous said...

kellie -LOL

If i called you a snide porn encouraging child endangering perv informing unprofessional - that would be insulting you

pointing out that your statement -that you support a blog of which the premise and reason for being is "audacious and offensive" to you - is an oxymoron is making gentle fun of you, there is a difference

oxymorons are very popular and effective literary and writing devices utilizing contradictory terms-they open a window into the human condition - you sell yourself short by saying i insulted you!

An example of an oxymoron is as follows - from Tennyson's IDYLLS OF THE KING - " And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true"

I have no doubt that despite your accusations against me you are a good person and a very good nanny

i shall now write an oxymoron in your honor---- ahem---


" Turn a blind eye to the benevolent despots with blurry vision!

With wimpy courage i exhort you to brave the balanced insanity and go noisily quietly into the bright night that is the oxymoronic theatre of -

bland spice will result in a calm storm and the rewards will be beyond infinity ! "

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

OP, are you planning to go back and find this nanny and tell her about the reception your post received? Because unless you do that, or unless she is already a reader of the blog, she will never know that she was dragged by you "into a lions den of hostility for doing a good job", will she?

As for your insistance that those who didn't like your post are attacking you, I will admit that my post was less than friendly, but I was pretty annoyed at your actions. I do appologize for attacking you though, when it was your actions I had to take issue with.

And with regard to the "attacks" on people who post bad nanny sightings, I personally find some of the sightings to be either questionably offensive or rather poorly presented and not likely to help anyone recognize the "Bad Nanny". I am, frankly, all in favor of posting about crappy nannies, because I take great pride in my professiona and dislike it when "nannies" who aren't worth spit make me look bad.

BeccaJo said...

ok, my two cents.... I am not a nanny, however I am a mom of 5 and I have attended several events at Ikea with this same group. Anytime they have ever taken pictures, they always ASK first, and I have to say they are incredible with the children! Also, anytime I have EVER taken my kids to an event as public as this one, it is not uncommon to have pictures taken. So my question is should we all be paranoid and wonder are they going to turn my child's picture into porn? The answer is a definate NO!

I can understand the apprehension at posting kids pictures, however can you really tell what these kids look like?? NO! So please get off your high horse and take the compliment for what it was... just a compliment!!

Anonymous said...

op again - becca makes an interesting point i did not think of - this store is a very high profile venue with lot's of picture taking from numerous sources - i have seen that too. It's like taking your kids to the auto show or an amusement park - you might get your pic taken.

miss mannah - i accept your apology - honest to heaven - alls i expected when posting this nanny sighting is for 3 or 4 people to maybe say - oh, how cute, how nice.
How could i have known that this posting would get such a hostile reaction from the nannies? I have been reading this blog for 3 years and many people post good nanny sightings. i think mine might be the first good nanny sighting with a picture - so how was i to know this was forbidden by the nannies?

Now any potential OP will have fair warning that the nannies on the sight forbid any identifying info whatsoever for a good nanny sighting

it should go like this:

" on wednesday i saw a very good nanny" - the end

so - let me ask you this?

i read this blog because i am a child activist - and i find the stories/advice etc interesting. I am actually entertained by this blog.

The more details including pictures in any posting makes it more interesting to me and consequently i will spend more time on the blog if i see interesting posts - if a post is boring i go to another blog

So - it is my opinion that - within reason-with the very effective discernment of mpp and jane doe - that if a poster has a pic to offer or more details to offer to make a post interesting - they should be allowed to without ad hominem attacks on all the participants

we have actually established that my actions and the actions of the nanny were not in fact dangerous to the children - where the hostility is coming from is a very emotional pathology from some nannies who feel persecuted by societies images and scrutiny - which absolutely can be unfair

and you know - i feel very badly about that - kellie wrote something indicating she may have been scrutinized unfairly - and you just made the point that you are very conscientious and offended by bad nannies because it reflects on everybody

i feel very badly for any nanny that has been mistreated unfairly-i can see some of us have been hurt

but - there are blogs judging every profession - i have numerous faves based on my past jobs - pizza delivery,foodserving,restaurants and many more

if we do like isawyournanny - should we throw the baby out with the bath water and make it a boring blog with no details and pics?

to quote john adams in "1776 " re:the declaration of independance when all the congressmen were trying to delete most of it -
"Will we whip it and beat it till we break it's spirit?"

The Age of Scrutiny is upon us - we cannot fight it - let's not break the spirit of this blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi OP,

I have a Bachelor's in English. Explaining to me what an oxy-moron is is not necessary.

This conversation has turned from angry, to silly, to irrelevant. I've said my piece.

Better luck in future sightings.


Anonymous said...

good luck to you also kelly - sillyness, anger, and irrevelance aside - best wishes to you and your charges

miami mommy said...

To Kellie,

"I have a Bachelor's in English."
"I've said my piece."

You had to know that someone wouldn't let that one go, right? If not for your arrogant attitude, they might have.

To the OP,

Keep writing, you have a real talent!

Anonymous said...

op here ---...awww, garsh! (psst- here's the $5 we agreed on!)

i am not a writer but always got good grades for writing - i mean writing well!

Anonymous said...

miami mommy,

Not sure what you're talking about? Did you forget to capitalize a few words? Just curious.


Anonymous said...

Really, miami, your attack on my grammar is funny.

Did you catch these blunders?

"alls i expected when posting this nanny sighting"

"this store is a very high profile venue with lot's of picture taking from numerous sources"

"I've said my piece" and "I've said my peace" are not one in the same. Please do research the different schools of thought regarding which is appropriate for use in this circumstance.

You're an idiot.


miami mommy said...

I wasn't after the OP, I was after you! They weren't being arrogant and nasty.

And what letters did I forget to capitalize? Take your time now, ok?

And don't try to get out of the "piece/peace" faux pas, you messed up, just admit it!

miami mommy said...

"I have a Bachelor's in English. Explaining to me what an oxy-moron is is not necessary.

This conversation has turned from angry, to silly, to irrelevant. I've said my piece.

Better luck in future sightings."


Your comment pertains to thought and emotion: using the word "peace" would be more accurate here.

Nice try, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, your name reads "miami mommy". I'm not sure if I need to expand on that?

I looked into the correct usage of the phrase before I used it. Here's what I read:

To "say your peace" means to say that which will satisfy some important issue or at least satisfy the need to let it be known.

To "say your piece" means simply to say "that thing you want to say" and it could be as simplistic as that.

I said "that thing you (I) want(ed) to say", and that was that.



miami mommy said...


You had to look it up before you used it?

Well, you chose the wrong one.


Anonymous said...

So that read "na na na na boo boo" from what I could gather.


I sure did look it up. I doubted myself when I went to type it out, and wanted to make sure I used the right variation.

I'm not super human. Perhaps you are?

Just a refresher...

To "say your peace" means to say that which will satisfy some important issue or at least satisfy the need to let it be known

I did not satisfy an important issue. What I did, was say what I was thinking. Which was my 'piece'.

Hope that ends your confusion. Have a great day, and be well Miami Mommy.


sharon said...

miami mommy - thank you for your support of this blog - promise me that you will not let kellie scare you away!
kellie is a hoot! an absolute hoot ! And i certainly hope she keeps posting also! Kellie is a hoot! LOL

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

I was planning to hold my PEACE and not comment about the bizzarro world grammar wars, but I can no longer stand the insanity, and am here to say my PIECE.

Althopugh I do try to remain a source of PEACE here, occasionally I must offer a PIECE of my mind, and now is one of those times.

The ad hominem attacks over misuse of homonyms breaks my heart, and I feel obligated to put the brakes on this discussion.

To make my point clear, miami mommy was wrong first, and kellie was wrong next. There is no such saying as "say my peace". Writing that makes you appear uneducated. You may hold your peace, or you can hold a piece. You may say your piece, or you may make peace with your enemies.

For your PEACE of mind, here are links to the definitions of both words.

Try substituting a synonym for each word in the disputed phrase.

I must say my PIECE = I must say my PART - And both sentences make sense!

I must say my PEACE = I must say my CALM - And neither sentence makes sense!

I am now hopping off my grammarian soapbox, and, having spoken my piece, I will seek out a place of peace where I can become calm once more.

Anonymous said...

op here - tales from the nanny hood - i may assume i may quote you on all that !! (very good!)

Anonymous said...

Is ISYN moderated, or did my comment just never post?


I get what you were going for, but you came off as arrogant in your response. Please think before calling someone 'uneducated'-especially when you use the word "Althopugh".

There are nice ways to say just about everything under the sun. Your Mother Hen approach would be better suited for your charges. ;)

I'm 25 years old. Your definitions of 'piece' and 'peace' are offensive. Save the snark for someone else.



Marypoppin'pills said...

Threads older than 10 days are moderated to cut down on the amount of spam we have to go through.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Kellie, thanks for pointing out the typo! Guess I should have proofread a bit better, eh?

ALTHOUGH you feel insulted, I think what I said was that your errors made you "appear uneducated". I didn't call you uneducated at all.

And what about "my" (i.e., the definitions was offensive? Please say your piece!!

Anonymous said...

I can respect that. I am done with this thread now! :)


sharon said...

i for one will miss kellie!...sniffle ;)

Anonymous said...

Kellie was absolutely correct throughout this entire thread, including "saying her PIECE".


Aries said...

I no I am a wee bit late but Kellie please stop embarressing yourself. And 'Kap' I get the feeling you are 'Kellie' trying to get the last word in. Pathetic lol.

Goodjob OP, nice post.