Southridge Recreation Center, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Received Thursday, December 9, 2010
nanny sighting 7 GOOD nanny sighting!
Where: Southridge Recreation Center, Highlands Ranch, Colorado (pool)
When: Saturday, December 4 (12:00-3:30-ish)
Nanny: White female, early twenties, light brown hair, about 5'7", slightly overweight, wearing a purple swimsuit top and black bottoms. I think she had hazel or brown eyes. She had VERY pale skin.
Children (siblings): Girl, about 10, medium brown hair, tall, brown eyes
Boy, about 6, medium brown hair, green eyes
Boy, about 4, dark blond hair, green eyes

This nanny was awesome! So often do I see nannies come to the pool and sit on the edge while their charges play, completely ignoring them. But this lady completely devoted herself to the kids, playing with them in the kiddie pool, going down the slide with the youngest, etc. She helped the boys put on life jackets (which are offered at the pool free of charge) and made sure they had the correct sizes for their weight. She allowed the girl to go into the activity pool by herself since she was old enough, but she always stayed with the boys and checked with the little girl often. She threw toys in the water and congratulated the kids when they went to the bottom to get them.

This lady obviously really cares about her charges. Although the girl wasn't with them much (I think she saw friends and went to swim with them), the kids adore the nanny too. This was very refreshing to see. Her energy and upbeat attitude was fantastic!


Happy Nanny who loves what she does said...

So happy to see the great ones for a change.

yay! said...

Great siting! Glad to see this! :)

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I LOVE to see good nanny sightings on here. Lucky family who employs this Nanny.
I hope the family or someone who knows them sees this and comments. She deserves a gold star..or at least a nice raise/bonus.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said... come good nanny sightings get hardly any comments???? Hmmm....

Nanny nanny bo banny said...

I think this is great and im glad someone reported a good sighting. but she was just doing her job, hence why theres no reason for lots of people to comment. Her behavior is what all nannies should be doing. oh, i noticed she is a female in her early twenties...glad she is serving as a good example for us nannies in that age category. (in reference to a previous discussion about silly moms who are just looking to hire cheap (old, foreign) labor.