Carl Schurz Park on UES - NYC

Received Friday, December 3, 2010
nanny sighting 7
When: Tuesday, 11/30 around 11AM
Where: NYC - Carl Schurz Park on UES
Child: girl I think, probably less than 1 year, wearing light blue coat and white hat
Nanny: AA woman, 40's or 50's, wearing red puffy jacket, striped pants, and a black hat
Incident: Nanny was yelling at this small child to play on the slide/climbing area. The baby clearly did not want to play there, threw herself on the floor and had a tantrum. Now, I have a toddler, and this itself is not abnormal behavior for a toddler but what bothered me was the nanny's reaction. She crossed her arms and turned away from the baby while she screamed. The nanny then yelled at her, telling her to get up and keep climbing. Not once did I see the nanny actually help or touch the baby in any way. The baby must have cried on the floor for 10 minutes. Now, my LO was a late walker and we had to spend lots of time encouraging our baby to get up and exercise, but there was no positive encouragement here. Only, a mean, nasty and cold nanny.
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Marypoppin'pills said...

To The OP,
My apologies for the late Post. I had so many e-mails it somehow got lost in the shuffle.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

This is mean, plain & simple. Sometimes, no a lot of times actually my charges are not very interested in the type of activities I have planned for them whether it be playing at the playground or visiting the local zoo/aquarium, etc. I try to encourage something, but if they are not interested I NEVER force them. We just leave and do something else. This Nanny is clearly a control freak and it's her way or the highway!!! And her impatience is so self-serving!!
How dare she treat a young child in such a manner. They should have plain-clothes Nanny Police at the park and report this mean Nanny!!!!
PLEASE, PLEASE..someone in the area..I hope you recognize this Nanny/child and tell the parents. People with this type of personality should not be Nannies..period.

StellasNanny said...

I have taken care of a few kiddos who have became angrier when I try to positively encourage them to try new things. Some kids just need 10 minutes or so to adjust and observe without Nanny talking in their ear. They can decide on their own if they like things or not.
This Nanny sounds very impatient! She should have remained silent with the baby. Folding her arms and ignoring the baby during a tantrum IS the right thing to do......but this Nanny totally CAUSED the tantrum with her harsh tone!

abc said...

Raise your hand if you usually expect babies UNDER A YEAR OLD to follow directions. Raise your hand if you think yelling makes a child feel playful. The only thing I find more ridiculous than that is when I see people yelling at kids to "stop crying." People like this nanny have no common sense, let alone any knowledge of child development.

BestNanny said...

Children are not that special. Sometimes, they need to do what they are told and that is it. Plain and simple. If they take a tantrum, oh well. They will get over it or be punished appropriately.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Best Nanny, I do not believe in accommodating every single need of a child. This only leads to a future generation of self-entitled people. Ugh!
BUT this child was less than a year and he was being punished for something that he shouldn't be forced to do. If a child won't eat, let you change his/her diaper, and/or sleep or take a bath, yes..those issues must be forced since they are necessary..but it wasn't necessary for this child to do this particular thing. I think the Nanny involved was saying it is my way or the highway. She clearly was in the wrong and needed to be more patient and compassionate with her charge.

BestNanny said...

But how do you know it wasn't the same behavior with the play-doh, the stuffed animals, the coloring, whatever, before the park? Where is the line drawn? Maybe this child's objective was to sit in front of the TV, and would throw a tantrum at any other activity introduced. Who knows? Not acceptable, in my book. There has to be a last straw.

I appreciate your thoughtful response, however. You're clearly very respectful, thank you.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

BestNanny...thank you. I ALWAYS try to be respectful in my posts. It's hard sometimes, but I believe that we ALL have a right to our opinions even if our opinions differ. That is what makes this website as colorful as it is. If we all agreed on everything on here, it would be so boring to one would bother to go on.
But anyways, to think this child did this with the playdoh, stuffed animals, etc..would be an assumption and I would take this sighting at face value and not assume anything. I think this nanny was mean. Plain & simple. Mean.

MissMannah said...

"BestNanny" are you seriously telling me you would punish a child who is under a year old for throwing a tantrum because she doesn't want to go play on the playground? I think you should probably clarify that statement or else change your moniker to "WorstNanny."

PS: A baby that age isn't likely to have an "objective." I'm willing to bet this little girl was probably tired, overstimulated or which case, punishment would be the worst possible solution.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how a baby this small could be expected to play on the playground alone! The yelling and mean behavior from the nanny is terrible, but beyond that, why was she not helping and playing with the baby? Even for babies who learn to walk before a year, they are still just babies! And was the play equipment age appropriate? Was she in any danger of falling? This is just horrible.

DCnanny said...

How does the poster even really know the child was under 1?
My charge is tiny, 15 months, and looks 11-12 months old