Insurance Woes

Monday, November 1, 2010
Opinion 4 I've been with my current family for over a year and recently started driving their child around Boston in my car one day a week. I'm going to start driving him daily in the winter and had a few questions about car insurance.

Do I need to get extra insurance to protect the child and myself incase of an accident?

Can the parents sue me if an accident happens that isn't my fault?

Should they be helping me pay my insurance?

How do live out nannies handle car insurance and accidents, when their employer doesn't offer them a car?


Barb said...

With my first family, I drove their kids all over the world and in 7 years was reimbursed 40 bucks for gas..with my current family I got smart..I asked them to provide a vehicle..its a lot of wear and tear on your car. I would call my insurance agent and say you are considering using your vehicle for work and just see what they say. I would absolutely expect my employer to cover the difference, as well as mileage..they need to do mileage not just throw you a couple dollars for gas-because you will be doing more maintenance more often. I, as a nanny, would try and get them to provide a really is the best way. I also think that you could be sued if you were in some way negligent-so for everyone's safety have a policeman check that the seat is in safely! Good luck!

Op said...

I'm aware of the gas/mileage reimbursement, and will ask for some of my insurance to be covered incase I need to add more. The fire department will insert the car seat and my car is brand new.
The family can't offer me a car because they only have one and use it for work. I'm more concerned about accidents and if I need any extra insurance.

nycmom said...

I can only speak to one of your questions since we are in nyc without a car.

Yes, the parents can sue you. Just like you can sue them. Anyone can sue anyone for pretty much anything. There is no law preventing them from filing a civil suit against you. Would they win? Depends on the specifics of the entire set of circumstances. Could it be a costly headache for you? Yes. But this is not just limited to driving accidents so I wouldn't stress too much about it. As long as you are in compliance with all laws, not texting, not using drugs or alcohol and doing everything reasonable to be safe, it would be hard to show you were negligent in any way. And the parents are at the same "risk" of being sued by you should you get injured while working, so it goes both ways.

Lola said...

Daily driving in the winter in Boston? Icy, slushy roads and standard Boston traffic? God bless you!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I would get extra insurance on the vehicle you are driving since a child will be involved. I think you need to state to your car insurance company that you will be using it for work purposes from now on. They will need to know how often and about the distance (in mileage per day/wk.) I don't know if the parents can sue you if the insurance company declares you 0% at fault for an accident..I think probably not. I definitely think they should help you pay for your insurance as your rate may go up since you will be using it for work purposes. Probably the best way for you to get these answers is to call your insurance company directly as it varies with each insurance company.
Yes, don't let your family only pay you for gas. Mileage is important too and there is a federal amount per may have to look it up. Gas is gas, but with so much driving to do on the job, your car is exposed to more wear and tire, i.e., the tires get worn down more often, you will need more frequent oil changes, be smart and do your homework.
Good Luck OP and hope this helps. :)

MAnanny said...

You absolutely need to talk to your insurance agent ASAP. There is something for nannies on there. If you don't put on your insurance that you are providing transportation for a minor (for your job), you could end up paying for any accident out of pocket. Make sure you clear the bases and don't just do the cheap option for insurance in hopes that this situation would never come up. (and I hope it doesn't). Talk with your insurance and then talk with the family and tell them how much the rate will increase.

Basically, you CAN get sued if you are not honest with your insurance company.

Is using the T a viable option

Also, as far as gas/mileage reimbursement, I've found it works out better in my situation just have to have set amount each month. I

world's best nanny said...

I live in Massachusetts as well. I was in an accident with my car with my 2 charges in the back.
Everyone was okay, but the totaled my car. Anyhow, my insurance has 2 selections, Bodily injury to others and Optional Bodily Injury to Others.
That covered all hospital bills for the kids and I was covered by my PIP (personal injury protection)on my insurance.

world's worst driver! said...

worlds best nanny: how did you get in a car accident? was it your fault or another driver's? that must have been horrible!

world's best nanny said...

It was horrible!! A Volvo blew a stop sign. The woman took all the blame, she was tending to her infant in the back seat while driving!

Op said...

My insurance agent who happens to be my boyfriend's father told us that we have full coverage on both cars and since I'm not a contracted worker, I don't have to get extra insurance for work related driving.

It's a relief but I think I'm going to take a winter driving course to lower my insurance rates and to make sure i'm using my 4x4 drive properly.

Thanks for the responses.

OP you're fine said...

You're all overthinking this.

CuriousDad said...
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CuriousDad said...

OP you're fine:

Of course we are, in most internet forum discussions the posters all over think on the subject. Why should this one be any different? :)

From a one of the guilty party of such on this forum.

allieontheroad said...

If you have a deductible, you might want to have the family add that they will cover that in the contract if you get into an accident while working (even if it ends up being your fault- because the fact is that you wouldn't have been driving if you didn't need to for the job). I have that in mine (they pay 60c/mi reimbursement and the difference in my car insurance so it is okay to use while working).