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Monday, November 1, 2010
We asked:
Nannies, what is your role in Halloween?
I decorate the entire house. 14 (10%)
I handcraft costumes for the children. 14 (10%)
I am the one who picks out the children's costumes. 18 (13%)
I get the children dressed for trick or treating. 30 (22%)
I take the children trick or treating. 26 (19%)
I stay at the house and handout candy for the family. 10 (7%)
The parents come home early and handle everythings. 33 (24%)
I bake/send in treats for the school's Halloween Party. 17 (12%)
I get dressed up with the children. 18 (13%)
I don't do anything. 58 (42%)
The family does not partake in Halloween. 6 (4%)
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the next poll should be how many nannies sleep with their bosses

nc said...

Would you hire a manny, or be ok with a male childcare worker at your kids daycare?

costanza said...

Haha, MS, I was gonna say that, too!

booo said...

MonkeyShines, I think that would be a great idea the problem is that so many nannies on this board lie like rugs about how wonderful their employers are and about how wonderful they themselves are. I doubt you would get one honest answer.

Boing said...

I have to agree with booo on this one.

VAnanny said...

You aren't clever, monkey shines. Or funny. We got the memo that you sleep with married men. You make GOOD nannies look bad. Fortunately, we aren't all like you.

rte66nanny said...

I'm curious about how many nannies are provided food while at work, and how many bring their meals. I'm a live-out looking for work right now, and it seems like about 50-50 where I'm at.

And also, for live-outs, how far do you travel to work each day?

CuriousDad said...

I like Rte 66 questions.

Though admitedly the part of me that cannot turn away and not watch trainwrecks happening. Would be interested to see a poll based on monkeyshines question.


I have never made a pass at my boss, it was always the dad who started it and sometimes it is easier to just give in, some of the dads are very handsome, the moms are very ordinary looking and men are very visual and always want something new

A nanny who cares said...

I agree with rte66nanny! I have worked for families that expected me to bring my own food and I always thought that wasn't right. I would be very interested to see what other nannies do!

marta said...

so vote. its in the sidebar.

costanza said...

MonkeyShines said:
"it was always the dad who started it and sometimes it is easier to just give in"

Girl, where is your dignity! lol

I've had many dads hit on me, too - but only once I gave in. I know I'm partly to blame but he took full advantage. His wife was away on a business trip and I'd had dental surgery that morning. Being that I was in so much pain I took a couple of the pain pills the doctor gave me after I put the kid to bed. I sat down to watch some t.v. before going to bed myself and the dad came in and parked it next to me. Not too unusual but I guess he realized how loopy I was and started touching me. I was high, it felt good, so I slept with him.

The next day I felt so awkward I quit. Which sucked because it was a good job, too. Asshole.

Manhattan Nanny said...

Most NYC dads work such long hours you never see them. I think it is more an LA thing. Actors have a lot of down time between jobs. :*)

Bostonnanny said...

I've never had a dad hit on me but then again I put out the don't fuck with me vibe to all men besides my boyfriend. You have to be open for that kind of attention, you need to seek it or accept it when it's given, which is why some women are put in that situation.
Some don't even realize they are doing it.

Bostonnanny said...

I would like to see a poll about what benefits are provided and one about how many people actually have contracts

Rocket Scientist said...

Oh, Boston, I totally agree about those polling topics. Also, I'd like to see simultaneous polls for the employers who read ISYN, on similar topics so we can see the same issues from their perspective as well. For instance: "Nannies, what benefits do you receive? Employers, what benefits do you offer?"