.... WHAT?!

1) Need in home helper /housekeeper/nanny (Seattle)
I am a stay at home wife going through a post traumatic stress disorder and agoraphobia. I need an in home helper/houseleeper/ nanny to help with some light cleaning, cooking, talking and just being available for help when needed. I have a small well behaved pomeranian, husband who is at work during the day, and no kids. We live in a condo in Belltown.
I usually cook Indian food , so some basic knowledge of Indian cooking might be helpful. I will need a very calm person , who can follow directions and is very caring.
A few hours a day ( between 10am-4pm) , 2-3 times a week would be ideal. We can work the schedule out. Most days might not involve anything except some light chores like heating up food and serving, fetching some water, and accompanying me on a short walk. I just need some help to deal with day today functions and gain some confidence. Once I get more comfortable with you around, then we can add in some house chores like loading up the dishwasher, vacuuming, kitchen clean up. Also, it would be easier if you lived close to downtown. and had some experience dealing with anxiety and stress related disorders.
Please contact with a short description of your experience, and references. I am currently hoping to start with $10 an hour, since we will have to try it out for a few days and see if I am comfortable enough with you to continue. We can work out mutually suitable pay once things settle and chores get defined.
I get severely anxious sometimes and will need you to stay calm and distract me by either talking or telling me some jokes (you can look them up online on my computer) or something else. You are welcome to get your other work or laptop with you to use in the free time.
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#2 needs a slap! said...

Number 2 needs someone to slap her:
she is asking someone to essentially PAY to be HER nanny!!!!


wouldn't you like to know..... said...

I feel bad for #1 - I wonder what happened to her for her to be suffering from PTSD. Not sure if hiring someone outside her home to help her is going to do just that, but I hope she finds the help she needs somewhere.

The rest - jees h tap dancin- what are people thinking??

Elle said...

Imo, number 4 is not too bad. If I was in a situation in which I needed a new residence, working approximately 21 hours a week in exchange for 2 bedrooms would be ok. I know I myself could still comfortably go to school and have an income based job.

?? said...

Number 4 is unrealistic because the nanny needs to be available three weekdays from 8-3 and saturday for the same hours. It would be difficult to say the least to find a job where you could have flexibility to work around that schedule.

Unless I'm reading the ad incorrectly, how is that 21 hours?

Elle said...

I wrote 21 hours because the parent stated care would be needed for 2-3 varied days a week for 6-7 hours, with the occasional Saturday. So, at minimum 12 hours a week and at most 21 hours. From the way I read it, if Saturday care is needed, another day in the week might not be, but of course I could be totally wrong.

I know it might be difficult to get a set scheduled job, but I don't think impossible to find something. This is proabably not ideal for many, but I wouldn't be surprised if the parent had multiple suitable replies.

Mental illness isn't a joke said...

Wow, my respect for ISYN just went way down. I don't think there's any reason to be making fun of the woman in number 1. Just as it wouldn't be a laughing matter for someone to need an in-home health aide to help with a medical issue it's not a joking matter when someone needs help managing their mental health. As someone with a number of family members with serious mental illness it makes me sad that this would be posted on ISYN under the heading "WTF".

Anonymous said...

I would guess that #1 is included because she is seeking a nanny when she has no kids. She should be searching for a home health care worker, or something like that. I don't think anyone is making fun of her or her mental health issues.

Mental illness isn't a joke said...

Rocket Scientist, I understand why the posting was added to CL WTF, but I still think that posting it here was extremely insensitive to people with mental health disabilities. Imagine how the OP will feel if she sees that her attempt to get help has been posted under a heading that is reserved for crazy/laughable ads. I get that the decision to post it may not have been malicious, but that doesn't mean it won't make the OP feel like total crap for basically no reason (i.e., one poor word choice). It's like very publicly making fun of someone's poor word choice in an obituary -- you can, but why would you.

no joke? said...

Mental Illness Joke:

The blog owners make no commentary on Number 1.

You are being overly sensitive and are taking it the wrong way. Nobody is making fun of mental illness.

I would classify #1 as a WTF on the mere grounds that it is wildly miscategorized. It does not belong in the childcare section.

BipolarNanny said...

Of course mental illness isn't a joke, but those of us who have been diagnosed with something know the proper ways of getting in-home help. You don't go on CL in the childcare section! You go through your shrink or social worker or whoever. I call major BS on whomever wrote #1. Either she hasn't been formally diagnosed with PTSD and agoraphobia or she's also making fun of the mentally ill. And if you're self-diagnosing, you've got bigger problems than just a messy house.

BipolarNanny said...

Oh and by the way, for the most part if we're on our meds and functional, we're not as sensitive as you'd like to think. Just don't call us the C-word, only actual crazy people can say it. ^_^ I like to poke fun at myself and my other mentally ill friends, it keeps us sane.

G.O.I said...

Mental illness isn't a joke--



oh well said...

Great picture, MPP!

Marypoppin'pills said...

To those that have sent CL ads in the last couple of days... I wasn't able to pick them up until this morning and unfortunately most had already been flagged or removed. And the sad thing is... usually when that happens it is because it was a good one! Please include both the link for the ad and the BODY OF THE TEXT.

If you sent one in and don't see it up this Saturday, this is why and I am so sorry.

But I still need ads so please send them in! Give us some CRAZY ones. Using MEEBO is best but if unable to just mail it to Jane and she will forward it to me.