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1) A reliable, safe babysitter is needed (D.C.)
Hi Ya! I am looking for a reliable safe babysitter to babysit my children from time to time. Must be atleast 16 years old, and must be a female!! No funny business. I need someone who has their own transportation, and is clean and responsible. You maybe able to start as early as tonight! The pay is 4.00 an hour, and my children will be sleeping the entire time, so basically you will be getting paid to do absolutely nothing. Thanks! 443-517-**** Christina
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Someone's Nanny said...

What is with everyone wanting to trade room and board for nanny services. And then they expect you to have your own car too? How are you supposed to pay for that?

CuriousDad said...

Someone's Nanny;

What all Nannies are not like Nanny McPhee or Mary Poppins and work for free?

TC said...

Number 5 sadly happens all the time. When I worked in the daycares it was common for the parents to tell me 'well when you get them potty trained I'll start working on it at home' That drove me nuts and had it been up to me I would've waited to potty train until the parents are willing to work with the kids too.

Marypoppin'pills said...

Village said...


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Nov 7, 2010 2:29:00 PM

Had to delete your other Post but put it up here where it should be. ;-)

etereia said...

I know we are not supposed to be "punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary" police here, but wouldn't you think these people posting ads would at least proofread a little bit...come on, now, how do you take seriously a job offer, where the mom is in a 'sisuation, in ned of babies sit.' She does not even sound like English is her second language; rather, she sounds like somebody who does not care.

WWEMissDee said...

4.5 and not potty trained? Perhaps this child isn't refusing potty training, if she is with another caregiver other than her mother.

TC: I worked in a 2 year old room in a low income daycare and a little girl came in wearing underwear because she went on the potty at home. She was nonverbal, so she couldn't tell me when she had to go, which made for a rather challenging workday. I always thought the rule of thumb was if your child is capable of simple instructions and complete sentences, they are ready for potty training.

MissMannah said...

Not to start anything or be all controversial, but there's plenty of preverbal children who are more than capable of being potty trained. I don't see what one has to do with the other. When working at a daycare, the parents' wishes are ultimately paramount. If the little girl came in wearing panties but couldn't tell you when she needed to potty, it was up to you to take her frequently so you could learn her schedule without her needing to telling you.

But yeah, I couldn't agree more about #5. That's why I sent it in, lol. The mother just seems so out-of-touch and as if she doesn't even want to care for her own child.

Marypoppin'pills said...

I try my best to be very careful when posting an Ad that is grammatically full of errors. If I think it is because English is not their 1st language, I won't put it up.

Even for those that have poor grammar skills, and they are looking for a job... there is spellcheck, friends, family, etc... to help them clean it up. I would be hard pressed hiring someone that cared so little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding it MMP

I jumped away just to post that comment and then went back to finish reading WTF. I guess I jumped to the wrong place.

A rule of the web, you are always punished for using all caps.

Bostonnanny said...

Since when does a room in a house with utilities cost between 1500-3000 a month? Do these people not realize that offering only room and board for full time work doesn't equal out?

I really wish I could just slap them and say your stupid, go back to school.

etereia said...

MPP, that's exactly what I meant. At least, if English were not her first language, I would be like - OK, whatever (even though that's not a very viable excuse, either), but she just sounds like she does not give a flying rat's behind about how she comes across. I am a fairly recent immigrant, too, and learning proper English is indeed a doable venture.

JustAMommy said...

If I were homeless, I might consider taking a nanny job that only paid room and board. For a while. Or not, since I'd actually be better off in a homeless shelter where I'd get help looking for work.

What do they think their nannies are going to wear? Drive? Put on their feet? I guess if you were a student or something and the hours were REALLY minimal it might work, but honestly it's CRAZY to think someone will work full time for you because you let them live in your house. CRAZY.