...And Baby Makes Two!

Friday, November 19, 2010
Opinion 4 I just had my first child and am seeking a nanny position - any advice on how to go about finding a family who'll also welcome my son?


nycmom said...

Have you had prior experience? Where are you located?

First and foremost, for all of the following be up front that you need to bring your child and are willing to negotiate a reduced rate accordingly. Then research as much as you can on the issues that arise in these situations, write up a list, and come prepared to interviews to address all of the common issues. I think you will need to view this as a nanny share with your child as the other half of the share. I think a reasonable range will be $8-10/hr.

If NYC, have a former employer post for you on Other sites: sittercity and craigslist (yes it's a PITA, but there are people looking at it if you post something thoughtful). Finally, post fliers in pediatrician's office, local schools, hospital, churches. Email any listservs, friends, and mommy groups. Some Mommy & Me classes will agree to email their members.

Good Luck!

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

I think you can find a Nanny job the same way that most other nannies find work. Just make sure you list up front in your ad that you have an infant and would need to bring your baby to work with you and would like to find a family that is willing to have you do that. As nycmom stated, you will have to work for a reduced rate, but remember: If a family does allow you to bring your own child to work with you, consider it a major perk since you will not have to pay for childcare. Take all this into consideration when considering cost. I live in SoCa and the going rate for something like this would be $7-10/Hr if you go into someone's house. But if they drop off the child at your house, then the going rate is somewhere at $5/Hr.
I hope you find a family and that everything works out. I would go on and
Both websites allow you to create your own profile, upload pictures and for more jobs (!) it is less than $10 to run a background check. I know CL is free, but honestly I do not recommend it highly to find jobs. I have been using it off and on for about 4 yrs, and I have only found like 1 nice family on there. It is a free website and since many prospective families do not have to upfront any cash to place/answer an ad, they are not as serious-minded about finding a Nanny as the ones on sittercity and are. The families that use childcare websites invest a membership fee so these families are more serious-minded about finding a nanny.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Regarding CL, I have seen a pattern with the families on here and that is my own conclusion. I have interviewed w/families that say "Oh..our old nanny is not working out, so we are going behind her back to find another nanny." Well, they are only interviewing people to see "what else is out there" and then they may decide on whether they SERIOUSLY want to fire their existing nanny or not. Or I have met families who are "considering" pulling their children out of daycare, but want to interview nanny candidates just to see what's out there as well. Some families think of it as a game, they may be considering hiring a nanny, but want to meet a bunch of different people before they make a final decision.
The families I have met through childcare websites are more serious-minded...they have to they have already paid a membership + monthly fee to find a nanny. I have only met serious-minded families on these websites and I highly recommend them as opposed to CL. Plus, it is free for Nannies to create profiles on them.

ohionanny said...

I agree with the others who have posted before me. Be upfront about the child, but also be upfront about being willing to negotiate accordingly. If you just advertise that you need to bring your child, and say no more, many will probably skip over you if they easily have 10 or more people on the same site who may fit the bill without the hassle of the nanny's child.

BUT - if you are also upfront about negotiating your rate based on having to bring your child, the more modest families who really want in-home care but are really stretched on the high price for a "professional" may take notice and consider you.

be absolutely sure to have answers for what parents may ask. What will you do if your child is sick? Needs to go to the doctor? Do you plan to provide your child's food? etc etc. Most parents want dependability and consistency - they have to go to work everyday and can't take off cuz the nanny's baby is sick!

You must also be proactive as well. If you join a site like sittercity or, you will need to scour listings in your area and apply. Some parent listings do have those who, because they can not pay very much, will directly say you can bring your own child to make up for the reduced pay.

In any case, expect reduced pay.

Tales from the (Nanny)Hood said...

Have you worked as a nanny, or in a childcare field before? If so, make sure to emphasize your professional experience and any education you have. If you haven't got formal childcare experience, you may have a harder time in this economy finding work with a family willing to let you bring baby along.

Either way, do be up front about the fact that you come with a built-in playmate for their child. Emphasize the positives in adding another child to the fun in your potential employers home. Figure out solutions in advance for issues like illness, your child's doctor visits, etc.

Indicate that you are willing to negotiate price, but also be aware of how much you need to earn to live. If you can't survive on minimum wage, don't offer to work for that rate.

Good luck!

OP said...

Thanks for all the input. I have nannied before, and am totally willing to accept a lower rate of pay than if I were not bringing my child. I don't know where to find parents that are open to the idea, though.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

OP, you could try craigslist..I personally have not met any good families on there, but who knows..maybe in your city there are some. Try and/or sittercity. It is free to complete a profile, but make sure you state up front in your ad that you have a child you will be bringing along. Perhaps in the classified section of the local paper. Or maybe you can even post ads in the town laundromats. I think another good idea could be to post fliers on people's doors and make business cards too.
Remember: Where there is a will..there is a way girl!

just my thoughts said...


I tried finding babysitting jobs after my son was born. Families that wouldn't mind having me bring my son with me as well. It seems impossible to find families that are open. Most want care just for their child.

Especially having an infant. I think it will make it harder to find a childcare position. Maybe, when your child is older it will be easier.