Amazing Grace She Ain't...

Received Friday, November 26, 2010
Warning 4 I had a terrible experience with a nanny named Grace who was supposed to work for me for 6 weeks. She faked an injury to cover the fact that she had scheduled surgery for her fifth day of employment with me and would be taking off for 2 of the 6 weeks to recover. She knew all of this in advance before accepting the job and continued to lie about it even after I had confirmed the truth. I mailed her checks for the 4 days she worked for me and she pretended to lose them in an effort to force me to pay her cash. There is more to this story and I would be happy to share, but just wanted to get it out there that if a woman named Grace H from Ecuador who has a 6 or 7 year old son applies for a job with your family, DO NOT HIRE THIS WOMAN. She is not trustworthy or reliable or honest and not someone you want alone with your children.


Mommy Searching for a Good Nanny said...

Where did you find Grace? Also, to be more specific, what part of the country do you live in?
Thanks for the advice.


sounds like a illegal, did you check all her referances and duoble check? a lot of nannies use friends and relatives and you would never know! did you have her finger printed and perform a FBI background check?

good grief. said...

How do you know she was lying?

And why would you hire an illegal who you did not do a background check on?

Sounds like you tried to buy cheap.
You got cheap.

Tough luck for you. Next time put some more thought into who you hire to care for your children.

LackofGrace said...

Hi guys...
To Mommy Searching: I found her through a referral from a trusted source. The "trusted source" feels hoodwinked as well. Grace H. screwed both of us. I live in NYC.

MONKEYSHINES: Yes I believe she is illegal now. I did check references but I did not do a whole FBI background check because this was just a short term, part-time arrangement. I looked at it more as a babysitter, not a household employee. I learned my lesson though and will be very thorough if and when I ever hire again.

GOOD GRIEF: I found out she was lying a few ways. I was alerted by another nanny who I know and trust and works for my friends. This other nanny had heard Grace H. discussing the planned surgery a week before the faked "accident". This other nanny then confirmed the story by speaking to Grace H.'s friend who completely spilled the beans on the whole sham. I then gave Grace H. a chance to come clean. I asked her when the surgery was first scheduled and she lied. I asked her to please provide a dr.'s note to confirm this and she disappeared.
Yes, you are correct. I didn't do a background check but I did call previous employers. In future I will be more thorough (if I ever hire anyone again), but this was just a 6-week, part-time gig so I didn't go overboard. I will be more careful next time. I will submit however that I didn't let her spend a lot of alone time with my kids during the 4 days that she worked for me. I was around for most of it as I considered this a training period. Had she stayed on, she would have been caring for my children on her own the next week while I worked a temporary job outside the home. I'm glad I figured things out before that 2nd week started and ashamed that I allowed this woman to fool me into believing thtat she was worthy of caring for children. I will have to be very careful if I ever hire another babysitter and I am really wary of hiring other people now. It's been a horrible experience and I learned a lot. You are right, I need to put MUCH more thought into it next time.....if there is a next time.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Lack of Grace, I am a Nanny and I want to let you know first and foremost that not all nannies are like this woman. I am an honest Nanny with nothing to hide. I would NEVER have done what this woman did to your family and I am so sorry for what occurred. It's a shame that one bad apple spoils the bunch. :(
Please do not let this one incident ruin your faith in child care providers. I have run into many families who have lied to me and tried to avoid paying me and such, but I choose to keep myself in this profession. I have faith in the goodness of people and know that there are many good people out there. I hope you do the same.
Best of luck to you.

don't feel too bad said...


Don't feel too bad. At least you learned a lesson and your child is safe: that is the most important thing.

LackofGrace said...

Two Cents: you sound lovely and please don't worry, I won't (and can't) make a global assumption about all nannies. Each person is an individual. I was just played by this manipulative and scheming woman and it threw me off balance for a while. In short, I got really freaked out! But I've had plenty of wonderful sitters in the past and have never had an issue with anyone until now. Maybe it was just the universe's way of telling me to be less trusting when it comes to my kids and to do more homework before deciding that someone is qualified to care for my kids! I know that the Grace H's of the world are out there and that's why I posted try to prevent other families from being in jeopardy. But I also know that most people are good. :)