Sunday, October 3, 2010

Heather Turgeon asks:
How Much Should You Pay the Babysitter?
We beg of you not to listen to some miser who negotiates a lower hourly rate for the nanny while her precious child sleeps.

This has to be next Lifetime nanny movie.
KENNEWICK NANNY FIXED (sorry there's just too much to snopsize)

Not that this babysitter doesn't have an interesting job.
One injured, one charged after attack in bathroom (again, too much)

TakeCare brags about being able to offer their NannyTest online personality risk assessment in Spanish and Portuguese. Nanny Test fails to reveal risk of hiring nanny to care for your child who is unable to speak a word of English.

Oh yeah an Ferial Zaltash apparently thinks that a month of her time as Brittney Spears’ assistant is worth much more than the average American makes in an entire year. It has just been revealed that Zaltash is suing Spears  for $35,202 as compensation for one month of unpaid wages, plus an additional estimated $20,000 for penalties and overtime, according to sources.


nanny said...

the second link is the same as the last link

anonynanny said...

The last article doesn't say whether or not this is the pay that Britney agreed to, and it's totally possible that it is considering how much money she rakes in. If there's a contract then of course she has to pay, but my guess is there isn't one if it had to go to court.