Nancy Ann Kline

Warning 4 PHOENIX -- Robin Squires said she still shudders at the thought of what her son and daughter went through while riding with their nanny before police said they arrested her on charges of drunken driving.

"My children could have died." Squires said. "I felt very betrayed because she was part of our family. And I loved her, I really did." Not anymore. Squires said her feelings now for her former nanny, Nancy Ann Kline, are only disgust.

While Robin and her husband were out of town, Kline admitted she took the kids to a pool party. According to police, that's where she started drinking alcohol -- a lot of it, according to court documents. Once behind the wheel, she struck a car on Glendale Avenue, but took off, according to the documents. Officers finally caught up with her on Seldon Lane in Phoenix.

"They clocked her going 65 in a 35, and when they got her, (police said) she resisted arrest," said Squires. Inside the car, officers found a water bottle full of vodka and Squires' two children, ages 2 and 8, in the car and not wearing seat belts.

"They had to get physical with her, and this is all happening (while) she's crying and screaming at the top of her lungs as my children are in the car watching and crying," Squires said.

According to the police report, Kline blew a blood alcohol level of .201, nearly three times the legal limit. This happened Sept. 6, and yet just Wednesday, Kline's nanny profile was still listed on "I want to make sure that Nancy will never work with children again," Squires said.

CBS 5 News tracked down Kline's address. She wouldn't come outside, but her daughter gave an answer about whether Kline is still working as a nanny. "Not that I'm aware of. But you know, no comment. It's a sad sad thing," said Kline's daughter.

Kline is facing three felony counts of aggravated and extreme DUI, police said. She entered a plea of not guilty in court Thursday morning. Her next court date is set for December.
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Bostonnanny said...

I am so glad to the Lord that the two children involved are unharmed...and I hope the Nanny pays dearly for what she did. How dare she put those poor children in danger! Shame on her!
On a side note, anyone can post a profile on It is only a database (like the childcare section on Craigslist) and should not be confused with using a Nanny agency.


Parents are so stupid,getting a nanny off the internet, they never learn, always looking for the cheap way out

Marypoppin'pills said...

"On a side note, anyone can post a profile on It is only a database (like the childcare section on Craigslist) and should not be confused with using a Nanny agency."

Thank you for pointing that out, BostonNanny.

Happy Nanny who loves what she does said...

I am so glad that the kids were not hurt- I am shocked at that nanny- she gives us (good) Nannies a bad name. I feel very sad for what the family had to go through. I really like as I found a wonderful, full-time job and several babysitting/ weekend jobs on the site.

MissMannah said...

I want to say that shouldn't be compared to craigslist. Yes, anybody can post there but they do try to match nannies and families based on preferences and schedules. Also, I gladly paid them to do a background check on me that any parent who checks my profile can see. I have found a lot of great families from that site. And the families have to pay a fee to search for nannies so they certainly aren't "taking the cheap way out."

Anyway, having said all that, it is all totally irrelevant to this story. What I understand is this was probably a one-time thing, a complete lapse in judgment, because the mother did say that she was a good nanny prior to getting drunk and arrested. I hate that people can be so stupid but I am glad that she'll most likely be paying for it for the rest of her life by not being able to work in childcare ever again.

NADD said...

I think drunk driving is a horrible thing, and I'm glad this woman was caught.

Regarding finding nannies on the internet: I disagree that you cannot find a good one. If you properly screen the nanny you can find a great person. And this is the age of the internet. That is where people find everything. It is just our way of life, like it or not. You just have to be careful.

patrickstarr said...

getting a nanny from the internet is taking the cheap way out, it is a fraction of the cost of a agencey

patrickstarr said...

wanted to add, I have worked for a few high profile families and they would flip if I was giving them out as a referance to families I met through on line

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Miss Mannah...I disagree that the is irrelevant to this story as it was mentioned in this story. I don't think the mention of is trying to give it a bad name. I think it is only letting people know that just because you use this and other childcare databases (i.e., sittercity, etc.), you should NEVER assume that all the nannies are legit as the nannies that use them do not pay anything and all they have to do is create a profile. The one thing that does separate the childcare websites from a free website such as Craigslist is that on the childcare websites, you can pay about $10 and get a background check added which can get you more jobs. But still, parents should take they would on CL. Check references, perhaps even get your own independent background check done as well. I am a nanny who uses both CL and to find nanny jobs and an interesting thing I have noticed is that the families I meet on the childcare websites are more serious minded. I think on CL, they do not have to pay anything so they really have nothing to lose if they are not serious minded or they change their minds. But on childcare websites, the parents tend to pay an upfront + monthly fee and these families tend to be more serious-minded in their nanny searches. I have met some awesome families on sittercity so I would NEVER knock a childcare website. But just keep in mind that like boston nanny stated, anyone can post a profile and parents should not confuse them w/going through an actual nanny agency where the nanny has been screened by them.


I had to get fingerprinted for a FBI background check for my last nanny job

Just terrible! said...

Yes I agree 100% it is a good thing this woman was caught and thank heavens the children were not hurt! What a terrible thing to happen! I am sure the parents are forever changed by this horrible experience and it is ashame one bad apple spoiled their right for their children to be safe. Drinking on the job is NEVER okay EVER!

I have to say, that I disagree completely about online nanny websites. I am a fantastic nanny and found several families to babysit/nanny for online. All families did a FULL background check on me and I did the can never be too careful and I would do a backgound check if I went through an agency. I personaly feel I have the right to know who I am working for especially since I am working in someones home. Besides I am sure MANY parents and maybe even some nannies that visit this site have found spouses on online dating sites. So tell me how is it okay to find a spouse online for some of the visitors to this site but not a nanny/sitter? Sounds like a double standard if you ask me.

NADD said...

Just Terrible:

Well said, and I agree completely. This is the age of the internet. I think people (especially on this site) enjoy placing blame on someone or something so much that they show a lack of logic. They are out of touch with reality.

Of course you must screen your nanny, regardless of where you find them. But there is nothing wrong with CL. You just must use caution.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Anonymous...sure it is tough finding nanny work on both sittercity and I use both religiously and to get a response back is very rare. I spoke with my employers who I found on both websites and they both told me that when they posted job ads on them, they were simply AMAZED at the high level of responses. You know, in this tough job market there are still tons of nannies and babysitters who are seeking jobs. I would say it was pure and simple luck that I found my two jobs on these websites.
I think it is an okay idea to find a babysitter online. When I say "okay" I mean I would consider it if I had to. My children are older now so I do not have to worry about this, however when they were younger we had no internet at home (back in the early 90's) so I chose to pay the extra $$ and go through an agency as opposed to using the newspaper classified ads. It gave me piece of mind since the agency screened the babysitters for me and did everything. I just didn't think I would have been able to check them out myself. But today in the age of everything internet, maybe I would give it a shot.

Just My Two Cents Just Now said...

Again, I have noticed a higher level of quality in the families that I meet through sittercity and as opposed to Craigslist. I have met a few nice families via CL, but let me tell you the majority of the families I met on CL have been nut jobs. I will leave that for another post. LOL.

anon 2 said...

Anonymous said...

It is tragic that a nanny would use such poor judgement and not only put these kids in possible harms way physically, but mentally as well. I have actually had parents offer me a glass of wine in their home while I was sitting for their children for a get together. I would always decline. I have to say though, I do worry about their kids from time to time as they come home pretty "looped" after a night out. I drive home thinking how they could barely stand in the kitchen to write my check, had trouble figuring what they owed me and with slurred speech said something really stupid afterward. Just think if the house were to catch fire, the kid/kids wake up sick and need medication, etc. Would they be able to handle such a situation? I have absolutely no use for alcohol, it does nothing more than make people feel sociable, and if you can't do that sober, you have some real issues.

Oh yeah, you ladies actually found work through these ridiculous sites? That is amazing. I have e-mailed both SitterCity and on numerous occasions ranting about the "Land of No Responses". Moms need help. We sitters apply with a heartfelt application to never hear even a "thanks but no thanks" response. I find them to be a joke. I have my own families that keep me busy and luckily do not have to count on either to find work, otherwise, I would be SOL.

Bostonnanny said...

Hey what the hell, The first lady who posted is not me.

Hey new Bostonnanny change your moniker.

Amy said...

Perhaps there is more than one nanny in Boston??!

Really said...

.201 and two witnesses, and she goes with not guilty?

MissMannah said...

In regards to finding people online:

I have found all my nanny jobs and many of my babysitting jobs through craigslist or one of the nanny websites. I'm a member of care, sittercity and nannies4hire. Just terrible is right, the parents and the nannies both have to do their homework before hiring, do a background check--it isn't so hard.

You may ask why I don't use an agency--well we don't have one in this area. We do have a babysitting agency, but the man who runs it is a total d-bag. A parent once asked me why he has such a high turnover rate with the babysitters.

And PS: I also found my fiance on craigslist. We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary next week. :) NADD is right, this is the internet age and I'm happy about that!