Harbor Island Park - Mamaroneck, NY

Received Friday, October 29, 2010
nanny sighting 7 Friday afternoon, 10/29, Harbor Island Park, Mamaroneck, NY, 5 pm. Your nanny is Carribean, wore a short black jacket, skintight blue jeans/leggings, heavyset, short hair pulled back tightly off her face. She was in charge of 3 Caucasian girls, approx 9-10 yrs old. One of the girls, dressed only in a white tee and pants (it was a very windy and chilly 50 degrees) fell off the playground equipment (spinning disc) and was writhing in pain on floor, sobbing, wasn't getting up. I asked where her mother/babysitter was, and her friend told me they were under the care of her babysitter. (Apparently the injured girl was on a playdate with that friend and her friend's babysitter.) I told the friend to get the babysitter, and she proceeds to run down to a parked car at the end of the lot, nowhere within view of the playground. Several minutes later, the nanny strolls - VERY slowly - toward the playground. I asked if she were in charge of the injured girl; she said yes and then immediately unleashed a barrage of expletives about me getting involved in her business and telling a nanny how to do her job. Mind you, I merely asked if she were in charge. Also, at no point during her screaming did she even CHECK to see if the girl was ok. She demanded that the girls tell her what they said that prompted me and other concerned adults to get involved, and then sped off. Another parkgoer took down the babysitter's license plate number, and I hope she posts it here.

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MusicalNanny said...

That is a disgrace...I guess one can only hope that these girls talk to their parents when they get home. Lucky she isn't caring for infants or toddlers...what did the girls in her care look like?