Saturday, October, 16, 2010
.... WHAT?!

1) Nanny Needed ASAP (Seattle)
Im looking for someone that is available to watch my 2 kids 3&5 overnight tonight so I can gain some rest Im fighting a cold im compleatly wore out an feel like im neglecting my kids by just laying around and my family is too busy doing thier own thing to help out even thought they know i sure could use the help since my hubby is deployed. please send me a message would rather pay a flat rate than per hour can pick them up anytime you'd like just really would like to go to bed at like 6 an sleep forever!

* Response by angry CL readers:

2) RE: Nanny Needed ASAP (Seattle)
I don't usually respond to things on CL, but I had to this time.......Are you crazy? You posted at 3:51 for a stranger to watch your kids from 6:00 until sometime tomorrow. Have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea the disgusting people out there that are just waiting for people like you to do something stupid like this so that they can get their hands on your kids? Any wacko could respond to your ad. How are you going to know they're not the 5 minutes it takes them to pick up your kids from you? Not to mention, you clearly have no regard for your childrens' feelings. How do you think they'll feel being left with a complete stranger, not for an hour or two (which is still wrong), but all night long!!??!!? Unbelieveable! You say you feel as though you are neglecting your children because you are sick. "Honey, mommy doesn't feel good" is a whole hell of alot easier to explain than "Honey, I'm sorry you were molested by a stranger, but mommy really needed a break." I hope no one responds to your ad and I hope your husband knows what kind of woman he's left his children with while he's fighting for our safety. He's risking his life under God only knows what conditions and you are putting his children in harm's way so you can take a nap. You are a horrible, horrible mother and if I had any way of knowing who you are, I would report you to CPS. Suck it up and take care of your kids.

3) RE: Nanny Needed ASAP (Seattle)
Whoever responded to that womans posts needs to mind their own business. Who are you to say anything to this woman about what she should or should not do with her kids!? If you usually don't respond than why start now?? I was actually going to respond and say I could watch her kids, you want to know why? Because there are good people out there! You need to mind your own business! If you want to fly off the handle go do it to YOUR husband! Her husband is married to her for a reason, mind your own business and focus on your own life!

4) RE: Nanny Needed ASAP (Seattle)
Let's get a few things straight, shall we? First, learn the proper use of the words "than" and "then" and THEN you can at least sound somewhat intelligent when you speak.

Second, I chose to respond to this post because it may be THE most outrageous thing I've seen on CL. Also, at last check, it's still legal to express an opinion in this country.

Third, let me make sure I've got the rules straight. I'm a jerk and should mind my own business, but you are allowed to express your opinions about my post. Just wanted to be clear.

Lastly and most importantly, every day children are abducted, molested, and killed. It's our job as parents to protect them from that, not to deliberately put them in a situation where any number of horrible things could happen to them. Several times I have been sick and still took care of my children. Once, I knelt in front of the toilet puking with my 4 children standing around me asking for things. I finished puking, got up, wiped my mouth, and took care of my kids. That's my job and what a good mother does. I know tons of moms and not one of them would consider dropping their child/children off with a stranger for 5 minutes, let alone all night long. Anyone that thinks that is OK should not have children because clearly they are incapable of conscious, meaningful thought. Anyone with connected brain cells knows that type of behavior is reckless, dangerous, and inexcusable. I understand that having a husband deployed and raising kids on your own is difficult and I don't begrudge this woman taking a break when she needs it. I do, however, take issue with HOW she chooses to do it. She should begin a search to interview, meet with, and hire a babysitter that she can call on those occasions that she needs child care, NOT let any random stranger take her kids overnight.

5) RE: Nanny Needed ASAP (Seattle)
I have NEVER posted anything on craigslist. I felt driven to actually create an account just so I could respond to this deplorable "mother" who wants rid of her kids tonight so she can just "sleep forever". I completely agree with the outraged woman in the previous posts. In fact she took the words right out of my mouth...we have all been there as mothers... horribly sick, head in the toilet, taking care of needy little ones, all alone all day!!! No mother I know would even contemplate such a ridiculous idea as to post a craigslist ad at 4pm for a stranger to come at 6pm and take her kids OVERNIGHT!!!! This is a 3 year old and a 5 year old!!! How do you explain to a 3 year old that he will be spending the night with a total stranger, in a total strangers home!! I am sincerely hopping that this woman took too many cold meds and is not thinking clearly, because if this is really who she is as a mother then she should not BE a mother....she needs to be reported to dshs for neglect...she is extremely lucky that her identity is hidden, because I would love to report her myself.
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TC said...

Ok #7 makes no sense. You are comfortable with a stranger watching your kids sleep but not if they are awake? Not sure I follow the logic on that one....

Nanny Elizabeth said...

"we believe in a well rounded approach
teaching our child evolution, that dinosaurs weren't around the same time as jesus" hahaha, I just died laughing!! :)

cali mom said...

#20-Too funny...the 6 month old is "learning to read"?

slb3334 said...

#16 would be better off as a wtf. They aren't wanting to pay you $200 a month but want you to pay them that in rent and take care of their child besides.

wow! said...

I love how #25 wants you to just arbitrarily trust them with your Social security number via the internet.

NervousNanny said...

I totally agree about #25! You are applying for a job with them and they already want your SSN? I understand in the commercial world this is standard, but I wouldn't trust someone with it without even having met them!

etereia said...

Interestingly enough, #21 annoyed me the most with the capitalized "NO SMOKING NO DRUGS NO COLLEGE STUDENTS" - it's nice how she lumped us, nannies who are also students, with the cigarettes and the heroin. Haaha, it's actually funny.

cali mom said...

Actually, I don't recall ever being asked for my SSN just on a job application. *AFTER* you've been hired, it's required for the W2, but there is absolutely NO reason anyone needs it just on a job application. If they want it specifically for the purpose of running a background check, it should be requested separately.

Ha said...

Here is #21's big problem: "Available whenever we needed!"

That's why she doesn't want college students. She doesn't want anyone with schedules that can't be screwed over.

scooby doo said...

cali mom, maybe her baby is watching those 'YOUR BABY CAN READ' videos...HAHAHA

1. personally...I think this is really crazy of the mother. She must be really stressed out and not thinking straight, also really naive. I do think the other people who commented were really harsh towards her, she obviously doesn't intend her children to end up with a pervert but it would be better if she didn't post this. its a terrible idea.

6. HAHAHA. I personally don't think this is wrong because they stated it RIGHT AWAY, it wasn't somem surprise to the nanny once she showed up to their house. If someone is also a naturist then it would be a good fit, I could never do it but at least they were upfront about who they are looking for.

7. this person better tell their kids that someone else will be there because if they wake up it could be pretty scary to find a stranger eating their food, watching their movies and playing their xbox. And what is the difference between watching kids being awake and sleeping...the lady is still letting a mostly stranger watch her kids whether they're conscious or not lol

8. ...a little fun on the side. wow. Not only is that inappropriate in itself but they weren't smart enough to state if they were a male or female.

9. I personally think this post is okay, I don't know why it is in here.

10. I think this is cute. Why is this in here? What a great idea for a 6th grader, 12 yr olds are old enough to take care of a few babies for a few hours of trick or treating, come on now

11. sounds like this lady is freaking out about maybe losing her job, which might be a good thing considering she could find a better one to pay her babysitters more then six an hour lol

12. her grammer is really bad, but she could just be really bad with grammer but awesome with children...?

13. Weird job

14. you need to pay her more then just room and board...

15. about picky. I like the idea of a personal house helper but his logic is wrong at the end, if you are paying a personal assitant 14/h and a babysitter 5/hr (which is low) you should pay someone who is doing both MORE then either one of those, as in 20/hr.

16. lets pay to take care of someone elses child!

17...thats only 100 a week. no way.

18. kinda confused as what is wanted here

19. 3/hr..well here's hopin!

20. I liked how she explained why her rates are low, she starts by saying her daughter has separation anxiety and needs constant attention to 'she's a really easy child'. The kid I watch has seperation anxiety like crazy and let me tell makes my job ten times harder. and what is up with how many clothes she changes her child into daily? kids are messy. the end.

21. okay so i'm reading it and I go "sounds legit"...until she says '15 per day" and way to bring us colleged aged nannies down woman! some of us are mature enough to not smoke our doobies in your house

22. i don't see anything wrong with this post, 50 bucks a day is ok, not great. but its ok.

23. I think that this is also an okay post, she explains her reason why the pay is low.

24. I don't see anything wrong with this one either...she states that she is looking for someone who is a stay at home mom who wanst a few extra dollars and a playmate for their child. Sometimes two children are easier then one so it might be helpful for the stay at home mom who responds to this. People know what they can afford and if this is it, then thats her reality.

25. I think this was put in here because of the application part but I have to state that this mom ONLY wants the best for her child, clearly. Its very professional of her to have an application like this. However I found a typo "brining" its supposed to be "bringing" :P

Observer said...

I've never understood puking in the toilet. It just doesn't strike me as very sanitary. I've always preferred a pan. I can be somewhere comfy then.

slim said...

Puking in a pan is sanitary? The only place I would puke is outside in a forest or ditch. I am not going to look at, smell, clean up, etc vomit. I'll kick dirt on it and walk away.

gross said...

That will be a nice surprise for your neighbors/family/roommate/pets to step in, won't it Slim?