I Love my Job!

Received Sunday, September 19, 2010
A day in the life 22 Not too long ago, I wrote a post about why I hated my job. I'm happy to say things have drastically improved since then.

After almost a year of handling behaviour problems from both the children (agressiveness, rudeness, clinginess) and their parents (fecklessness, backbiting, laziness) I finally quit. I gave a month's notice and I said I could stay longer if they hadn't found anyone to replace me, they assured me they had. On my last day I took the children on a day trip they loved and bought them small presents to remember me by. After all, it's not their fault I had a toxic working environment and I do miss them very much.

I have a new job now, working for a lady with twins who have just turned one. The difference in my working day is staggering simply because of the great attitude displayed towards me and the children. My day starts at eight instead of half seven, and my employer has the kettle boiled for me to have some tea when I get in. The babies are either in clean nappies or they've just soiled them, and their mother apologizes for putting me to work straight away. It's never a bother, changing a nappy is a mindless but smelly minor task, and I'm glad to see that the nappy isn't overflowing and neither baby has severe nappy rash. I feed them their breakfast while I drink my tea and the parents leave for the day, bidding us all a cheerful goodbye.

The babies take a nap in the morning and depending on what day it is, I either put them to sleep in the cots upstairs or I take them out in the buggy. Some days I have mother-and-baby groups so I get to talk to some grown-ups for a little while, other days I don't so I can sit and read a book for a little while, once I've done any cleaning I need to do. The amount of housework I do is miniscule, the house is generally tidy and aside from a little dishwasher unpacking and bottle making, I have a free hour while the babies are asleep. I plan any meals i have around these naps and the fact that I can sit down and eat at a table and off a plate puts me in an instant good mood.

When the babies are up, we all play together in the house or we go on day trips. They're too young for the zoo just yet but they got a great kick out of the aquarium. Just going anywhere on the bus or train is enough to amuse them. I look forward to when they're both able to walk so I can take them both swimming. They nap again mid-afternoon, and I have another chance to sit and eat or read. With the extra time I have, I can make a salad or roast some vegetables instead of relying on ready-meals and sandwiches. I don't comfort eat as much as I used to, and as a result I've lost a good amount of weight and my skin looks better. I'm happier, so I sing more and the kids love that. I'm much more fun to be around when I'm happy.

After their dinner, their grandfather stops by some days to take them for a walk, both to see them and spend time with them and to give me a break, though at this stage I don't need a break at all. The only trouble I'm having is that I'm getting through books too quickly. They're gone for an hour and when they get back, we play some more and I feed them supper. Their parents come home and depending on the day, the mother drives me home. She always pays me on time and pays me extra if I've gone overtime, and even though she's only ever about ten minutes late she apologises for keeping me.

Being treated with respect has made a big difference to the way I work. I'm always in a good mood, if not a great mood. My boss is impressed that when she comes home I'm never flustered and the kids are never screaming. The babies love me and I love them. I'm looking forward to the next few years as their nanny.


Nannette said...

I'm starting a new job this week I hope it goes as well as yours There are good families out there. Thanks for the hope said...

I just started a new job a few months ago and absolutely it. The baby is 4 months and is an super cutie. The parents are awesome people. In fact- when my husband came home from his trip- the mother said- "why don't u come at 10 instead of 9- so you can have time with your hubby." And she paid me for that extra hour!!! I am very happy there and plan to be there for a long time!!!

OldNavyMissDee said...

I am happy for all of you that you have found wonderful families to work for! I am blessed to be working in a daycare center that allows me to attend school along with time off when I need it-when Simba (my beloved cat of 15.5 years) passed away, I went to work the next day and mentioned to my boss' assistant I didn't have alot of sleep the night before and was concerned that I may have a seizure. My bosses and their assistant were very understanding of the situation and let me leave at 915a when I got there at 7a. If there is one thing that I learned in all my years of daycare, it's how to interact with others so that both of you feel happy in the workplace

Manhattan Nanny said...

Congratulations on finding such a nice work family.
How on earth do you manage bus trips with two pre walkers?

Lucky Nanny Too said...

Your post gives me hope that there are good families out there. I have been working for a wonderful family, however sadly this position is ending next month and I will have to move on. Prior to this job,I had many toxic families so I know that finding a good family is very far and few between.
Good Luck.

nannyinmanhattan said...

Manhattan Nanny, funny you should say that...I was wondering how she would manage two kids in the pool once they start learing to swim!!!
That would be hilarious! Keep us posted and congrats on finding your lovely job! Respect feels pretty great and very motivating once you've overcome neglect and disrespect. Enjoy your time and may it last many many years!

Yay for good jobs! said...

Congratulations on your new job!!! It sounds like a much healthy, happy, and motivating environment! Everbody should have that in the work place.

You know not many parents will not admit this but just like there are bad nannies out there, there are also bad parents to work for. It can go both ways.

AussieNanny said...

Thats awesome. I start a new job in a few weeks and hope that it is half as peaceful as yours. Congrats! x