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10 Boomerang Kids Who Clashed With Their Parents
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
They’re called "boomerang kids": Fully grown adults, usually college graduates, who for one reason or another move back in with their parents. Some people who make the boomerang move are doing it for a cause greater than themselves, like caring for an ailing parent or sibling or providing financial assistance for the family that raised them. But let’s not kid ourselves: most of them, in real life and in TV and movies, are forced to shack up with mom and dad to save a few bucks or put their lives back together after some dubious choices. The conflict that arises (and boy, does it ever) makes it easy to see why boomerang kids are a popular fictional staple, and real-life boomerang kids aren’t immune to butting heads with their folks once they’re under the same roof again, either. A couple of the boomerang people on this list are actually worth emulating; the rest, well, not so much.

Chazz Reinhold: Will Ferrell’s performance as Chazz Reinhold in Wedding Crashers is hilarious, no doubt. He’s an overgrown man-child who lives with his elderly mother, watches cartoons, and sleeps his way around town. But he’s also kind of insane — he’s moved past weddings and likes to pick up women at funerals — and is definitely not on great terms with his mom. She shouts at him to clean up his stuff, and he yells right back at her to fetch him some meatloaf. Who wants to be the guy who spends his days in a bathrobe? That’s no way to live. Keep reading HERE.


jmho said...

from my experience just as many of these "boomerang" kids are young women. And it is not because they made "poor" choices, it is because they have made "no" choices. they live off of their parents because it is simply easier for them. they are not "forced" to do it, for if they had no parents to live with, they would be "forced" to do it on their own. they are mostly over-indulged young people who are just too lazy to support themselves.

MissMannah said...

Ouch! Jmho, have you never been in the position of having no money or do you just not have caring parents who want to help out? When I was 26 years old, I was living on the other side of the country with an abusive man who ran me over with his car, breaking both of my legs. I was unable to work and did not have health insurance at the time. My parents packed me up and forced me to move back in with them. I really had no choice in the matter, unless I wanted that man to eventually kill me and steal the rest of my money. Did that make me lazy and over-indulged? By your assessment, yes. I'll readily admit I did make bad choices, but who hasn't? I learned from my mistakes, but the only way I could was from rebuilding my life with my family's help.

people.... said...

Jmho is one of either 2 things
1. She's from a rich family who could provide for her to live out of the house after college (that is if she went) OR
2. She never experienced this crushing job market and had a nice cushy job right out of school that paid enough money for rent, food, bills, loans etc etc.

Proud boomerang kid said...

When I graduated from a top school, it was just when companies were implementing hiring freezes. While I had a decent amount of savings, I knew getting my own place would be stupid because I would blow through that money quickly. Instead, I moved home and paid for everything but rent and utilities. My parents had put my brother and me through school, and it did not feel right asking them for more money. Thankfully, after a few months I found a job and was able to move out on my own. Clearly I'm an over-indulgent person. No, you're wrong. JMHO, lucky for you that you had such good fortune in your life you've never had to save up money to get your own place or to pay your bills. Or, I'm sorry that you had parents who had no interest in having your ignorant views on the world in their home.

POOR BABY said...

I think someone might be sad because they're parents didn't want them to move back home because of the POOR choices they've made in their life. We shouldn't tease or make fun of JMHO, I feel bad for you sweetie!!! I'm sorry that your parents didn't love you enough to help you! :(

College Nanny said...

This. Is. My. Biggest. Fear.

let's get real said...

Wtf guys? Maybe JMHO is a regular person who worked really hard and got a job because she was smart and resourceful?

relax.... said...

I'm pretty sure that people were reacting that way based on her assumption that boomerang kids are just lazy etc etc. There are extremely smart people with masters, PhDs and years of experience who can't get a job because of the economy. Now imagine a fresh out of college kid with internships and regular parents who don't have connections. THAT'S the point I think people are trying to make. You can be smart, resourceful and whatever else but given this economy, a lot of kids have no choice but to live at home and work minimum wage jobs just so they can at least begin to pay off loans, bills etc..never mind rent and all that comes with it.

jmho said...

to "people":

you wrote:

"Jmho is one of either 2 things
1. She's from a rich family who could provide for her to live out of the house after college (that is if she went) OR
2. She never experienced this crushing job market and had a nice cushy job right out of school that paid enough money for rent, food, bills, loans etc etc."

I am not from a rich family. I am from a low income family and am one of five children.

I have been working since I was 14.

I put myself through college. I got my Bachelor's Degree on my own. I worked three jobs all through college. I have been supporting myself since I was 17 years old because I lost my mother and my dad is mentally ill and had a nervous breakdown when I was a senior in high school. This was after he went bankrupt during the recession in the 80's. I loved and miss my mother and I love my Dad, who is doing well now.

I am a single mother who got out of an abusive marriage and now struggles to support my child on my own. My child is special needs and will never be able to live on her own. But I think she is wonderful and amazing and exactly what I want. I love her.

Before you speak: think. What you posted was not only wrong, it was wildly juvenile. Was my original post judgmental and a generalization? probably. But I said it was my opinion based on my own experience and the people that I went to college with.

your opinion of me is based on nothing: not knowing me at all or ever having any knowledge of my background or life.

I hope you see now how you over spoke.

CuriousDad said...

Meh, the problem with overgeneralizations is the overgeneralizing.

Are there those who go back to Mumzy and Daddy when the going gets mildy hard? Yep, but for every lazy Trustafarian or lazy adult/kid. There are those who actually need the help and stability that parents can bring. Especially if it only a temporary situation.

Arguing over that, it is such a bad thing opr it is so not a bad thing. Is kinda stupid folks, as you all are right and wrong.

The two faces of this coin:
There are always peopel who will take the lazy way out if they can find someone who will enable them.
There will always be people who actually need the help their family can provide. Either to get back on their feet, or take care of them during a time of illness/death and family is there to provide that support.

CuriousDad said...

It is 3:30 in the morning as I typed the above out. Sigh, should have typed it in Word, before I sent it out. I apologize for my bad grammar and misspellings.

Kat in her hat said...

A lot of you brought up some really good points, and it's definitely extremely important to not over generalize and remember that there are two sides to every coin (as "Curious Dad" mentioned).

I'd also like to point out that in any "depressed economy" you will find more generations of family living together just to get by. A lot of "boomerang kids" are College graduates desperately seeking work in a difficult job market. You will also find mothers and fathers moving in with their grown children (after job cut backs, lay offs etc).

Typically, as the economy strengthens you will find far less "extended family" or "generational living" situations. In my opinion family should be a support system to one another, and in many cultures (and throughout history) this type of living situation (parents, adult children, and even Grandparents) living under one roof was/is the norm. It may not be ideal by most modern American standards, but for some it isn't a choice, but rather an only option.

Phoenix said...

Jmho do you want a cookie?

jmho said...


no: I just want some compassion and understanding. all I did from the beginning was put forth an opinion based on my experience with others, I did not target one particular poster, I was speaking generally, and I was attacked personally: my family, my parents and how they must feel about me was attacked.

I would think that you of all people would understand the desire for some compassion and for people to realize that we all have our own problems to deal with and while disagreeing with someone on a blog is fine, there really is no need for cruelty. But I guess you don't understand that which is sad since people here on this blog have always shown you the utmost respect and sympathy.

circles said... say you want understanding, compassion etc etc. Don't you see how your blanket generalization could offend some people? I agree that what some said to you was uncalled for, but please, don't act like what you said couldn't be hurtful to some people. Like you said at one point, people have no idea what you've been through in your life. But guess what? You have no idea what other people have been through and frankly, assuming that all boomerang kids are a certain way is extremely offensive. If you wish others to realize what they said might be wrong, you have to understand what you said might be wrong. Otherwise you're just being a hypocrite

jmho said...


I never targeted an individual. I simply stated my opinion of boomerang kids.

I never said hurtful things to any one person. If my generalization offended some people, they are more than welcome to state their own personal story to back up their opinion: the comments that I have received here have been hurtful and cruel. There is a difference between stating an opinion, (ex: I was offended by your opinion and this is why) and name-calling an individual and attacking their family.

Done and done said...

I think we should all just leave JMHO alone. Some people have been through a lot in their life and are defensive about it. I'm not saying it as a bad thing, but there are people who have been (metaphorically) kicked around so much they have to defend themselves and be strong. It happens...move on. Lesson learned as curious dad one should overgeneralize. Don't make generalizations about why a person feels a certain way and don't make generalizations about a group as a whole.

Phoenix said...

You know I do understand. But I also came to realize that most people really don't give two flying fracks. I can give speeches and teach morals till my head blows off, but I would be better off talking to a wall. I have found that people are not longer sympathizing. If I tell a story, someone always has a better more f'ed up story. People are now in competition about who has the shittier life. I do understand. My statement is merely saying, save your breathe because someone will always try to out do you. Put you down or show you no remorse. What is important is that YOU know what you've accomplished. As long as YOU know that, and are happy no one can ever take that away from you. And if people are not being nice, just ignore them. They are only mere specs in this life. We have many many lives to live and many reincarnation to fix our mistakes. You went on a journey that you had to take to learn what you needed to when you came to this Earth. Outsiders will always pass judgement on your journey. But they have no desire to help or even be influencial.

I don't really know where that was going but I felt it needed to be said (for some reason)

jmho said...

thank you, Phoenix. That was the first post that actually satisfied me and made me feel better. I appreciate it. thank you for taking the time.